Boku Bingo Sites

Boku, also known as Boku Mobile, is an online mobile payment method that’s become quite popular among players of bingo sites for being fast, reliable and easy to use. Is it actually wroth using instead of your regular card details when you want to make a deposit on bingo, or should you only keep it around for very specific situations?

Boku Bingo Sites

There are plenty of bingo sites that see Boku as a valid payment method, and some of them are more widely-known than others. Here are some of the main ones, as well as any bonus (valid) offers you can get with your first deposit as one of their players.

    What Is Boku?

    Boku is a special online payment method designed specifically for mobile phone use, acting as quick way to make small deposits from your phone bill without needing to include any bank or card details. The entire service runs off your phone number’s bill or credit, meaning that you never have to directly connect a credit card or bank account to the system at all, and making a payment is as simple as entering your phone number into the bingo sites you want to play on.

    Boku’s History

    Originally known as Vidicom, Boku was founded in the UK in 2003 and then re-founded in 2009 under a new name. It was then bought by two separate UK companies, Paymo and Mobillcash, which were some of the first companies to create a large-scale “pay by mobile bill” or carrier billing system. This allowed them to develop Boku Checkout, a payment system working entirely around phone numbers instead of credit card information, and it’s now expanded to be the top carrier billing tool in the world across over 50 different markets.

    Boku’s Services

    In terms of bingo, “pay by phone” tools aren’t exactly new, but they’re still a great way to make a deposit without having to involve any specific personal details. Boku act as a direct payment method that takes the deposit money out of your phone bill rather than your bank account, meaning that your bank information never actually goes to Boku bingo sites you play on. In a way, it skips the need to enter your bank information, acting as a single “account” that can be used to transfer money to almost any other bingo site using your mobile phone number.
    Boku as a payment method is designed for smaller amounts of money, rather than really high deposits. Because of this, sites that accept Boku generally have a really low minimum deposit level, and might even offer special reduced min limits compared to all other payment methods. Since a Boku payment is carried out straight from your mobile phone, it’s also a very portable option that’s been designed specifically for handling small amounts of funds quickly and efficiently, letting you get to playing bingo much faster without needing to go through multiple browser windows or different tools.
    Boku’s minimum payment level is £3, with a max deposit amount of £30 a day. This actually makes it a good way of limiting your payments and making sure that you’re gambling responsibly, rather than dumping money into a game to try and claim a bonus or win that isn’t worth the time and money you’ll spend on it.

    Using Boku

    Using Boku as one of your payment methods is easy. Installing it is completely free, and there are never any extra charges on your deposits, so you’re always paying exactly the same amount of cash that will be accepted as your deposit amount. There’s no sign-up process, and the entire network is based on your mobile phone number, so only the person with the phone can access the account.
    When you make a deposit, you’ll get a text message asking to confirm whether the deposit is real. If it’s not, you can refuse it, blocking that withdrawal instantly: the only way somebody would be able to steal money from you is if they took your mobile phone, got through any password locks on it and accepted via text. Any texts you send to confirm or deny a deposit are free, so they cost you nothing extra. Making a deposit is easy:
    1. First, go to one of the Boku bingo sites you want to play on and navigate to whichever page starts the deposit process. Then, choose the “Boku Pay by Mobile” bingo deposit option (it may be called something slightly different, depending on the bingo site you’re visiting).
    2. Then, enter the amount you’re planning to deposit or use as wagering money. When you’re ready to allow the bingo deposit to happen, enter your phone number, and make sure you get it right.
    3. Once that’s done, you’ll receive a text from Boku asking you to authorise the transaction. All you need to do is respond with a “Y” as a text message to confirm it, and you’ll get a second text with the receipt.
    The money is taken from your phone bill, which is why Boku bingo sites might also be called “pay by phone bill bingo sites”.

    Why Should I Use Boku?

    Boku is a great option for staying anonymous while handling real money, and since it’s still a normal payment method as far as most bingo sites are concerned, it’ll keep each bonus valid and let you get the same benefits, bonuses, offers and promotions as all other players. The deposit limit is also good for regulating how much you spend, which helps if you’re worried about addiction or over-spending if this will be your first time trying to play bingo games seriously.
    It’s also really good for security when handling deposit funds, since it needs manual confirmation before any payment can happen. Unlike almost all payment methods, there’s no account system that can be stolen, making it a payment method that’s tied to your mobile phone exclusively.

    Using Boku

    When using Boku, bingo sites don’t have to see any of your personal details, but it’s still counted as one of the payment methods that you can easily apply. In fact, a site that will accept Boku makes it much easier for you to keep your private information private, although there are some exceptions.
    First off, Boku isn’t very good at helping you deal with wagering requirements. If you want to withdraw bingo bonus cash, you’ll have to beat the wagering requirements before you can enable withdrawal at any time, and Boku only allows a small amount of money to be deposited every day. This means that you’ll need to apply another tool unless you want to beat it (or unless the wagering requirement is small enough that you can cover it).
    Even then, Boku can’t receive money, so you’ll need another tool to handle that side of the transaction. It doesn’t matter which bingo sites you’re playing on, since Boku doesn’t have the technology needed to apply withdrawals properly. It can only send money to bingo sites, not receive it. This is because it runs off your bill, and you can’t really get a bingo site to make sure that winnings from your bingo bonus or spins will be credited to your bill, since that’s meant to be a personal thing that only you can access.
    However, Boku is excellent for purchasing bingo tickets, adding to a game deposit balance or even just playing some cozy games casually. If you aren’t planning on making massive deposits and withdrawals to bingo sites, it’s an excellent way to keep your privacy while still being able to play normally.

    Rules To Watch Out For

    Different bingo sites will have their own sets of rules about what is and isn’t possible. One of the most basic is how withdrawals work: some sites allow for withdrawal at any time, whereas others open operate it during certain times of the week. Another obvious one that will apply: 18+ rules, limiting the age of the players to stop underage gambling.
    However, one of the biggest rules to watch out for on Boku bingo sites is the wagering requirements. As mentioned earlier, they apply to almost all granted in games bonus offers, and a bonus related wins wager requirement can make it really hard to withdraw your deposit bonus funds. Even if you have a 30 days expiry time and a max bonus £100 limit, it can still take a long time if you deposit £10, get £30 and then have to pay multiple times the sum of deposit bonus offers to earn it back. Since Boku only works properly with small bingo deposit sizes this can take a long time.
    Remember that this applies to slot games, too, not just bingo. They generally have much higher wagering requirements overall compared to bingo games, so it can take a long time to earn back the bonus: if it’s only around for a short time, such as being valid for 7 days, it might not even be worth trying to raise the initial bonus amount wagering requirement. You may even notice the bonus amount wagering req vary based on the slot game or bingo game you’re playing: the rules apply differently on each site.

    Is Boku Worth Using?

    Boku is great for privacy, hiding all of your details from the bingo websites you play at while giving you more freedom and control over the amount of bingo money you’re spending. As long as a site accepts it, then you should be able to use it with no problems, but that isn’t always the case. In most cases, each payment method will be “valid until further notice” – this isn’t a sign that it’ll vanish, but instead one that suggests that the bingo site hopes to keep it around for a while and isn’t just testing it out.
    All of the usual rules of bingo sites will apply, but Boku still offers great privacy, simplicity and ease of use, making it one of the better options for handing bingo deposits. Make sure you apply all of your information correctly, because you’ll want the bingo sites to be able to apply your money properly, especially since you’re using your own phone number to do it.

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