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Cozy Games is an online gaming and bingo site that’s been active for well over a decade, gathering new games and customer types from all over the internet ever since it was first established in 2005. They’ve managed to become one of the leaders in the online bingo industry and are continually expanding their presence with dozens of new gaming experiences, as well as pushing out new and innovative changes to some of their existing services and offers. But what are they actually like, from the players’ points of view?


What is Cozy Games?

Cozy Games are based in the Isle of Man, but offer their services to multiple other countries, most notably the UK. Although initially purely a bingo site, they’ve expanded into various other game types, including slots, as well as much less common types of gaming like scratchcards. Almost all of their games run on their own software, and you might have seen them appear on other sites in the past – in fact, they’re as much of a software company as they are game company, to the point that their main page even advertises their software to any casino representatives that might be visiting.

Because of this, all of their casino games are designed with two purposes – to bring players to their own network, and to attract companies that might want to buy some of those games from them. Visiting their site can be a bit confusing if you don’t realise this at first, but they keep the ‘business’ and the ‘play’ mostly separate, so you don’t need to navigate around irrelevant information to find the details you want.

Games offered by Cozy Games

Like all good bingo sites and casinos, Cozy Games bingo sites have a wind range of different products to choose from, and the company has a huge gaming portfolio with hundreds of different games under its belt. It’s nearly impossible to list all of the games on their network, but some types stand out from others. However, all of them are fully available on at least one partnered website, and you can try them all out as demo games on the company’s own site, giving you a chance to get used to what they offer and how each game might work.

Branded Slots

Cozy Games bingo sites affiliates have the option of using some of their banded games, which take a license from another property or company. Some of the clearest examples include Game of Thrones, Terminator II and even Jurassic Park, as well as some other licenses from both old and new properties. In many cases, the games are simple yet well-designed three by five slot games with fifteen different paylines, giving you all of the features you’d expect without over-complicating things. Cozy Games put a lot of effort into getting the best quality experience for their players, and none of them feel rushed together: in fact, most of them play the music and sound effects from the original series, and use high-quality graphics that aren’t just ripped from a still screenshot of the source material without any visual improvements.

Not all of them are branded after a piece of entertainment, either. They also have Playboy-themed slots, as well as variations of existing games that follow a theme they themselves have created. On top of that, there’s some that follow a certain theme without actually being branded by it: either by taking similar design choices, or just creating a parody of another genre or license. Each one can have a different bonus feature or bonus offerings to earn, too.

Non-Branded Slots

Alongside the branded games, there’s also dozens of non-branded slots, which are themed after everything from Egyptian treasures to fantasy monsters, 80’s gas stations and even futuristic sci-fi concepts. All of them have varied gameplay and bonus features, but run on the same network and platform, which means that many of them benefit from constant updates and checks. Some of these (such has Golden Princess or Max Damage) might seem quite familiar to you, especially if you’ve played a lot of similar-looking slot games, but others (like Arctic Agents) really stand out for being an interesting new idea, even if the gameplay is similar to other casino slots you might have played in the past.

Bingo Games

Cozy Games power have two different bingo network options, which operate alongside their regular online casino network. This means that they have a total of three different network systems set up, each with different games and a variety of slot or bingo bonus options – more on this later.. Because of this, you’ll find different bingo games on different affiliate sites, rather than all in one place. Some sites might not have games that others offer, depending on which ones they’re actually making accessible to their players.

Casino Games

Alongside bingo and slots, Cozy Games also offers various casino-themed experiences, ranging from Roulette and various card game types (such as Blackjack) to slightly less common games like Craps. There aren’t as many of them, but there’s still some good variety, especially among the different versions of Roulette on offer.

Scratch Cards

There are over a dozen scratch card mini-games on offer here, all wit h their own graphics and little twists. Some are fairly familar, like Lucky 7, but others (such as Bargainista and Kittenball) have a bit of fun with their themes and designs to create something more unique. That’s not a bad level of variety for a game type that’s quite limited and strict.

Cozy Games Software

The other big talking point about the site is their software – it’s one of the main draws to play there, and also acts as one of the bigger products that they sell. In a way, it gives them two sets of customers: each regular player is a customer, but so are all the sites that want to be affiliated with their network.

The Network

Before anything else, it’s important to outline how the networks work. There are three of them: the Live Bingo Network, the Best Bingo Network and the Mobile Casino Network.

  • Mobile Casino was launched back in 2014, making it the newest network added to their platform. As you’d expect, all of the game types on offer here are casino-related, rather than bingo. This includes the card games, casino game styles and slots mentioned earlier, as well as the scratch cards. If you’re a fan of conventional gambling and don’t care about bingo that much, this is the part of Cozy Games that you’ll want to visit. It’s also the smallest in terms of affiliate sites and brands, but it’s still growing. It has a range of deposit bonus options, as you may expect.
  • Live Bingo is the second most recent, launching in 2009 with Landmark Bingo. It currently contains well over sixty different sites, all of which are considered Cozy Games bingo sites as a result. As a bingo network, you can (correctly) assume that almost everything on offer is a bingo game. This also contains quite a few deposit bonus options, although fewer overall games means that they’re not as prevalent.
  • Best Bingo was the oldest network created by Cozy Games, and practically launched their brand. It’s also their biggest, with millions of registered players and thousands of millions of pounds in placed bets. It’s still expanding and doesn’t have any signs of stopping, which also means that the welcome bonus offers are getting better and better as they find it easier to afford to give things away. As the original, it generally has the most noticeable deposit bonus offerings, as well as bonus offerings in general. This may be because it’s the most popular and well-known network, which means that a good bonus (deposit or no deposit) can go a long way to drawing in new customers.

The Platform

Cozy Games relies on their online bingo platform to deliver the best possible experience across all sites, and for all players. When you choose to play any game type on their networks, you’ll be doing it via their Cozy Games platform, which means that you’re getting all of the same benefits and bonus features that you would on any of their other games. Originally created hosting only the Live Bingo and Best Bingo networks, it’s been expanding constantly over time, and has even been installed onto separate affiliate networks due to its quality.

This expansion also means constant in house upgrades and security patches, so it’s a much more safe option than playing a standalone game on a random site. More recently, it’s been upgraded to accommodate the average mobile player better, making Cozy Games more accessible on portable devices. Thanks to this, you can play Cozy Games bingo and casino game types from your mobile device, on desktop computers and even on tablets, as well as integrate it into your social media presence if you want to.

Perhaps the most interesting bonus feature that’s been added to the platform is the “multi-gaming” option. This lets you play up to 20 different bingo game sessions at once across multiple rooms, essentially letting you increase your chances to win at least one of them without needing to constantly swap between bingo rooms. Using this option lets you play them independently without losing your bingo bonus, bingo deposit or your current win streak, something that many bingo sites struggle with.

The White Label

Cozy Games offer a White Label service that lets create your very own “white label casino”, which is essentially a franchised version of Cozy Gaming’s own sites. You agree to a partnership and work together to create a new “version” of their existing bingo sites, giving you control of your own popular site while still making you part of their bingo network. It’s similar to opening up a new restaurant that’s part of a chain. You can contact them directly if you’re interested – they provide all the technical backing, and you simply manage the front end, as well as getting part of the profits the site makes.

The bonus options on the platform are the same, as are the specific deposit bonus offerings, but you can also often add your own if you prefer.

Security and Safety

Bingo sites and casinos can be untrustworthy sometimes, and even the most legitimate-looking sites have been known to steal jackpots, advertise non-existent bonuses or even try to rig your spins so that you always lose. Cozy Games isn’t one of those sites. In fact, they’ve been fully checked and certified by the UK Gambling Commission, as well as the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority (another similar Gambling Commission). Since they mainly develop their bingo games rather than trying to offer them to players directly, they’re also much more trustworthy, since they have a lot of different bingo sites under their influence – if something went wrong, the blame would immediately go back to them.

Aside from the gambling commission certification, the company also uses the best security possible. They use as much modern security technology as possible to protect player data and ensure that you don’t have your deposit or bonus rewards stolen, as well as stopping hackers from being able to access vulnerabilities in their bingo offerings as soon as they’re discovered. You don’t need to worry about depositing and having your money stolen – even if something happens, you can tell support about the deposit issue, and they’ll do their best to fix it. Contacting them is easy, and you can do it online to save yourself some hassle if you prefer it that way.


A bonus is a huge part of all bingo sites, and a good bingo bonus can change the tide of a game completely. As a game provider, Cozy Games have added in their own bingo bonus systems, but have still left room for their associate sites to apply their own bonus options too. In many cases, quite a few bonus offers will actually be no deposit bonus options, since they can afford to draw players in with free giveaways. There might still be wagering requirements, but even then, a no deposit bonus is hard to say no to, especially if it’s being given away by the platform itself rather than the bingo site hosting it.

As a player, you have a lot of different bonus options when it comes to the bingo games. Some might offer a multiplier to your winnings, or free games with wagering requirements. Others might get rid of the bonus wagering requirements entirely and just create a no deposit bonus with no strings attached, which is almost guaranteed to make a game popular. Thanks to the always online nature of the networks, new no deposit bonus offers might turn up overnight, and bonus wagering requirements can be raised or lowered based on how the bingo game market is doing, so you might get lucky and start playing just after a patch that reduces the bonus requirement limits.

Of course, some of these bonuses only come from a normal deposit, too. If you want a certain bonus for your bingo game, you might have to deposit a set amount, but it’s often less than other bingo sites. In fact, a lot of the bonus offerings will actually “match” what you’re paying, giving you far better value for the deposit bonus than you would have gotten with a regular min deposit.

Cozy Bingo Sites

There are a huge number of different sites running on the Cozy Bingo platform.

This covers a wide range of popular websites, such as Jungle Fever Bingo, Vampire Bingo, Lucky Ladies Bingo, MoreThanBingo, Bubblegum Bingo, and many other popular sites.

Cozy Bingo Network

Cozy Bingo is a network of online bingo sites opened in 2005 by Cozy Games. This company is based in the Isle of Man, and every title launched on the Cozy Bingo games network is fully regulated and tested by a range of different major authorities, including the highly trustworthy UK Gambling Commission.

Cozy Bingo offers two types of game software: standalone games and networked games sites, ensuring that there’s something out there for every player, no matter what their tastes may be. This company is a market leader, with almost 15 years of experience in the industry, and some high end software available.

Their games are built on state of the art platforms with a high level of security, and offer a great experience for players.


Cozy Bingo offers a wide range of different bingo game variants for players, ensuring that there’s something out there for every player, no matter what their tastes may be. This covers 30, 75, 80, and 90 ball bingo, as well as the more unusual 50 ball bingo variant.

There are many different sites that run on Cozy Games software, meaning that there are a huge number of players running each game at a time. That means the prizes are better, and there’s a good chance of each bingo hall being full when you play.

Cozy Games has been awarded licenses from a wide range of important licensing authorities, including the UK Gambling Commission, making them a trustworthy choice.


If you’re looking for flashy graphics, then Cozy Bingo games aren’t likely to appeal much. These games tend to use basic, simplistic graphic design, and often don’t look as good as competing sites.

All sites powered by Cozy Games offer the exact same selection of games, which can start to feel limited and tedious after a while.


Cozy Games, the company behind Cozy Bingo software, has been awarded several different licenses and certificates from various licensing authorities. This includes the UK Gambling Commission, ensuring that their games are legal for UK players to access.

This board only hands out certificates to rigorously tested and trustworthy companies, meaning that you can play at Cozy Bingo sites with full confidence.

Final Judgement

Cozy Bingo is one of the biggest brands out there, offering high-quality games on an enormous number of different sites. It’s the second-largest bingo site out there, after the market leader, Dragonfish. Cozy Bingo is unquestionably here to stay, and have high-quality games and a large, loyal fanbase of enthusiastic players.

Thanks to Cozy Bingo’s certification and licensing from the UK Gambling Commission, we can confidently state that this is a reliable and trustworthy bingo company that we would recommend. There are so many Cosy Bingo games and sites out there that you’re sure to be able to find something to appeal to you, no matter what your tastes may be!

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