Pay by Phone Bingo

Pay by phone bingo is an interesting online bingo payment method that often gets overlooked, since it’s slightly more clunky and unwieldy than just doing it online. However, most of us have our phones ready to go at a moment’s notice, and visiting a “pay with phone” casino can be a nice alternative to using the internet to apply a bingo deposit. However, there are two types of phone bingo sites – ones that apply by phone bill, and ones that are essentially normal bingo sites accessed by your phone.
Some bingo and casino pay by phone systems will be set up to use your phone bill as a payment method, which is often connected to your bank account. In a sense, it’s like a regular deposit, but handled in a different way: rather than taking the bingo money directly off your credit card or debit card, you pay by using your phone bill. Bingo sites can use this as a way to accommodate bingo players that might not have other deposit methods available, and depending on the way that your phone bill is set up, it can also be a great method of forcing yourself to gamble responsibly by choosing to apply a bingo deposit limit.
However, most of the time, the phone bingo sites will just be regular bingo sites that let you control them entirely from your phone – not just playing bingo games, but making bingo deposits, checking your deposit history, handling each bingo bonus you get and even withdrawing your money. These aren’t specifically designed to be phone versions of bingo sites, they’re just websites that happen to use mobile phones as a valid platform and one of their deposit payment methods.

How to Pay Mobile Casinos

Understanding how a bingo or casino “pay with phone” system operates is really important if you want to use your mobile phone as one of your bingo payment methods, since it’s not always immediately clear how you’re supposed to use it. Remember that there are two major ways a pay by phone bingo site can operate, and both of them have very different deposit structures behind them.

Phone Bill Bingo Sites

If you’re using your phone bill to make deposits on a bingo site, then you’ll be doing it through your mobile billing system. Any bingo that allows you to pay in this way will have it as an option at the deposit page, often labelled something like “pay by mobile”. Depending on how the site is laid out, it might also be a separate option, rather than being one of the choices you can make on the regular deposit page. Either way, once you locate it, you can start the deposit process.
After selecting the option, you’ll be able to input the amount you want to deposit, just like normal. There’s no special trick to this – you just need to put in the amount of money you’re willing to deposit from your phone bill to use for gambling. Once that’s done, enter your details: keep in mind that you aren’t doing it through your bank account, so you’ll often have to put in deposit information related to your phone, your bill provider, and other data like that. This is because the site has to bill you directly, rather than billing a card or bank account that’s connected to your phone. If you’ve done it previously and have allowed the site to save your deposit information, you can quickly and easily move through the process if it’s all still correct.
Once you’re done, the money should be added to your phone bill: unlike using a bank account, the money isn’t removed from your funds instantly, but instead added to the overall bill you’ll get at the end of the month. If you have pre-paid credit, it’ll be taken from that instead. If you have enough credit to cover part of the deposit, then it’ll be used and any remaining money will be charged to your bill.
Since no bank or credit card details are involved, this is one of the safer ways to make deposits and play games with real money. Keep in mind that you’ll often have to confirm each deposit through an SMS (a text message) so that the company behind your phone bill knows it’s legitimate. However, you usually only need to send a one or two word response confirming that it’s a charge you chose to make.

Phone-Based Bingo Sites

If you’re not wanting to use your bill, then it’s possible to pay by using your mobile device as a way of paying normally instead. This is great for people who don’t mind using their bank details or credit card info on a bingo site, especially one they trust, and can often be easier to set up in the long-term than having to use your phone bill. You also get the benefit of the money vanishing almost instantly, meaning that choosing to pay by this method makes your finances a little bit easier to track.
When using your phone to pay through normal payment methods, just treat it like any other device. Go to the deposit page, choose the method you want to use and start setting the actual deposit amount. Once you’re ready, you just input your information and start the deposit, and it’ll generally go through in a very short amount of time: simple, and easy. Because you’re basically doing the same thing that you could do on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet, not much extra effort is required, since the service is already set up to work across multiple platforms.
Make sure you check your details before confirming the deposit – unlike phone bills, which apply by the end of the month, many regular deposit methods are instant. If you’re not careful, you might use more than you have in a certain account by not keeping track, and that can send your balance into the red until you’re able to fix it by moving money around.

How Should I Visit These Sites?

One of the biggest questions with mobile bingo sites is how to actually play on them. Some sites offer apps, while others are purely browser-based. Even if there is a bingo app for a certain site, it might only work on certain types of phone, such as Android instead of IOS.
Most of the time, all of the games, bingo bonus features, max win restrictions and new customer offer bonus options are going to be the same across all platforms. However, some bingo sites like to hide a few extra bonus terms in their apps for people who play bingo using their software – this might only be a few extra free bingo bonus games or a small amount of games bonus money, but it’s enough to make a “pay by mobile phone” option more desirable. These bonus offers for mobile phone bingo can vary, so won’t assume that every bingo website will have them.
It’s important to note that some apps only work on some phone versions. If a bingo app can only run on a certain version of IOS and upwards, you might not be able to access it on older phones that use an outdated version of IOS, even if you update them by using the official update features. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of every site you visit, too – some of them may only allow certain bingo games or bonus options on certain platforms, and the app may only run in certain countries – it all depends on the laws they have to follow and the way the site is structured.

