Skrill Bingo Sites

Skrill is an e-commerce tool that’s designed to let users make payments over the internet. Originally known as Moneybookers in 2001, it re-branded as Skrill in 2013 and has seen a steady increase in popularity ever since, buying other services and incorporating them into their own brand name. As an online payment method that’s often accepted by various online casino sites and gambling sites , it continues to grow and gain more traction as more and more sites start to offer it’s services.

Skrill Bingo Sites

    What is Skrill?

    Skrill was launched in 2001 as Moneybookers in the UK. It was bought and sold at least twice between 2007 and 2009, and became one of the fastest growing firms in the entire United Kingdom by 2010. By 2011, it has managed to gather 25 million customers and merchants, and was working with major brands like Skype and eBay to act as one of their online payment systems. The rebranding to Skrill began in 2011 and was completed by 2013, the same year they bought PaySafeCard (another popular online payment method that many people still use to this day).
    Later in 2013, Skrill was bought by CVC Capital Partners, and a year later they became the first (and only) sanctions digital wallet for bingo and casino games in New Jersey by the Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Even later in 2015, they were bought by Optimal Payments (the owner of Neteller, another E-Money service that many online casinos use), then acquired Ukash (yet another similar service) and merged with them.
    By June 2018, Skrill had started to offer cryptocurrency as a working currency option for making payments through them, making them one of the many ways of paying for casino games without using a real money currency.

    Skrill’s Services

    Skrill are an online money transfer service that specialises in international payment types, letting each user send money to users in other countries while also seeing the exact amount of currency conversion involved in the transaction. Originally, this was all they focused on, but now they also let users use them as an online wallet to safely store, deposit and withdraw bingo money from their mobile device. Creating an account is free, and they only put minimal fees on certain transactions, usually ones with bingo sites in other countries.
    Now that they work with cryptocurrency, they also allow users to buy and sell it like any other currency options, offering 40 different varieties of cryptocurrency and over 100 different ways to pay for them. Alongside that is a pre-paid PaySafeCard card that you can use in any location where Mastercard is valid, acting as both a security feature and a voluntary bingo spending limit that you can create for specific conditions or situations.

    Using Skrill for Bingo Sites

    With Skrill, bingo sites and other online gambling websites are able to securely take and send money to players without doing it directly into their bank account. However, the service has dozens of different functions and practical purposes, so it’s not just a middleman for regular payments.

    Making Bingo Deposits

    Skrill is a money-sending platform first and foremost, which makes it really easy to use it for bingo deposits or for adding bingo money to your account. Transactions are fast and you don’t have to wait for them to be approved like a bank account, so it’s much easier to use Skrill as a quick way of adding to your bingo deposit balance without having to connect your card details or bank information.
    Like all payment methods, it’s still counted as real money, so you can still claim a bingo 1st deposit bonus or meet a wagering requirement that has a minimum deposit required before you can claim the bonus funds. You’ll find almost every bonus valid, and the same regular terms apply to your Skrill account as they would to your bank account, so you’ll be able to claim each bingo bonus normally and can still meet all wagering limits without having use cash from your bank or card.
    One of the key reasons that many bingo players use Skrill is the amount of privacy involved. While you’re still able to do everything in the same way using Skrill, and none of your personal details are included in the bingo transaction: all you need to use to make or take payments is an email address, but your password, card details, bank account information and other private data will be kept away from the bingo sites. Even if you’re not the most private bingo player, this can be incredibly useful, especially if you’re worried about a bingo site (or a hacker who’s managed to steal account data) taking money without your consent. Like most e-wallets, Skrill is a payment method that’s built around the idea of being a middleman between your actual bank account and your bingo site account.

