Evolution Gaming Software

Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006 and has grown ever since, becoming a very popular developer and source of live casino games that take dozens of different forms.

They’ve worked with some of the largest brands on the internet and have continued to expand ever since their creation, working their way deeper into the live games industry and becoming a trusted supplier thanks to their excellent games platform.


What is Evolution Gaming?

Ever since 2006, Evolution has been involved in creating a range of live casino games, including everything from table games like roulette to card games like poker and blackjack. As live games, they’re played out in a set of studios (similar to the ones used by news broadcasts) that have real, human operators, taking a lot of inspiration from real casinos to give the player a more authentic gambling experience. Evolution Gaming’s experience with creating and running live casino software has resulted in much better overall quality when it comes to their software, as well as the features they can offer to players.

The Quality

The first thing you might notice about Evolution Gaming’s online live game broadcasts are the visual and audio quality – they have real studio areas, complete with excellent streaming technology that results in higher overall production values for every life game they offer. Even playing simple games like roulette live is much better than on many other sites that offer live tables, since they’re getting all the proper technology and budget to run them properly. If you’re a fan of live games, you can expect great quality from Evolution and their software, regardless of what you’re actually choosing to play.

The Games

Evolution Gaming has quite a long list of different live tables and games to play. First of all, there are basic table games like live roulette (and the lightning roulette variant, which adds an extended experience and user interface). The largest group is card games, though: everything from live blackjack to three-card poker, Texas hold-em and even Caribbean stud. Alongside that is the Dream Catcher, a vertical spinning money wheel’s more like a betting game show than something you’d play in a regular online casino – but it’s still really fun, and often quite rewarding.

Where to Play Them

As for where you can play these games, the answer is a little more complicated. Evolution Gaming generally gives out it’s software platform as a white label option, acting as a business-to-business service. This means that you’ll find all of their games on other online casino sites – some of them will be based almost entirely around live casino games, and other won’t.

Differences Between Sites

Of course, this means that your experience can still vary quite a lot: one online gaming site might offer a bonus that another doesn’t, and so on. The live games will always be the same in terms of mechanics, but the sites they’re integrated into can change the way bonuses work, etc.

Table Games

The online live table games offered by Evolution Gaming come in multiple different varieties.


The most prominent is the roulette live tables: there’s regular live roulette, which acts like a normal version of the famous game being broadcast from a casino-style studio. However, there’s also Lightning Roulette, which is more intense.

Lightning Roulette

In the Lightning version, random numbers are given multiplied payouts of anything between x50 and x500 after each round, which can result in massive wins completely at random. It’s higher-stakes than the normal roulette live games, but it makes the boosted live roulette payouts are much, much more desirable.

Card Games

The various card games available on Evolution Gaming’s platform make up the bulk of the regular casino game types. They include things like live blackjack, live casino hold ’em, and even three-card poker or baccarat. All of them have their own studio areas and hosts.


There are two different Blackjack live casino games on offer at Evolution Gaming: regular and speed Blackjack. Speed blackjack is the same gaming experience, but faster and more direct, giving you extra control but making the game faster. There’s also Blackjack Party, a lower-stakes and more fun-focused gaming experience.


Poker comes in many forms here: Live Casino Hold’Em, Caribbean Stud, Three-Card Poker and even a special Hold’Em Bonus Poker version, among others. All of them offer slightly different gaming experiences and atmospheres.

The Dream Catcher

The dream catcher is a spinning wheel that works similarly to a roulette wheel, only with slightly different prizes and a different betting system. Rules are incredibly simple – you just choose a number, bet on it and win your payout, taking advantage of any multipliers you happen to get along the way. It’s quick, simple and different from all of the other tables, which makes it a nice change of pace.

Live Monopoly

At the moment, Evolution Gaming also hosts something a bit more unique – Monopoly Live, which came about due to a partnership with Hasbro. It’s not quite the same as full-sized monopoly, but it makes heavy use of the Dream Catcher to create a brand new gaming experience that’s as interesting as it is unpredictable.

