Free Bingo Games

Being able to play free bingo game types can be a great way to earn some real money without spending any of your own, but it can sometimes be tricky to track them down.

Here are some details on how free bingo works, that free bingo games to play and how you can be sure that they’re hosted on legitimate sites.


What Does “Free” Mean in Bingo?

There are two main types of “free” in bingo: completely free, and free under certain conditions. Understanding the different matters a lot, since certain bingo games’ free to play features are restricted in a way that forces you to still pay some real money if you want to access them. In other cases, there’s no payment required, and you can play straight away. But how do you tell the difference?

Free bingo is usually offered to new players or as an ‘every day’ bonus that only has a certain amount of cash to give away each day. These kinds of free bingo games generally let you play for either a limited time or unlimited time depending on whether or not the games are for new players only: if they are, the online bingo room might expire after seven days whether you play there or not. Check out the latest bingo brands to find different free play options online.

Paid free bingo is the opposite. You’re playing bingo as a reward for spending money on the site: you agree to the terms and conditions, make a deposit and get access to a free bingo room, sometimes only for a limited time.

What Does it Cost to Play Bingo?

Earning access to bingo games’ free to play (on sites where it’s unlocked as a deposit reward) can cost varying amounts, but there are two main ways that the free bingo games are given out. The first is through a set amount for permanent access, such as depositing £10 to gain infinite access to a daily free bingo room.

These will often have a limited jackpot, with the full amount being split between all players until the cash prizes are exhausted. Once this is done, the bingo games become inaccessible for the rest of the day and can’t give out any more prizes.

The other is a temporary or time-limited unlock. When this happens, you get access to certain free bingo rooms for a limited time as part of your deposit bonus offer. This can sometimes be a “newbies room” that hosts games only new players can play, with the expiry time generally being seven days after joining. You can keep playing bingo in those bingo rooms until that seven day period is up, at which point your ability to play will get taken away.

The costs of this can vary. Some sites will let you play for as little as a one-time deposit of £10, whereas others might have it as a gambling VIP system reward that only lets you play the games when you reach and maintain a certain rank.

What is the Best Free Bingo App?

Despite bingo games being mostly focused on making money alongside a good user experience, there are quite a few bingo games apps that offer free games to players who get the app downloaded on their mobile device. However, there isn’t a single app that’s the best of them all: it comes down to what you want to play and the kind of welcome offer or online bingo games you’re interested.

For example, not all sites and apps will have 75 ball bingo as a one of their free bingo games, so anybody wanting to play 75 ball bingo for free will have to go elsewhere. Every game of bingo has it’s own unique visual style and gameplay design, so every one of the thousands of bingo games online will offer something new for you: as you might expect, this also means that some free bingo games will be much more appealing to you than others.

What’s the Catch?

Free bingo games, like all good free things, can sometimes have a catch behind them. In the case of many bingo games on sites, you’re going to get restrictions placed on your winnings to stop you from walking away with a huge amount of money at absolutely no cost.

Always be sure to look at the fine print or terms and conditions when you’re going to try a free bingo game, since some of them offer good rewards at the cost of higher restrictions and requirements.

Wagering Requirements

The biggest is wagering requirements. These are limitations that essentially force you to wager a certain amount of money to get access to your winnings: for example, if you earn £50 in bingo winnings, you might be forced to make a certain deposit amount before the winnings from those games can leave the site. Wait too long, and they might expire. When you sign up and play games on a site, you agree to their terms and conditions, so this isn’t usually something that you can get around by just asking nicely.

When you’re playing bingo, the game is generally about winning money, as with all gambling games. Of course, online bingo makes it easier than ever to play games for free. As such, requirements are usually based on either the winnings and/or whatever free funds you got. If it’s x20 the bonus amount, you’ll have to deposit twenty times the bingo bonus value to claim your “free” money.

Win Limits

One of the less irritating limits is win restrictions. These are meant to stop players from using free bingo to almost bankrupt the bingo site if they’re really lucky: since you’re getting the bingo games for free anyway, it’s quite understandable that they would want to stop you from taking entire bingo progressive jackpots without paying a single penny towards the site.

These limits can sometimes feel a bit harsh, but they aren’t always combined with wagering requirements, meaning that you can withdraw whatever bingo money you’re allowed to keep.

How do these restrictions work? It’s really up to the bingo site: sometimes free bingo players will get to keep up to a set value from their entire playtime, such as £200, while other times the free bingo limits might be per game instead. As mentioned before, some bingo games have a set amount of money that can be given out in each day, which acts as another indirect limit.

Should I Play Free Bingo Games?

Free bingo isn’t just a good way to earn money, but it can be a nice way to experience games that you normally wouldn’t try without fear of burning through your own funds.

Even if you don’t get any wins that you can turn into real money (because of wagering requirements or something similar), it can still get you started on a new casino as a newbie that needs to adapt to the new features. This is especially good if you have account verification bonuses or registration deposit benefits that you’re saving for ‘real games’.

Always make sure you’re playing on a genuine bingo site, though. Before you register on any bingo site, make sure you check to see where they’re licensed: most of the best UK bingo sites will be regulated in both the UK and Gibraltar. This is almost always a sign that the bingo site is honest and won’t take your details for malicious use.

If you’re a fan of bingo, free games are a great way to settle into a new site. If you’re a new player, they’re a good way to learn how bingo works and build up your own opinion of how you should handle your bingo betting strategies. Regardless of what you use them for, free bingo games are much more than just a small gimmick, but you have to remember that only some of them are going to give you real cash at the end of the day!

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