    Making Bingo Withdrawals

    Many bingo sites and casino sites also allow you to withdraw money through Skrill, although not all will let you do it both ways. Not only can you make your money out of the bingo sites, but you can then transfer it back to your bank or card, so you’re not stuck having to use it inside the service (unlike certain other services, where your money can never be returned to a regular bank card). With the PaySafeCard, you can send money but aren’t able to get it sent back to the card, since it’s pre-paid.
    Receiving money is done in basically the same way as sending it: the sender just needs your email address and no other personal details, then they just choose it as a payment method and send the money to your address. It’s similar to PayPal in this regard, except your name isn’t permanently attached to your Skrill account. As long as it’s a valid email address that’s actually attached to your Skrill account, you should have no issues with receiving the bingo money.
    Skrill can sometimes take a while to process bingo winnings money you’ve received, so if it doesn’t appear straight away, it’s best to wait about 24 hours (48 hours / two days, if it still hasn’t shown up) for the bingo payment to process. As mentioned earlier, not all bingo sites will let you receive bingo money in the same ways they let you send it, so you’ll have to check each one individually – Skrill may only be in the “deposit” list.

    Playing Bingo Internationally

    Skrill was always built around international money exchanges and currency conversion, so you’re able to use it to deposit and withdraw your bingo money or winnings from bingo sites in other countries. There are multiple ways to do this, depending on how your Skrill account has been set up.
    The first is just by making/receiving the bingo payment. Skrill will automatically convert the currency with a processing fee of 3.99%, taken from your balance (meaning that the percentage won’t be removed from the money you’re trying to withdraw or deposit). The second way is by using the Skrill Exchange feature, which lets you create secondary accounts in other currencies to get around the fees. You can have as many of these secondary accounts as you need, allowing you to cover every currency they offer, but some transaction types are only valid with the primary account.


    PaySafeCard is often used by bingo players who prefer privacy, but can also apply to people who want to play without wagering all of their cash on bingo games. It’s a pre-paid card that only contains the amount of money you buy it for, and can’t be topped up by either yourself or other players. This means that you can set limits for how much you spend by restricting yourself to only using the card, rather than your Skrill account or bank card details.
    PaySafeCard also has the added benefit of letting you play bingo with a second middleman, hiding your identity even further: since the bingo payment comes as cash from the card, you don’t have to reveal your Skrill account email address online. However, the downside is that you can’t receive money to it either, since they can’t be topped up and can only be bought from Skrill, so bingo winnings withdrawal will take a different online payment method. The same currency exchange fee applies here, too, unless you’re using a secondary Skrill account.

    How Do I Use It?

    Making a deposit using Skrill isn’t difficult, and can be done in the same way as any other regular payment method. First, you’ll need to be signed up with Skrill and know the email and password you’ve used for it – remember to put some cash in your Skrill account before trying to use it, since it can’t draw money from your card details directly. Then, find the bingo sites you want to deposit on and head to the deposit page.
    Once there, you just select Skrill as the deposit payment method and enter your details, then confirm the deposit payment. It may take a while to process, especially if the site has to apply any identity checks or other delays – Skrill will only rarely delay payments. Eventually, the money will be added to your deposit balance, ready for wagering on bingo games.
    Withdrawing is done in a similar way: go to the site, choosing Skrill as your withdrawal method, and then input your details. The cash should appear as real money in your balance after it’s processed.

    Fees and Restrictions

    Like many payment methods, Skrill still has certain fees it has to apply. Aside from the 3.99% currency exchange fee mentioned earlier, there’s also:

    • A 1.45% fee when sending money that isn’t from your bank.
    • A 5-Euro monthly fee if you don’t use the account for twelve months (even just logging in will prevent this, you don’t have to make a payment).
    • Anywhere from 1.5% to 3%, when using cryptocurrency, depending on which one you’re trying to apply to the casino sites.

    These fees may change at any time, so be sure to check the terms and conditions of the service for any updates. Certain restrictions can also be applied to your account depending on your past history, so you’ll sometimes find that different terms apply based on how much money you’ve sent with Skrill in the past.

    Using Skrill Well

    Skrill is a great platform for playing on bingo sites, but you’ll want to make sure you’re using it properly. After all, while you can still activate deposit bonus offers and place wagers, that doesn’t mean that you can ignore all the terms and conditions or just start playing randomly.

    Bonus Offers

    A bingo bonus is one of the most desirable elements of all bingo sites. A good bingo bonus can offer a player a massive increase in their deposit, bonus free spins on related slot games, bonus wagering money sent to their real cash balance or even a special customer offer that they’ll never have a chance to earn again. Whether it’s a bonus £20 bingo deposit money or 25 bonus spins on Fluffy Favourites, you’ll want to understand what you’re up against before you make that bingo deposit.