Understanding Pay By Phone Bingo Bonuses

The bonus offerings and the new customer offer of almost any bingo site can vary wildly, but phone bingo sites seem to have the most variety, mainly to entice people to try using the mobile features. If it’s your first time gambling at them, you’ll want to understand how they work.

Wagering Requirements

If you get a bonus deposit of (with currency conversion) £250, 65x wagering requirements, that means that you’re dealing with £250 65x wagering requirements if you want to withdraw your winnings. But what does that actually mean? Well, let’s say you get max bonus conversion £250 65x wagering requirements on a deposit of £20, with a bonus of another £20. That gives you £40 to play with, but the bingo or spins max bonus conversion £250 means that you can only win £250 total with that bonus. For a max bonus conversion £250, 65x wagering requirements means that you’ll need to deposit or wager 65x your initial deposit and/or the bonus to earn the ability to withdraw your money.
It may be confusing, but there’s an easy way to break it down:

  • Players earn a bonus.
  • The bonus has a “max bonus conversion £250, 65x wagering requirements” rule.
  • The max bonus conversion £250 limit means that they can only earn £250 from the game.
  • They hit the max bonus conversion £250 limit.
  • The conversion £250 65x wagering requirements apply to their £250 of winnings.
  • To earn the bonus back through the conversion £250 65x wagering” rule, the player has to spend at least 65x their initial deposit and/or bonus to “unlock” the winnings.
  • If they wait too long, the winnings will expire, but they’ll keep their “real” money.

From the example given, this means that the bonus conversion £250 65x rule will leave you having to pay 65 x £40 to unlock the money so that it can apply to your account. Of course, it’s not always a bonus conversion £250 65x limit – in fact, a bonus conversion 250 65x rule might be more extreme than most. In many cases, you’re only given a 20x wagering requirement, or sometimes as low as 2x.

Other Bonus Rules

Some bonuses are rolled out over time. A “deposit £10, 8 max spins daily” bonus means that you when you deposit £10, 8 max free spins appear on your account. The spins max bonus conversion rules still apply, as do any other “deposit £10, 8 max” rules, terms and conditions. The same can be said for “win per 10 spins” limits, which might cap how much money you can earn. You’re unlikely to get “win per 10 spins”, “deposit £10, 8 max” and “free spins max bonus conversion” rules all at once, but it can still happen. It can get quite confusing, especially if you see terms and conditions like “deposit £10, £8 max free spins, win per 10 spins”. Breaking this down gives you:

  • Deposit £10, £8 max wins.
  • Split this win per 10 spins.
  • The spins max bonus conversion limit will apply to your winnings.
  • This means that what you win per 10 spins will get a spins max bonus conversion limit.

In simpler terms, every £8 you win per 10 spins will contribute towards a spins max bonus conversion limit. Reach that limit, and you can’t earn any more with your bonus.
Max win bonuses apply to almost all bonus types for all games. A bingo site that chooses to apply a max win limit is making sure that players can’t abuse their first deposit feature – if they win an insane amount of money by using their first deposit on the right games, the casino might go bankrupt. They avoid this by creating a max win bingo restriction, stopping bingo games from having to pay out massive amounts of money after a small deposit wins a jackpot. A max win limit will always apply if it’s there – in fact, the max win will apply to all games your deposit bonus can be used on.

Other Important Details

Always read the terms and conditions! There are so many tiny details that players might miss, such as a certain onus being a new players only, min deposit option that’s specifically meant for new players only. Min deposit limits apply, as do max win limits, but a “new players only min deposit” customer offer is basically limiting who can apply it to their account. Existing players won’t be able to use a new players only min deposit bonus no matter what.
Some bonuses might also say something like “mobile players only, min deposit £10” or “UK players only, min deposit £15”. These rules apply to all players and all games, and you can’t try to cheat them by claiming to be something you’re not. As you’d expect, all bingo sites apply 18+ rules to their games – if they don’t apply 18+ rules to their players, then they not only get in legal trouble, but it might actually be an offence that they can be sued or charged for. Bingo sites apply 18+ rules for a reason.
Not only do they apply 18+ restrictions, but also rules to help players gamble responsibly. Players who don’t gamble responsibly are technically profitable, but it can get the bingo site in trouble by making it seem like they’re not looking after their players. You can often apply pay limits to your account by contacting the bingo site, in the same way that you might apply deposit limits or restrict your ability to pay for / deposit on certain games.

Should I Play On These Sites?

Being able to play bingo by using your phone and make bingo deposits by apply it to your bill opens up a lot of flexibility with many bingo sites. All of the same rules and limits apply, but you can pay for bingo much more efficiently, and your deposit can go through much faster sometimes. Just remember that when you pay, you apply the deposit to your bill, which you need to pay off by yourself. It isn’t free bingo money.

Other Payment Methods

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