No Wagering Bingo Sites

No Wagering Bingo Sites

Wagering requirements can spoil the overall enjoyment of bingo games and the player experience you may get from some bingo sites. They can be difficult to understand and can cause your jackpots and stakes to reduce in value the more you use them. Luckily, there are plenty of no wagering bingo sites out there is you know where to look. Just because these bingo sites are no wagering, does not mean that they’re not good value.
If you are someone who loves to play bingo and slots or perhaps you are looking for a new hobby that will not take too much from your bank, then looking for bingo sites that are no wagering is a great way to go. It is possible to use a no wagering site and still get your hands on some brilliant bonuses, which you will see throughout this list.
We are going to highlight some of the greatest bingo sites that do not have wagering requirements on their games or bonuses. This list will highlight the types of games that are on offer, the min deposit accepted as well as the overall wagering requirements that may be in place so you can find the best site for you.

The Best No Wagering Bingo Sites

We have found a good range of bingo sites that do not have any wagering requirements in place. These bingo sites come with good bonuses as well as interesting features, all of which will be addressed in this review. The best thing about these bingo websites is the fact they are no wagering which means that any bonus winnings you make can be withdrawn without having to be staked again.
We understand that wagering limits and the various other small print details that come with a bingo site can be hard to understand, so we have tried to include as much information as possible in this guide. We will tell you everything you need to know about certain bingo websites, as well as giving you information on the bingo industry as a whole and how bonus wagering works.
For now, these are the best no wager bingo websites that offer some brilliant bonus offers and games that you can spend hours playing.

    What Are Wagering Requirements?

    When playing at bingo sites, it can be quite difficult to understand wagering requirements. There are lots of options out there, whether the bingo sites have no wagering requirements, low wagering requirements, or bonuses that need to be wagered a certain amount.
    This is why if you are new to online bingo and similar games, then you will want to choose bingo sites with no wagering as they will be easier to understand.
    However, if you want to progress throughout the bingo games you play, the bonuses and offers you win and the sites you play at then you will need to understand what a wagering requirement is.
    Essentially, wagering requirements are terms and conditions that are usually given by bingo sites to new players who accept sign-up bonuses. These bonuses can be anything from bonus spins, bingo tickets and in some cases real cash but they are likely to be subject to wagering requirements of some kind.
    Wagering requirements are usually shown as a multiple figure, like x4. This means that you will need to play four times the bonus amount before winnings can be credited to your real cash account or withdrawal at any time.
    On many Dragonfish bingo sites, for example, a 4x wagering requirement will apply to both the deposit, bingo bonus for all games, This means that you will need to stake four times the amount of your deposit and the bingo bonus in order for winnings to be credited to your real account.
    As you can see, wagering requirements can be quite a difficult thing to get your head around. This is why we recommend you to spend some time reading the casino terms and conditions for all bonus offers and games, so you can see how they manage their wagering requirement and what this will mean for your winnings.

    What Does No Wagering Actually Mean?

    Now that you understand what wagering limits are, you will be able to determine that bingo sites that are no wagering allow you to play with your own money from the offset.
    Bingo sites with no wagering means that all winnings you earn are yours to keep – you do not have to stake or wager cash a certain number of times in order for it to be withdrawn. These kind of bingo sites allow you to cash out your winnings or use them for more bingo tickets, no matter how much you have earned or spent.
    A great feature of no wagering bingo sites is the fact that they still have bonus offers available for those who play their games. This means that you can be given a bonus, whether that is cash for bingo tickets or 50 free spins, which can be used to add to your winnings.
    In some cases, these bonus types will also be no wagering but they may be a small limit in place so the bingo site can make a profit.

    How To Work Out A Bingo Wagering Requirement

    When you enter a bingo site, you will see a multiple figure that represents the wagering requirement. This will typically be given in the ts and cs of the bingo bonus or various other offers that are in place at online bingo sites.
    It is possible to claim these offers after your first deposit.
    To work out a wagering requirement, there are several steps you need to follow:

    1. Deposit the min amount, for example 10
    2. The bingo sites you use offer a 200% bingo bonus for this deposit which makes it 20
    3. The wagering requirement on this bingo site is x4. This refers to the 10 deposit and the 20 bonus
    4. The deposit and bonus need to be multiplied by 4 which will equal 120
    5. This means that you will have to play at least 120 on bingo tickets in order for your winnings to be credited to your real account

    It is important to note that this 120 is made up of the cash that is already in your account (from the deposit and bonus offers). You do not have to add another 120 to your account to play and get the winnings.
    Once the wagering requirement has been cleared, all remaining cash in your account is yours and you are playing with cash from your bank account. This means that you can continue to play with cash or your can withdraw – once the wagering requirement has been met.