    Deposit Bonus Offers

    A deposit bonus essentially gives you more cash for your cash balance when you make a deposit. For example, you might make a minimum deposit of £10 and receive a £30 bingo bonus, giving you £40 bingo bonus cash overall. Instead of being able to spend £10 on bingo, you can spend £40 instead and still pay the same amount for the deposit. These are most common as 1st deposit bonus features aimed at new players, since the 1st deposit is always the one that matters most when somebody wants to play bingo on a site.
    A deposit bonus will usually say something like “min deposit £10, max bonus £200”. This means that you have to deposit at least £10 on bingo, but you’ll receive £200 as a bingo bonus. There can be any number of variations on this, such as “min deposit £20, max bonus £20” or “min deposit 10, max bonus 50 free spins”, but the idea is generally the same: spend £10 on bingo (or whatever the requirement is) and get bonus funds and/or bonus spins in return.
    1st deposit bonus is a bonus valid for the 1st deposit only, and one that you usually can’t earn again. These will usually be quite high, and often have quite a long time limit on them (such as 30 days before expiry) since they’re meant to draw in brand new players. Because of this, they usually offer the most bonus funds of any normal bingo deposit bonus. Something like a “1st deposit new depositors only min deposit £10 bonus” might sound confusing, but if you break it down, it’s quite simple: it only applies to the 1st deposit, it’s only for new accounts and it needs a min deposit £ 10 (max deposit limits vary between bingo sites).

    No Deposit Bonus Offers

    A no deposit bonus is a bonus with no deposit required, usually one activated with a code or automatically when you sign up. With deposit needed, they won’t be match bonuses, and will often be preset amounts or something other than bonus funds (such as bonus spins on slots or multipliers for certain games). However, they can also sometimes just be a set amount of bonus funds that you can use for wagering on bingo games.
    Once you have these bonus funds, you can play with them as if they were regular bingo cash. Just remember that bingo sites will often apply special rules to them, such as limiting you to certain games (i.e. “bonus valid on Fluffy Favourites only”) or for a certain amount of time (i.e. “bonus valid for 7 days”). Make sure you check which terms apply to your bonus offers, since you can’t usually opt out of a bingo bonus offer once claimed, meaning that you’ll have to use up the bingo bonus offer first before you can get it out of the way and carry on with a bonus free bingo game.
    A no deposit bonus is slightly more rare than a regular deposit bonus, but the terms and conditions behind them can be a bit more strict, making them harder to use for certain types of situations.

    Cross-Game Bonuses

    Free spins are one of the most common bonus types for slots, which means that they’re also a common offer on bingo sites that offer more than just bingo games. Because of this, you’ll find yourself with more bonus spins than you can handle, especially in an online casino with a range of different game types. Spins only apply to slots, and almost every spins bonus offer will apply to a certain game, so be careful when and where you accept them.
    If you’re not interested in slots at all, feel free to ignore the spins. But spins can be a good way to play slot games without paying, especially if they’re an extra to the bonus cash you get from a deposit. In fact, free spins are a good way to play new games you’ve never touched before, and to experiment with more than just online bingo. If you enjoy it, the spins can give you some bonus funds to withdraw. If you don’t, there’s no harm in waiting 30 days for the spins to expire. Either way, spins can be a nice offer for almost all players, even players who don’t normally play games that use spins such as Starburst or Fluffy Favourites.
    Spins don’t always just apply to slots. Some bingo sites will have a Mega Reel or a similar bonus wheel that uses spins, too. You’ll often get one or two spins by signing up, and for every one of the spins you make on the reel, you get a chance of earning a huge bonus. This might be as high as 500 free bonus spins on another game, or a massive deposit multiplier bonus on your next deposit. Spins on a mega reel system are an extremely good offer for any kind of online play, since the bonuses can apply to any games on the site – even if it isn’t one you would normally play, a lucky one of these spins can give you a bonus so good that you’ll be willing to try and play a completely different online gambling game. At worst, you’ll make some money, but you might even find that the bonus features from the spins lead you to a new favourite game.
    These spins bonus offers might also apply to bingo, too. You could get a handful of free online bingo tickets, letting you play some rounds of bingo with no deposit needed. Lucky spins might even do something completely extreme, like double your next jackpot or increase the amount of money in your deposit balance: it all comes down to what the bingo site offers. If a bingo site only offers bingo and no other game types, you won’t see spins, since they aren’t used in bingo.

    Wagering Requirements

    Wagering requirements are one of the most common types of terms and conditions on a bonus, right behind rules that always apply (18+ players only and copyright 2020, for example). A wagering requirement means that you have to wager a certain amount of money before you can withdraw any winnings you make with the bingo bonus, which is usually done to stop players from walking away from a no deposit required bonus without having actually spent any money. The bingo bonus winnings you get aren’t considered “real money” until they can be withdrawn, so the bonus wagering reqs will essentially keep your bingo bonus funds hidden until you can meet them.
    One of the lowest wagering requirement levels you’ll see is bingo bonus 2x wagering reqs. These mean that you need to double your bonus wagering before you can withdraw them: if it was a £10 bonus, that means that you need to deposit £20 into the bingo sites before the money from your deposit bingo bonus can apply to your account as regular cash. If you don’t meet the waging reqs, your money will stay there until other terms apply that will get rid of your bonus funds, such as a 30 days limit: fail to withdraw your bonus funds from bingo in 30 days, and they’re gone.
    Keep in mind that not all bingo wagering reqs are as low as 2x. Some bonus bingo offers might have a 4x wagering requirement, or even as high as 20x or beyond. The wagering requirement limits are entirely up to the bingo sites that offer the bonus features, so they can choose how much you’ll have to deposit before your bonus funds are freed up.
    Be aware that not all bonus deposit offers will have a wagering requirement like this. Some have no wagering limits at all, so even if you spend £10 on bingo and get a bonus deposit of £30, days will pass without you having to fulfil any wagering challenges. These are very rare, however, and usually apply to bonus spins instead of bonus funds for a bingo deposit.

    Wagering Requirements for Bonus Spins

    Bonus spins aren’t free from wagering limits. In fact, they can be more extreme sometimes, often going up to a 40x wagering requirement since you get so many of them. This isn’t always the case, but you’ll still need to apply the wagering limit to the bonus spins regardless of how you get them. Since the wagering requirements are usually based on your deposit combined with the cost of the bonus, the amount you chose to deposit will have an impact on how high the wagering limits apply to the bonus spins.
    Even if a bonus gives you a bingo deposit boost and free bonus spins, different terms apply to each. Their wagering reqs may be completely different, so you’ll be wagering 4x for your bingo bonus and 10x for your bonus spins. You might also have to be wagering on that game type if you want to get your bonus funds, so making a deposit on online bingo won’t give you your bonus spins back.
    Don’t be afraid to ignore a bonus offer if the wagering terms apply in a way you don’t like. Bingo wagering terms apply to make players pay to get their winning bonus funds, but you’re under no obligation to use them. Some players will even wait 30 days for them to expire so that they don’t have to worry about £25 bonus funds or 25 bonus spins getting one of the jackpots and forcing them to start wagering more and more money to get the payment in cash.

    Other Important Terms for Skrill Bingo Sites

    Lots of terms apply when you’re on bingo sites, since they’re meant for gambling, and gambling is heavily regulated. Some rules are made by the bingo sites themselves as part of how they hand out each bonus offer, but others are put in place to make sure that the bingo sites can legally operate in certain areas and continue to offer bingo games there.
    All Skrill bingo sites operate at least partially in the UK, so these terms apply too. For example, all players need to be 18+: new players, existing players or even people who make an account without even making their 1st deposit. They apply 18+ rules to stop under 18 new players because it would be breaking the law, and any under 18 new players that sign up will be banned. These terms apply at all times: they might even apply 18+ new customers rules to people trying to visit the site, stopping any under 18 new customers from seeing anything until they confirm their age. If any over 18 new players turn out to actually be under 18 new players, their accounts will be locked, along with any bonus funds, deposit cash, bonus spins or other bonus benefits they have.
    Remember that identity verification is required on certain bingo sites. Some players hate the intrusion of privacy, but it’s usually just to make sure that they only apply 18+ new players to the site. If you apply 18 years or younger, it’s not only a breach of their identification, but it can be a crime if you faked the documentation. Under 18 new players shouldn’t join the site to begin with, but any under 18 new players that are discovered on online bingo sites will be punished for it.
    Aside from under 18 new players, most online bingo sites and casino sites take fake details seriously. If you try to play with false details, either for privacy reasons or to cheat the casino site out of money, they’ll find out. This is another reason for the ID checks: to make sure that nobody is trying to apply stolen card or bank details to the bingo sites, especially if it seems valid at first and they’re trying to withdraw a payment or pay their own wagering requirement with somebody else’s valid details. Small issues with the ID may require clarification or other documents – big ones can get players permanently banned from the bingo sites or online casino websites.

    Safety with Skrill

    With Skrill, bingo sites are a lot safer, since most Skrill bingo sites use the service to improve security and allow players some privacy while they make a deposit, claim a bonus or withdraw funds. Understanding how to stay safe on Skrill bingo sites is a big part of it’s appeal for almost any players, especially ones who are worried about owing a debt or have had their details stolen in the past.

    Earning Bonus Spins

    Bonus spins are some of the most harmless bonus features you can get from an online casino, since they don’t count as actual money. This makes it very hard to get into any kind of debt, since they aren’t added to your balance like a deposit based bonus would be. Most online casino sites will make it clear when your free spins no longer apply or when your spins have run out, and you can often earn more through an in-game bonus or another offer on the sites. Spins also have no direct monetary value, at least not normally: this makes it less likely for hackers to take an account that only has spins, since they’re not worth anything on their own. To earn payment, the thief would need to play the spins normally, meet any limits that apply, and then withdraw the payment, all of which can be tracked by the online casino.
    Spins are great for this exact reason. While they aren’t for bingo, they’re a great option for players who use Skrill and like to play a range of games. Spins aren’t worth anything, they don’t count as deposit money, they’re kept in a separate spins section away from your balance and they only become a payment when you win with them, meaning that they’re harder for somebody to exploit if they get your details.

    Hiding Personal Details

    If you use Skrill, bingo sites don’t need to see your personal details when they receive a deposit or make a winnings payment to you. This means that all Skrill users who are players can keep their details hidden from the sites without needing to use an over-complicated method of still getting money. The only time you might have to confirm your identity is after your 1st deposit, but this is just to make sure that you’re not an underage player or impersonating other players to make a deposit in their name.

    Finding Legitimate Sites

    One of the hardest parts of choosing online casino or bingo sites is finding ones that are actually legitimate. A lot of illegitimate bingo sites exist on the internet, and trying to play bingo there can result in your details or funds being stolen quite easily.
    Skrill only works with merchants that they trust, and they take their copyright very seriously. If some bingo sites are advertising that they use Skrill without being a bingo site that Skrill works with, you can usually report them: the company will enforce their Copyright 2020 rights and usually get it shut down, and you’ll also be able to confirm that it wasn’t a real site. If you’re not sure, you could always contact Skrill and ask for yourself. Even if a bingo site with a bad reputation manages to use Skrill for a bingo deposit, they won’t get anything other than your 1st deposit and your email.
    The same goes for sites pretending to be Skrill online. Report them and watch as the Copyright 2020 license gets them shut down for good, saving other players from being scammed.


    You can use two-factor authentication (2FA) when you’re managing your account on Skrill. Bingo sites who leak or fail to protect your details won’t be a problem as long as 2FA is enabled, since somebody would need your physical phone to access Skrill in your name. This makes it incredibly hard for somebody to make a payment you didn’t allow, since they would have to physically get access to your device, know your password and email, know your login for the bingo site and have a way of removing the money without triggering any suspicious activity alerts.

    Processing Speeds

    One of the hardest parts of playing on bingo sites is how long things can take. While you’ll rarely be waiting more than 30 days for something to happen (in fact, 30 days is extreme for anything except a rotation of monthly or semi-regular bonuses), it can be annoying to have to wait before you can play online bingo, especially since online transactions are supposed to be fast. However, sometimes staying secure means sacrificing some online convenience.
    Skrill tries to balance both, and Skrill bingo sites often take less time to process a deposit than a regular online deposit from your bank. This is because they’re already a middleman, so the money from your bank has already been through one deposit – the one from the bank to Skrill. Skrill is basically an independent group that offer the fastest deposit and withdrawal transactions possible, so they might even be able to carry out near-instant online payments as long as the bingo site can process it fast enough. At worst, you’ll usually be waiting for a day.
    A deposit isn’t the only time this matters. Some online bonus features from bingo sites can take a while to apply, even if you’ve already claimed the offer. Free spins might take a few days to properly apply, and a bonus of deposit money can take even longer if they need to check your identity first. There isn’t really any single standard – each online bingo site and gambling site has its own way of handling bonus offer processes, and Skrill can only speed things up on their end, so delays may be purely down to the bingo site you play on.

    Should I Use Skrill?

    Skrill is a great way to make sure your bingo deposit, your bonus spins, an online gambling deposit, and other bonus offer features apply properly. Not only do they speed up the process (at least once the money is out of your bank), but they’re almost completely online and offer a great range of different options to give you more control over every online payment you make to a bingo site. However, each service that Skrill offer can apply in a different way to different people, so you might not need them all.


    PaySafeCard is one of the best alternatives to a regular credit or debit card, letting you make a controlled deposit via your Skrill account without the risk of losing anything more than what’s on the card. Not only does it stop a sketchy bingo site from taking more than your deposit, but it can also apply is a personal context: you can limit your spending to prevent addiction or over-spending. Combine this with sites like BeGambleAware, and you can almost completely stop yourself from making a deposit every time you feel an impulse to play more or use an offer that might apply to your account.
    PaySafeCard is also just generally a good option for online gambling as a whole. It keeps you anonymous while online, still allows each bonus to apply to your account, doesn’t restrict your deposit and can only offer what’s on the card, meaning that you can set yourself a strict budget and won’t be able to make another online payment once it runs out. Since most PaySafeCard cars are bought in-person at supermarkets or small shops, you don’t have the online element on offer to let yourself fall into the trap of making a deposit you can’t afford, either.


    Skrill itself is an amazing tool. It can automatically convert and apply currencies when you’re playing bingo internationally, help you manage each deposit and limit yourself when necessary, hide your private details from the online world, offer you Skrill secondary accounts in other currencies to help you deposit more effectively, and doesn’t restrict any bonus features or spins you would have earned.
    In terms of bingo, Skrill definitely has more advantages than disadvantages, and it’s a much more secure deposit option than what many e-wallets offer. Using Skrill for a bingo deposit keeps you safe and regulated online, but still means that the site can offer you bonus spins or a deposit increase.


    Absolutely use Skrill if you’re looking for an e-wallet you can rely on for each deposit. It’s a great tool for online safety, it’s perfect for handling each deposit carefully, and you can even use Skrill to play bingo in completely different countries without sending your personal data to a random online site. Since you can still earn bonus spins and deposit match bonuses, each deposit still has the same meaning as a normal online transaction, but Skrill can offer you far more security for basically no downsides whatsoever.
    If you’re not a fan of online deposit transactions to a bingo site at all, you can use PaySafeCard to skip the online section and get a Skrill card purely for bingo, with no connection to anything outside of your Skrill account. This makes it much easier to try out a new bingo site or make a bingo deposit without having to worry about your deposit getting stolen and the details associated with the bingo site hacked, because Skrill makes it nearly impossible for somebody to see them.
    Even if you’re not that interested in the security aspect, Skrill is much faster than a bank transfer, still lets you make a bingo deposit quickly, and can even let you pick up the same bingo bonus features that you would always get normally. The only major downside of Skrill is that not all bingo sites offer it yet, and it might be a while before you can make a bingo deposit at any site using Skrill – for now, Skrill is limited to only a portion of all bingo websites, waiting to be picked up by the others.

    Other Payment Methods

    Check out the list below for all other bingo payment methods: