52 Ball Bingo Games

52 Ball Bingo is a popular variation on the much more well-known 90-ball and 75-ball bingo. As then name suggests, the ball limit is cut down to just 52.

How to Play

52 ball bingo involved five bingo cards, like a 52 card poker deck. Instead of having numbers called out, the bingo games progress by having cards drawn from the deck in place of a ball system, with each ball being a card and your “hand” being essentially five balls. Rather than filling out a card, you win by having your hand if five bingo ball cards cleared, as if you got a full house of playing cards during poker.

Where To Play 52 Ball Bingo?

Here’s a list of sites which offer 52 ball bingo:

    52 Ball Bingo Games

    Below are some sites that offer 52-ball bingo games you can play.
    Cheeky Bingo
    Cheeky Bingo lets players play 52 ball bingo with the standard layout, changing the ticket prices and win prizes based on how many players take part in the game. There’s a fixed minimum prize to make sure that the game doesn’t reward you an amount below the ticket price.
    888 Ladies
    888 UK Limited offer a version of the game with extra jackpots, starting a new game every few minutes. They’ll also automatically handle winnings you may have gotten from the game if you disconnect.
    Pink Ribbon Bingo
    Pink Ribbon Bingo offer bingo players a version of 52-ball bingo with extra jackpots and a visible ticket price, letting you track what everything is worth during the bingo game.

    Choosing a Bingo Site

    Bingo game players will want to make sure that they’re playing at the right places. Thankfully, there’s multiple ways to do it.
    Almost any game sight will be licensed to offer online gaming services: for example, in Europe, this might be Address 601-701 Europort Gibraltar. The Government of Gibraltar remote gaming license (as well as sites being 112 and 113 regulated) helps encourage and support proper behaviour from game sites, and makes sure that each game isn’t rigged against the players. Any site regulated by The Gibraltar government follows the laws of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner if they want to operate in the areas they cover.
    Services in other jurisdictions will have their own regulations in place. For example, 888 Bingo have their own regulations in place: they’re operated by Virtual Global Digital Services Limited. Virtual Global Digital Services Limited is licensed to operate in Gibraltar, meaning that 888 Group is too. Technically, this means that any site owned by 888 Group that displays “888 Group, all rights reserved 888 holdings PLC* is listed in the same ways as Virtual Global Digital Services Limited, and has the same benefits.
    They’ll also display something in the terms and conditions if a site is listed on the London stock exchange: “our services are operated by [operator name]” generally shows that their game list comes and all of the software, hardware and money behind them comes from a company that’s legitimately listed on the stock exchange, rather than just being a generic site that built up a games list.

    Other Features Worth Using

    Not all bingo sites rely purely on games. There’s quite a variety of other bonuses and extras on offer, not just the game selection. For example, a deposit bonus (such as free bingo tickets) or more purchase options. There are also things like progressive jackpot systems, days that have certain promotions and bonuses, time-limited extras, a good balance system or even just a way for a player to earn real cash for free.
    Some sites might also offer you a special bonus randomly, either through a game bonus, because you were a winner during a particular game or just as a login reward. These bonuses generally cost nothing and give you a bigger chance of winning a future game, making them a great option if you have the time to earn them.
    Progressive jackpots are one of the most common extras to see in bingo, and they’re also an option for the 52 ball version, increasing the value of the winnings money until somebody actually wins it. This can lead to a lot of close calls when you’re hoping to get a winning pattern, and makes it all the more satisfying when you start getting the right ball pattern. This also means that there’s not always a max winnings limit, so if you’re lucky enough, you could end up with a huge amount of money compared to other bingo game types!
    If you’re interested in playing 52 ball bingo, go ahead and start looking for a good site! As long as its call licensed and regulated to run gaming services by the government, you shouldn’t have any problems enjoying your time there!

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