The Football Studio

It isn’t just live tables they’re offering, though. Evolution Gaming also host special sports betting that combines a regular sports booking system with love commentary from their very own custom Football Studio, turning the experience into something much more exciting and energetic. The hosts are all big football fans themselves, offering not only a live breakdown of that’s happening but general sports chat and celebrations for major goals or wings. Not only is this a great place to try and get rich from your favourite spot, but also gives you a direct link to the action.

Site Selection

Just like the live tables, the football studio is hosted on a selection of different sites, and they haven’t placed limits on where you can go to enjoy it. As long as a partner company is willing to host it, it’ll be available there. Plus, it runs on the same software, with all of the extra quality and functionality it offers.

The Sites

Since Evolution Gaming is a B2B business, that means that they work with a range of other sites to set up their software and host their games. This ranges from well-known casinos like Casumo and Paddy Power Casino to less-famous (and sometimes local-only) online gaming sites such as Red Star Casino, Omni Slots or even the Malta-only BetChan Casino. The number of casinos they’re working with might even be brushing up against double digits, and they’re only getting more widespread and notable from there.

The Software

Evolution Gaming live and die by their software, as you would expect from an online platform company like them. Their software is known to be high-quality, but it’s definitely important to go into some more detail.

Their Market

Evolution Gaming Limited focus on mostly on the European market, but they haven’t been neglecting countries outside of that. You can get equal access from most countries, including Estonia, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom and even Malta.

Studio Locations

Evolution Gaming have some of their studios in Latvia, Canada and the United Kingdom, so they’re not a land-based company that sticks to a single country and never expands beyond that.

Their Services

If it still wasn’t clear, as a company, Evolution Gaming provide their tables and software to other online gaming sites as a way for them to set up quickly. This includes “white label” online sites, which take the tables and technical background from Evolution and use it to set up a partner site.

While Label Services

The white label owner manages the business side of the site while they keep the platform, game tables and bets systems up-to-date for as long as possible. The games – everything from regular roulette to live dealer blackjack – are streamed to their partner sites simultaneously, so players can experience them no matter which choice of site they go with.

The Platform

The Evolution Gaming Limited gaming platform is designed to be as versatile and approachable as possible, regardless of which country you’re in (it works equally well in the United Kingdom compared to other countries on the other side of the world) or which games you’re playing online.


Online gambling requires a lot of careful fiddling to get right, so they’re constantly updating and fixing different parts of the platform. These updates are direct from Evolution Gaming themselves, and don’t have a middleman that could use them to hijack accounts or steal data.

Mobile Compatibility

One of the biggest factors that Evolution Gaming focus on is the way their games work on mobile devices. They have managed to make the system support iOS and Android consistently, on both smartphone and tablet devices.

Desktop Compatibility

Desktop devices are equally compatible, with the games running in almost all browsers really well. Every game can run in both Flash and HTML5, meaning that it’s even less likely for a computer to be unable to run any of the live tables properly.


The Multi-screen option is a desktop-only utility that lets you run up to four games at once, giving you a way to play four different online live tables without them overwriting or blocking each other.

The Dealers

While not really part of the platform itself, Evolution Gaming Limited employs dealers to run each online live game. All of them are well-trained in how to play, understand the rules, and speak clearly to make sure that you can understand them while gaming.

Should I Play at Evolution Gaming?

Evolution Gaming offer great online live gaming options, and the ‘Evolution’ in their name is definitely true considering how they continue to expand their gaming presence. The sheer variety of different options they offer makes them a great place to go if you’re interested in trying truly live gaming, it’s definitely a good place to look. In fact, their excellent quality combined with their great live game types, multiple awards and high security makes them a good place to start, if you’re completely new to live gaming in general.

Where Can I Find Them?

Check on the EGR website to find partner sites that host their game tables. If you play there, you’ll know you’re getting a legitimate service from a partner that EG agree to work with on their own terms.

Where Is Their Website?

You can find the Evolution Gaming website by simply searching their name – they have always gone by Evolution Gaming and show no signs of re-branding any time soon.

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