Ukash Bingo Sites

Ukash (now part as PaySafeCard), was a money handling system that uses special codes to help users keep money secure. Although it’s no longer around under it’s original Ukash name, many Ukash bingo sites still allow you to use similar payment methods, and the general idea of the service is still around in PaySafeCard and various other successors. But how does it work, and how are you supposed to use it?

Ukash Bingo Sites

    What is Ukash and PaySafeCard?

    The Ukash system gave users the ability to pay using a special 19 digit code, which stood in for their regular money. Instead of entering credir or debit card details, or going through yoru usual bank services, they would instead be able to use their balance purely from this code, and each code was valued at a specific amount of ‘credit’. Example, a £10 purchase could be bought with a special £10 code, almost like a voucher or some tickets. Although the Ukash service was closed down in 2015 after being bought by the Skrill Group, it lives on as PaySafeCard, and some people still call it Ukash or prefer to both services as the same thing.
    Originally, Ukash vouchers you would use to make purchases were bought from various different physical locasions, including supermarkets and petrol stations. This trend has continued with PaySafeCard, although the brand has expanded enough that a wider range of places offer their vouchers. Other than that, Ukash vouchers were the same as any regular voucher you could use for other purposes, and they worked as an alternative for credit or debit card details.
    When used on bingo sites, Ukash is able to help you make a bingo deposit or claim a bingo bonus offer without having to give your personal details away. Like many websites, bingo sites aren’t always easy to trust, and having a service that can offer better anonymity and privacy makes it much easier to make a deposit or claim a bonus without worrying about your details going to the bingo operators.

    Why Is Ukash/PaySafeCard Good?

    The vouchers are one of the main features fThe amounts of cash they represent varies from £5 to £200, and you can set how much they’s worth then you’re making the payments to actually buy them. This is a great feature for helping people with gambling responsibility, since it means that you can limit yourself to only play with £50 if you want to watch how much you spend. A PaySafeCard Ukash voucher can also be one of the best ways to avoid handing out your personal information through your chosen payment method, and makes it easier to handle a deposit from a completely secure, private position.
    The long PIN code used for each card, totalling sixteen digits overall, is another excellent security feature. It’s much harder for somebody to steal your money without it, and unlike a regular credit card, they can’t simply go withdraw the money that’s on it even if they know the code – they have to spend it on a physical purchase somewhere, which can make it far easier to track where they’ve tried to use it or any recognisable items they’ve bought. Not only that, but since a Ukash card is topped up ahead of time, they can only use whatever money is on it: if you were planning to play with £50 and it’s stolen, they can only take up to that £50, and can’t get any more money out of your bank account.
    Now that Ukash is part of PaySafeCard, they have an excellent account system that makes it even easier to track your current card PINs and whether or not they’ve been used. You upload the PINs onto your account yourself, so you’re not relying on some automated online system to handle it for you.

    Pros & Cons Of PaySafeCard/Ukash Bingo Sites

    Although Ukash as an individual brand might be gone, most bingo sites that offered it are still open to PaySafeCard users, and there are just as many sites that never even touched Ukash that are open to using it as a payment method. Since it’s no different to most other payment methods, you’ll still be able to make a full bingo deposit, claim a bingo bonus or take part in bingo games without issue, and it might even be faster since it doesn’t need your bank to handle the deposit.
    Here are some of the most notable bingo sites that use it, as well as any bingo deposit bonus features that might be on offer. Keep in mind that some bingo bonus offers might change over time, and some bingo deposit bonus features may only stick around for a certain amount of time before being replaced by something else.

    Withdrawing with Ukash / PaySafeCard

    Originally, it was impossible to withdraw anything using Ukash – not because of wagering requirements or the online bingo sites themselves, but the fact that the service acted like a one-way credit card. Other than making a bingo deposit, you couldn’t do much else with Ukash online, and withdrawing was never something that the company ever managed to create. However, now that it’s part of PaySafeCard, the company has experimented with creating a service called Payout. It’s still mostly working in closed trials, so it might be a while before it’s fully public, but the option is definitely an interesting one for anybody who likes to play bingo anonymously.
    For now, you’ll generally have to use some other online service if you want to withdraw your bingo money. Remember that wagering requirements still apply, as well as any terms and conditions that might impact the way bonus money works. You can usually see the wagering requirement of each offer either on the page you claim it or in the terms and conditions of the site, so it’s always a good idea to check each online bonus offer first.
    For many bingo sites, the bonus cash withdrawal rules, bonus wins limits and wagering requirement will vary between each game. Slot games will have bonuses like 50 free spins, and each of the 50 free spins might have a limited bonus max win amount. On the other hand, the 50 free spins might also be counted as a single bonus, and the bonus funds limit is shared between them. Bingo games are more likely to have a wagering requirement that extends across the whole bonus, applying to all of the winnings you earn with the deposit bonus collectively.

    Should I Use Ukash/PaySafeCard?

    The Ukash system is great for making a deposit online without giving away any data, but it’s also a very speedy one, since there’s no middleman. This can make a big difference when it comes to using a deposit bonus on various bingo games: if it’s going to expire in 30 days, or you only have 30 days to claim the bonus once your account is made, a fast processing speed gives you much more time to actually use the bonus offer for yourself.
    The ability to limit your deposit balance based on the value of the card also makes it a much more “safe” option for people who enjoy bingo games a bit too much, and can be a good middle ground between over-spending and cutting out bingo entirely. It gives you a way to play bingo online without risk of feeling pressured to make another deposit, since you have to physically go and purchase another deposit card – you can’t just top it up online on any sites.
    Even better, the terms and conditions of the service are fairly loose, letting you use it to make a deposit or payment almost anywhere. If you’re changing bingo sites, or just want to explore a few new online bingo sites that you’ve never seen before, you won’t have to set up all your information again before you can make a deposit. It’s all code-based, so you can essentially transfer the deposit money anywhere as long as you haven’t used it already.

    Is There Anything To Watch Out For?

    There isn’t really any downsides to using Ukash on bingo sites, or any other online services that support it. Many bingo sites that offer support for it also offer a great set of bingo deposit bonus features, and not having to put your personal details in means that you can claim each bingo deposit bonus offer without having too much of your information sent to a site that you might not trust. The only downside is that you’ll have to buy them physically – there’s no way of getting them purely online, which adds to the security at the cost of convenience.
    At worst, you might struggle to find bingo sites that you like that choose to offer support for it as a deposit method. However, more and more bingo sites are starting to expand their range of deposit and payment methods, so it might only be a matter of time before they eventually offer it.
    PaySafeCard is a good option for anybody who wants better security and safety, as well for people who would like an easier way of limiting how much they can spend. It’s also a good way of keeping yourself protected from sites that might steal your information, and doesn’t take very long to arrange.

    Other Payment Methods

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