Red Tiger Gaming Software

Red Tiger Gaming Limited is a relatively new casino gaming software developer that’s only been active since 2014, and have already made plenty of progress in the market thanks to their great game quality and experienced veteran developers.


About Red Tiger Games

Red Tiger Limited was established in 2015 in the Isle of Man and have already managed to get their games spread all across Asia and Europe, taking in huge groups of staff and industry veterans from plenty of different fields – gaming experts, sound engineers, mathematicians, and even psychologists, all focused on creating the best casino games possible. This level of expertise and experience is one of their main selling points when working with other companies.

As a limited company, they’re officially Their logo is a very distinctive and easy-to-notice red tiger head, which is often used as a seal of quality for some of their games, as well as a mark of experience for anybody who works for the company.

About Red Tiger’s Software

Red Tiger mainly focuses on producing individual games, all of which are linked to the same basic software platform to make them as compatible and consistent as possible. As a very market-focused company, they go wherever the industry is headed, meaning that they’re currently very focused on live slot games and have casino games as a secondary priority. This change of focus means that all of their efforts are going towards creating the best online gaming and gambling experience possible.

Red Tiger’s platform allows for very high-quality graphics and unique visual styles, ranging from your classic Wild West themes to ones based on old Asian cultures, as well as dozens of cartoon-based or visually distinct games. They even have the option of using 3D graphics as needed, something that many other game network platforms struggle to feature without breaking something.

Another major benefit of the Red Tiger platform is the programming and mathematics behind it. The mathematicians employed by the business work with the development team to ensure that each game offers completely fair but still has some exciting randomness for lucky players. This even includes jackpot systems or bonus features, which are built into the games themselves and kept separate from any sites that host them – this means that only the provider, Red Tiger themselves, has the tools to change the odds of a win or loss.

Probably the biggest feature from the partnered casinos’ points of view is compatibility. Regardless of which device you’re using – mobile, desktop or tablet – all games are designed to work in the same way and offer the same gameplay experience, with only minor changes between device versions to make up for different screen sizes or interface options. This means that they’ll even work across different operating systems, with the most notable ones being Android and iOS.

Red Tiger’s Games

The various online casino games and table games offered by Red Tiger all use their casino software platform, but that doesn’t mean that all of the games are the same. Many of them have become fairly popular as individual games, even among people who don’t realize that they’re playing a Red Tiger game. The same high level of quality that the group applies to all of their games is consistent regardless of the actual game type, which includes:

Online Slots

Slots are one of Red Tiger’s biggest pieces of casino software, and form the backbone of their current gambling technology. Many of them are styled after classic gambling games from the early days of online slots, containing the same graphics while also offering modern free spins systems and jackpots. The bonuses are also updated to match what a modern player would expect, and the sites that host their games aren’t limited to just using the build-in bonus feature – they can also add their own.

These slots include seasonal games, like Jingle Bells and Lucky Halloween, to less conventional designs such as Three Kingdoms and Red Phoenix Rising (both of which are semi-historical). Some of these even contain progressive jackpots that players can work towards. There aren’t really any licensed slot games that use properties owned by other companies, but this can be a good thing, since it means that they’ve been able to focus on creating memorable and completely original experiences for their players.

Table Games

The online table game types offered by Red Tiger are another major part of the industry that they focus on. Although there aren’t as many compared to the slot games, there’s still quite a few, including a selection of online casino live games that incorporate some extra features and bonus options. This includes classic game types like Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and more, all of which use the same basic platform as the slots and get all the same technical benefits.

Red Tiger Limited’s License

Like all online casino sites and online casino game developers, Red Tiger have had to make sure they’re fully registered and acting legally, since they’re a limited company that has to abide by certain rules. That isn’t the only way they’re licensed, though: they’re also checked by multiple groups, including the Gibraltar, Alderney and Malta gambling commissions (and similar groups from Malta, Gibraltar, the UK, and anywhere else they offer their services). While their main office is in the UK, they operate in other countries, meaning that they’re still under the authority of being licensed there. Malta and Gibraltar are the two biggest countries they’ve had to get licensed in, since they hold a lot of power over how gambling companies can operate and treat their players.

In 2018, Red Tiger got a license from both Malta and Alderney, with the Gibraltar license coming at a different time. They also have a license for Denmark, Italy and Spain, which has allowed them to expand even further. While they’re still limited in certain countries, Red Tiger continues to expand, so it’s only a matter of time before they move beyond Malta and start opening up their services to even more countries.

Legitimacy and Fairness

As mentioned earlier, all of the company’s game software is designed to be as fair as possible during play, and they’re fully licensed in a range of different countries, from Malta to Gibraltar. Not only that, but aside from their Malta licence, they’re also regularly checked for any signs of rigged odds or unfair conduct by the Malta and Gibraltar authorities. This helps them stay licensed and makes them a legitimate limited company, ensuring that they won’t do anything that goes against their customers.

Not only that, but due to their reputation and significance in the industry, they also use some of the best security methods available to make sure that all of the player data they collect or store is kept safe and secure, especially against hackers or other groups that might want to try and break into their site or platform. Since they’re a gaming platform developer, these security updates automatically apply to any of the sites they’re working with, so you can rest assured that you’re always being kept safe.

These updated can include performance changes or game tweaks, too, so any site that’s hosting them is almost guaranteed to have the most up-to-date version they can get. At worst, it might take a few hours for them to adopt the next version of a game.

Should I Play at Red Tiger Sites?

Red Tiger are one of the leading developers of modern casino and slot software, which means that they’re an excellent source of different gambling game options regardless of how experienced you are. For newer players, there are dozens of regular slot game to ease you in, but there’s also plenty of higher-stakes options for people who prefer to try new and exciting game types whenever they get the chance.

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