Bede Gaming Software

This Gaming software is a key gaming platform based in Newcastle Upon Tyne that provides the player with over 2000 different games, taking online gambling to another level.

The platform offers a single integration from some of the leading suppliers across the industry, offering the best choice of content in the online gaming business. To achieve the perfect gaming experience, Bede Gaming is built on open-APIs to allow the highest choice and growth from the operators.

Your customers are then able to sign into their choice of site with their email address, experiencing an enjoyable yet safe and secure user-friendly platform.


Who Is Bede Gaming?

Bede Gaming is a thriving company, boasting over 3 million registered players, with over 201,000 of those registered accessing the site regularly throughout the month.

The growth of the platform is vast, cementing a figure of £3.5 billion staked every year with an impressive £2.5 billion in transactions every year.

Additionally, the platform is popular with users on the move, enabling customers to sign in to the platform with their email, experiencing over 60% of recent revenue figures from mobile usage.

The Gaming software uses the latest technology to integrate any supplier into the platform, ensuring that any supplier possesses choice and quick product delivery within the set 8 week period.

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Bede gaming is at the forefront of online gambling, helping third party suppliers to access an omnichannel solution, perfect for providing casino gambling in addition to poker and bingo games.

The customer will then sign in to their choice of the site using their email address.

What Software Does Bede Gaming Offer?

A wide array of products are on offer for your company to exceed in the gaming business, enabling your customers to sign into the platform with their email.

Bede offers the HUB product, the newest technology and a single code base available in the sector.

This product is perfect for gaming operators and takes care of player management, marketing, payments and risks, content, and BI & Reporting.

Bede Play

Bede PLAY is a product that contains leading digital content as well as industry acknowledged marketing tools to offer a solution to your company to meet the objectives of player acquisition.

Access to casino games such as poker as well as the traditional bingo game is easily sought, allowing directors to connect to Bede PLAY and achieve a premium gaming experience for users through email access.

Gamers receive premium gaming whilst your company achieves the best possible relationships across a gambling platform.

Bede offers the ultimate in packages to enable you to build an online gaming site, such as a bingo site, ensuring that you receive all of the support and help that you require to develop your own brand.

Bede Plus

Bede PLUS provides you with everything you need to launch your own gaming site, offering you strategic account management and platform support, and ensuring that your digital performance is optimized and continually enhanced. You will receive an excellent management service in addition to superb management of your player communications through our CRM expertise.

Bede specializes in four specific areas of gaming sites: casino, sports, bingo, and lottery. Bede CASINO offers a digital platform in partnership with the Rank Group, the UK’s most dominant group of venues offering Bingo and Casino.

A flexible yet scalable platform is achieved, developing a successful partnership for you. Your customers are able to sign in to the site with their email and receive all desirable benefits of the site.

Bede Sports

Bede SPORTS provides a tailored operation for the sports market, in partnership with the Sportsbook company.

This product is perfect to use across a platform with a very high volume of transactions and a high demand for use.

Your customers are able to sign in to the platform using their email and enjoy all of the features of the platform.

Bede Bingo

Bede BINGO offers you a Bingo product that has won numerous awards, providing you with a successful network and online Bingo community.

Operators retain a good amount of flexibility to differentiate what is offered to customers.

Bingo is a traditional game that possesses numerous awards, being able to transcend from traditional bingo to an online gaming site effortlessly and with ever-increasing growth.

Cross-play is possible with the inclusion of built-in HTML5, ensuring that flexibility is key whilst offering perfect promotions.

Your customers simply sign into their account using their email and enjoy all of the capabilities of your site.

Bede Lottery

Bede LOTTERY offers an omni-channel approach, ensuring that your customer value increases whilst enabling your players to achieve awards across numerous product verticals.

All relevant tools and policies regarding Responsible Gaming are securely in place and in use at all times. To use the platform, your customers simply sign in with their email and use all functions of the site.

All Gaming Software Providers

There are different factors that affect which software you should opt for. But here are all the online gaming software providers:

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