    The Importance Of Ts And Cs

    As well as reading the t c to understand the wagering limits in place, these terms will also tell you what offers you can apply for and how they can be used. Some bingo sites will have bonus offers that will only be awarded when you play on certain games or play in certain bingo rooms.
    This can mean that offers of 50 free spins can account for 100% wagering in the slots, but only 50% or less elsewhere. These kind of terms will differ from bingo site to bingo site, so make sure to read them carefully so you understand what you are getting into.
    Although they may seem complicated, wagering laws are put in places to prevent money laundering. They prevent money launderers from entering their cash into a bingo account and then withdrawing it in full immediatly after. Even though this is a good legal reason for wagering, it has become increasingly clear to bingo brands that high wagering limits are off putting to customers.
    This is why there is a steady increase in the amount of bingo sites that have no wagering for their bonus cash and other offers. If you want to play using your own money, then no wagering bingo sites are your best option.

    No Wager Bingo Games

    As you can see from our list of no wager bingo games, there is still a lot of choice of there for those who want to play with no wager requirements. Each of these websites have their own range of games, bonus features, and offers available to customers. It is possible to play almost any kind of bingo game you want, without having to face a wager limit.
    You can expect most bingo sites to gave several different bingo rooms, with a good range of 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games on offer. However, bingo sites are no longer strictly just for bingo – instead they can also offer a good range of casino games and even slots.
    This means that in order to find a good bingo site, you will want to consider the range of games that are on offer and whether it includes everything you like. It is possible to find everything you could want in one place when playing bingo online. Many of the bingo sites in this review are mobile-friendly which means they can be accessed either through a mobile app or through the browser on your smartphone or tablet.
    In order to make bingo even more convenient and fun for everyone involved, big bingo brands offer a range of slots and other casino games. This is why you will find many of the first deposit bonuses that are on offer at bingo sites will include cash for bingo tickets as well as additional offers, like 50 free spins fs.
    If you choose a bingo site that has no wagering limits, then it is likely that their slots will also be no wager either. This is certainly the case for the slots bonus that will be awarded.

    No Wager Bingo Software

    As well as looking at some of the bingo websites that are no wager, it is important to highlight the software providers that typically have this kind of offer.
    Looking into these software providors will give you a range of no wager bingo games and bingo websites that you can use when you want to be able to withdraw all winnings. Based on the bingo websites we have already mentioned as well as reviews from other customers, the following developers are typically no wager:

    • PlayTech (Virtue Fusion included)
    • Dragonfish
    • 888 Gaming
    • Cassava
    • Microgaming

    It is a good idea to look within these bingo developers gaming networks to find some new titles and bingo wesbites to try that are no wager.

    No Wager, No Limits: Are They Fair?

    Many customers of casino and bingo sites claim that the wagering limits are unfair. It is almost a universal given that all gamblers hate wagering limits and will not be happy no matter the amount, which is why there are more and more no wager bingo sites launching.
    The argument regarding the fairness of wager requirements will differ based on the player who ask and where they choose to play. Many customers will argue that it is unfair that winnings made in a game will go to the bonus balance, rather than to cash which could then be withdrawn.
    It is important for customers to remember that any winnings they make when playing with a bingo bonus will be credited to this amount, where it will then need to be wagered before it can be given as a cash prize. If you find a wagering of more than x4 it is recommended that you stay clear or stay vigilant that you will not be winning as much as you want.
    This is why it is so important for customers to always read the terms that come with a bingo site, bingo bonus or even the games themselves. This should be done before registration and deposit – and certainly before you choose to play through a bingo site.
    These terms will inform your of the wager requirements that are in place and you should use this information to determine whether it is a good enough value for you.
    At the end of the day, bingo websites and bingo brands are a business and this means that making a profit is their main concern. This is something that can still allow customers to play and win great jackpots based on their cash amount, but you must always read the terms to make sure this is possible.

    Final Notes

    Wagering can be a difficult subject to understand and it is something that can put many customers off playing bingo online. This is why there are more no wager bingo websites being launched to allow customers to withdraw their winnings, even when they have been obtained through a bonus.
    When looking into a bingo site, it is vital that you consider the terms very carefully and make sure that this is a reliable bingo brand. You can use the bingo wagering limits to determine whether a bingo site will be worth your time and money.

    Other Payment Methods

    Check out the list below for all other bingo payment methods: