Daub Alderney Gaming Software

Daub Alderney is a gaming software developer that went by the name of Daub Gaming prior to 2012, and has been a public company since 2015.

Their software has been used for dozens of games across dozens of casino sites most notably the 888 Holdings network that now owns them, and they’ve been working to improve it ever since it first came online.


About Daub Alderney

Although Daub Alderney aren’t that well-known compared to other online gaming software developers, they still have quite a big presence on the market. Their reputation and the quality of the software they offer to speak for themselves, but you may never have actually encountered them before – or if you have, you might not have known it.

Their company history is quite unique: they were famed for their online casino sites until they were bought by 888 Holdings, at which point they disappeared for two years until the start of 2012 and re-launched themselves as a bigger, better company.

Sites Using Their Software

Daub Alderney don’t just produce a single template and using it to set up hundreds of different bingo sites – they actually custom-tailor it to the specific kind of site. A big example is Kitty Bingo, a multi-game-type online gaming site that uses a special customised version of their software. Although it’s often rumoured to run on the Dragonfish platform, this isn’t actually the case: the company created their very own system for supporting Kitty Bingo’s bingo games and bingo bonus offerings.

Another important example in the company’s portfolio is Lucky Pants Bingo, which is well-known for standing apart from other bingo sites. Once again, it uses a custom version of the Daub Alderney platform’s software to host its online bingo games, as well as manage its various bingo bonus features.

Bingo isn’t the only option, either. Spin and Win, created by Daub themselves as their first entry into the market using their own platform, is a good example of this. It’s a conventional casino that offers slots, casino games, roulette and so forth, using the platform to manage things like bonus spins. Daub’s software isn’t just limited to online bingo, as you can tell – it can be customised to work with nearly any types of gaming sites.

Like many developers, they occasionally take on new white label partners, who open up bingo or slot sites using their software. You can get in contact with them through their site, so if you’re interested, it isn’t difficult to start looking into setting up your own site as one of their partners.

The Games

The company offers a wide range of different games, but many of them are either bingo or slots. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it means that there isn’t as much variety as some other companies. On the other hand, this means that their software is much more reliable, since they don’t have to account for unconventional game types unless a site specifically requests it. This has also helped them work on improving the overall quality of their platform, since they can update the basics without needing to focus on something that takes the focus off of the usual gametypes.

It’s worth noting that Daub Alderney is licensed by the two main (and most specific) authorities: the UK Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. It’s difficult to get either of these licensed if something is seriously wrong with your platform, so this shows that all of the company’s games are fair, reliable and as safe as possible, which is a good sign for both players and potential white-label site owners.

The Software

Daub Alderney are mainly focused around developing and expanding their own platform, as well as providing it to any gaming sites that end up partnering with them, whether it’s a slot site or a bingo casino. The high level of flexibility and customisation means that it can be adjusted to handle almost anything a game might need – wagering rules, max bonus and bet limits, different money and currency types, custom gambling restrictions or even limits on where and how players can deposit their bets. It’s even been used to handle progressive jackpots on a variety of sites across the industry, and is easily adjusted to work with almost any kind of deposit bonus system that the sites might want to set up.

One of the less obvious benefits of using Daub’s software is the compatibility: any game, whether it’s part of a bingo casino or a slot site, will work extremely well across almost all platforms, whether they’re desktop devices, tablets or mobile phones. The company works constantly to apply updates and security patches to the platform whenever possible, keeping it all up-to-date and fully-functional as often as possible. These updates can fix small bugs, like bonus spins not working, to massive security breaches that would normally result in thousands of customers losing their accounts or personal data.

Bonus Systems

Another major advantage is the fact that the software has its own built-in bonus systems. You might receive extra money just for playing certain games for a certain length of time, which could be combined with the other bonuses given to you by the same online bingo or gaming site to get a better outcome. Although Daub provide all of the basic information and coding for their game software, which can include basic bonuses and trigger-based special features, they don’t usually have control over what individual sites can offer. There’s well over 100 bonus combinations you could make from a handful of sites alone, if you take into account all the different games on offer.

Obviously, not all bonuses are within their control. Some white label sites that get popular might choose to set up their own bonus systems for customers who play regularly, or could adopt a bonus system similar to one used by a different brand. However, these partners have no control over the game themselves – if you play a Daub Alderney platform game on one site, it should be the same on all others, unless there’s been a major update at some point between you trying them

Customer Service

Good customer service matters, especially if you’re looking to become a partner site to them rather than just a player. You can easily contact Daub Alderney through their email address, telephone number or even with a letter: all of their contact details are openly displayed on their site, along with the address of their offices and am pa of the surrounding area. Since they operate under two different gambling commission authorities, you can expect them to put the highest possible level of care towards their work, and they’ll take problems with their platform seriously.

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