Progressive Jackpot Bingo Sites

A progressive jackpot can make any bingo game much more intense, and adds a new level of gameplay to you usual online bingo games by putting forward an increasing amount of money every time somebody fails to claim it: in a way, its like never-ending race, with each player trying to push forward and claim one of the progressive jackpots for themselves. But what are they, and where can you play them regularly?

Which Sites Offer Progressive Jackpot Bingo?

Here’s a list of sites which offer Progressive Jackpot Bingo:

    What is a Progressive Jackpot?

    A progressive jackpot is any jackpot that keeps increasing as more and more players place money towards it, with a percentage of all money spent by players going into it’s total value. For example, if you spend £10 on bingo games tying to get the jackpot for yourself, £1 of that might go into the total value. This applies to each player, meaning that it can increase rapidly and keep growing faster and faster as more people start to play the same game.
    Once the jackpot is won, the money goes to whichever player activates it (or splits it between multiple players, if they all win it at the same time) and the extra amount of money added to it resets back to zero, starting the progressive bingo jackpot all over again. Some sites might only run them every so often, with a break between each jackpot feature, but others might keep them going indefinitely so that each won jackpot is replaced to a brand new one immediately.
    Most progressive jackpots have a minimum value that they can never drop below, meaning that players don’t have to build them back up from zero every time. While winning them early on won’t be as lucrative, the minimum will still be more than you might expect, so it’s not a bad thing.

    What Makes These Jackpots Progressive?

    Progressive jackpots are called that because of the fact that they progress over time, getting larger and larger as result of people playing the online games on the site. This also means that they progress according to their current level of popularity: if a lot of players are playing the same game, the jackpots will skyrocket, but will also get won much more often. If very few people are playing that game online, it’ll build up slowly, but there won’t be as much pressure for an individual player to compete against others to win it. Essentially, the more players there are on a game, the more intense it gets.
    Progressive jackpots don’t interfere with the other operations of most games, either. Online bingo games with progressive bingo jackpots system won’t suddenly make all other kinds of win irrelevant, and you can easily end up winning money from a different method entirely without triggering any jackpots. It simply adds it as the “ultimate prize” of that game.
    Because of this, the rules of each bingo game will be more or less the same as they always are, just with an added progressive jackpots feature that you can win under certain conditions. These conditions may change based on which bingo games you’re playing, though: some will require you to get all of the numbers on your ticket called out, while others may limit it to a specific combinations of numbers that you have to get checked off, or a certain pattern that you need to make. Always check the term and conditions of the bingo tickets you’re about to buy, since you’ll want to know how the wins are actually earned if you’re hoping to be a winner.

    Progressive Bingo Variations

    Like regular bingo, any game with progressive bingo jackpots has different variants. This can be regular types like 90-ball and 75-ball games, as well as more extreme ones with their own custom rules or jackpot systems. The deposit bonus system and the amounts that bonuses give you can also change, and some progressive jackpot bingo games apply across an entire network instead of just one site: in these cases, all players across all sites will be competing to get it, even if they’re in differentiate countries.
    Jackpot winnings generally don’t have withdrawal restrictions or other limits placed on them, but it’s still important to make sure: knowing what is and isn’t limited makes it much easier to have fun and take a chance to get lucky without feeling like you’re not getting the win you deserve.

    Progressive Jackpot Bingo Sites

    Below are some of the many sites that offer progressive jackpot games, as well as some details on that kind of win prizes you should expect.
    Mega Moolah is well-known for giving out the highest-ever single progressive slots jackpot ever, which was a £13.2 million jackpot earned by a player who was betting just £0.25 for each of their spins! None of the progressive jackpots on the site require you to play with the max wagering amount, so you can pay the bare min amount and still win.
    Gladiator have an average progressive jackpot payout of over one million pounds, as well as plenty of online bonus features ranging from free spins to bonus funds that can be used on a huge range of game types.
    Hall of Gods are equally high, offering around £6 million as their average payout. However, one thing’s required if you want to win the jackpot – you have to bet on all 20 paylines. This makes it slightly more costly, but the amount of cash being added to the progressive jackpot ever minute is much higher, and it can quickly reach the millions if it’s left unclaimed.

    Should I Play Progressive Jackpot Bingo?

    A progressive jackpot isn’t an easy thing to master, but it’s thankfully not a compulsory part of the game – you can still win regular amounts by just playing the game normally, and you’ll always have a chance of winning it anyway (unless you don’t meet the requirements for being eligible to win it, of course). The only downside might be that it replaces other features you might want, like a normal jackpot system or a bonus feature, but some games will offer all of them at once.
    Remember that you still need to follow the rules while playing online bingo jackpot games, since it’s still bingo and you’re still playing it on bingo sites. In general, treat bingo jackpot games like any other bingo bonus feature, since it’s optional whether or not you actually want to focus on getting the progressive online bingo jackpot. Games and rules can differ depending on the bingo site you’re playing on, too.

    How Do I Choose a Site?

    A bingo progressive jackpot isn’t an easy thing to fake, but that hasn’t stopped illegitimate or sketchy sites before. Always do your usual checks before adding to your deposit balance, regardless of whether online slots or bingo is your game of choice.
    For example, you might want to check how the bingo site is registered and licensed. A lot of sites use Virtual Global Digital Services Limited as their operator: Virtual Global Digital Services Limited work with dozens of extremely popular bingo sites, so you can assume that any site they work with will have a good bingo jackpot and a genuine set of bingo bonus features. However, just because a site claims to use Virtual Global Digital Services Limited doesn’t mean that it actually does, so you’ll want to do research beforehand and make sure you’re playing on a legitimate bingo site.

    What Else Should I Check?

    Most jackpot features are based around a direct payment into your balance, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the case. A wagering requirement might affect when and where you can withdraw the jackpot money, and you might have to keep playing until you’ve spent a certain amount before the money will be credited to you.
    The jackpot will obviously still be higher than the wagering requirement, but it can mean that you’ll need to keep gambling a while longer before you meet the min deposit limit that “unlocks” it. This can apply to a bingo game, a slot game or even the entire network of the jackpot system as a whole, and you’ll want to read up on the exact limits and requirements ahead of time if you can.
    On a standard casino site, there might be a “rollover” system for times where nobody wins. This essentially means that the jackpot will keep building and add to itself, getting larger and larger until it’s won. This is most common with jackpot systems where one is held within a certain period of time, such as a daily jackpot: if nobody wins by the time the next jackpot was scheduled to start, it’ll just continue until it’s earned by a player.

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