Penny Bingo Sites

Bingo is a great way to spend your time if you prefer a less intense form of gambling, but it can still be expensive, especially if you’re spending a lot of time and money on trying to hit a certain jackpot or reach a certain bonus. For players who want to tone down how much they deposit and spend, there’s an easy way to cut back and let yourself only pay the bare minimum on your games: 1p bingo! There are dozens of bingo sites out there that offer full bingo games for nothing more than a penny – you might not be able to claim the highest bonuses and biggest jackpots, but you can still play and have fun with only a one-penny loss if your luck runs out! Here are some of the best bingo sites for people who prefer to play with only a single penny in real cash.

Which Sites Offer 1p Bingo?

Here’s a list of sites which offer 1 penny bingo:

    1p Bingo Explained

    Dabber Bingo have a really good new player bingo welcome bonus that gives you a £120 online bingo bonus, as well as 20 free spins on the famous Fluffy Favourites game. That’s triggered with a minimum deposit of £10, giving you 1000 individual pennies even before the bonus is applied! To activate it, use the promo code STREET when you’re prompted to, and it’ll automatically apply itself to your account.
    If you end up using the bonus, be aware that the free spins expire after 7 days. Other than that, the deposit balance will be ready to withdraw at any time. The bingo winnings cap with the spins is £2.00 per spin, and the £120 bingo bonus cash is exclusive to two games: Street Party and Kaching, both of which get £60 funds in total (half of the bonus). Valid only to new players, it can’t be activated if you already had an account, or if you want too long before trying to use it.
    Mecca Bingo players get a £30 bingo bonus real cash bonus and 50 free spins, as well as an extra £10 club voucher under certain circumstances. To activate it, you have to deposit and spend at least £10 on bingo within 60 days of creating your account, so it’s limited to relatively new players. Keep in mind that the bingo bonus has a 2x wagering requirement, so you probably won’t be able to actually earn your winnings as real cash if you’re committing to playing at a penny a time.
    Still, the low wagering requirements on the £30 bingo bonus and good list of games make this a nice choice for online bingo players, especially if you want 50 free spins to keep you entertained on slots for a while.
    Wink Bingo are another really popular site that many bingo players flock to. The Wink Bingo welcome bonus is a £50 bonus as long as you deposit and spend £10 on bingo games. This is done through a 200% bingo bonus and 200% bingo bonus, with a max of £100 bingo deposit bonus funds. The bingo promotion has a 50x wagering requirement, but once it’s met, you can withdraw the bingo winning money at any time.
    Usual withdrawal restrictions and conditions apply, and they can vary by game, so it might change based on what you’re playing.
    888 Ladies offer new players £50 free bingo cash on their first bingo deposit, as well as 15 free spins on certain slot games. The bingo bonus is done as a 200% match bonus, as well as a separate 200% games bonus, but it only applies once per player and the bingo bonus amount is capped at £100.
    The wagering requirements for the bingo bonus are 2x for the bingo bonus funds and 50x for the games bonus, although this can vary based on which bingo game you play.

    Playing 1p Bingo

    Penny bingo games aren’t the most uncommon thing in the gambling world, but they’re not exactly common either, so understanding how to actually play penny bingo games properly can make a big difference.
    The concept behind penny bingo is simple: it’s just regular bingo games on regular bingo sites, but you’re only spending a penny rather than trying to spend £10 on bingo bets. Each bet in a penny, meaning that you play for the minimum possible amount – this means that any winnings you get back based on your bet amount (i.e. not a jackpot or pre-set amount of cash) will also be as small as they can possibly be.
    For many people, penny bingo sites are a way to relax and enjoy bingo games without having to worry about spending too much money on bingo. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to claim a lot of bingo bonus offers (even a 4x wagering requirement can be too much to properly reach if you’re playing casually, since you need to hit a 4x wagering limit based on whatever your bonus was). However, if you just want to play and spend as little money as possible, but don’t want to stick with free games that never give you any kind of reward, it’s a fun way to pass the time!
    Remember to read the terms and conditions of every site to see things like the minimum price of their bingo tickets. If you have to spend above a certain amount to earn bingo tickets, you might not be able to play penny bingo, since no bingo tickets will be available for a penny. On the other hand, the terms and conditions might outline that there isn’t any kind of limit, so you can choose to spend a penny and not have any problems on the bingo sites themselves.

    Should I Play Penny Bingo?

    Penny bingo is a very niche type of bingo that won’t appeal to everybody, and most penny bingo sites are just regular bingo sites that happen to have no rules or restrictions over the value of a minimum bet. Casual players might find it fun to spend time playing bingo on their own terms and still having a chance to earn bonuses or jackpots (something that you can’t really do with free bingo games) on various sites, especially once that they’re already familiar with.
    Players can still take advantage of bingo promotions and other bingo bonuses, too, since they’re still making a real money deposit on the bingo site. This makes you one of the normal bingo players or site customers, which means that you can still claim any prize (or prizes) that you earn. Since you’re using the min possible cost for every bet, your money also goes much further, and if you’re lucky you might still win back some cash to keep it going for longer.
    If you just play bingo for the experience, penny bingo is a great way to do it. It’s bingo without the high bingo cost, bingo bonus wagering requirement, bingo deposit limits or other features that can make a bingo game cost a lot more to play. If you’re really not bothered about winning big and walking away with a massive pile of cash, and just want to play bingo in the safest way possible, then go ahead and try it!

    All Online Bingo Games

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