Sky Bingo Review

Sky Bingo is a casino owned by the UK media broadcast company of the same name, Sky. After being overhauled and updated in 2016, it’s become a modern bingo site with a range of games on offer. But is it worth your time and money, or should you stick to a different site? This Sky Bingo review should help you decide.


The Player Experience

Sky Bingo takes inspiration from Sky’s normal sites. It uses the same white-and-colored color scheme that Sky’s known for, but with dark blue in place of red. It’s very easy to navigate and all of the pages are accessible, making it a very simple site to understand. The top bar has links to all of Sky’s other gambling sites, like Sky Poker and Sky Vegas.
There’s not much else to say about it, since the site has a very clear and clean design. Taken as a standalone Bingo site, it’s easy to use and not over-the-top.
Sky Bingo is only available in English, since it’s a UK-based company. Unfortunately, this makes it very limited in terms of who can play it. Still, if you’re able to play it and can read English well, it’s definitely not a bad choice.

The Games

Sky Bingo offers a variety of bingo games from four different developers. These are organized into multiple bingo rooms, all of which you can access straight away.
Of all the bingo games available, the three main types are covered. This means that regular 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball bingo are on offer. There’s also some non-standard themed games, too, including ones based on licensed properties.
Alongside the bingo games are the “arcade” games, which are mostly slots. There’s more of these than bingo games, and there’s a similar mixture of regular and licensed games. These aren’t the focus, and they’re shared with some of Sky’s other sites, but they’re still there to enjoy.
There’s no other kinds of games, at least not yet. This is intentional, since other sites under Sky’s banner hold them instead. There’s not much variety, but that’s the point, since Sky Bingo is focused heavily on bingo.

In Other Countries

Like casinos, bingo sites can’t operate in certain countries depending on their laws. However, as a UK-based service, this is far more extreme than usual. Sky Bingo is only available in the UK and Ireland. You can also log in when you’re in the Isle of Man and Gibraltar, but can’t necessarily play anything.
If you access your account from any other country, there’s a chance you can be suspended. You can contact support if this happens accidentally.
This obviously isn’t great for international users, but it won’t matter if you play from the UK. You won’t be able to use it while traveling, so keep that in mind. You shouldn’t get suspended unless you deliberately try to break this rule.

Customer Service

Sky Bingo’s support team is available through their support page. From here, you can get in touch with them in multiple different ways. The easiest is through emails, which you can do directly through the site. They also have social media accounts (such as Twitter) which you can use to get faster responses.
On top of that, there’s an entire FAQ system that you can use to get quick answers to your questions. This includes things like account suspensions, withdrawing money or getting technical help.
Withdrawing money can be done through your account settings. The minimum withdrawal amount is ¬£10, and the process can take up to five days. It depends on the bank you’re using, so it won’t be the same for every person.


Sky Bingo hosts occasional promotions on its site. You can see these through the Promotions page, available on the navigation bar. Currently, this includes:

  • Weekly free spins (opt-in).
  • Double money on a certain bingo room every Monday at 9 PM.
  • Reduced prices on certain games.
  • Daily prize draws.
  • Special daily events.

There are others that rotate monthly, with some only being around for a month or two at most. They can change at almost any time, so you should make sure to keep checking this page every so often.


Sky Bingo has the usual security encryption features, as well as a reliable firewall. However, their main security feature is the support team. Since Sky Bingo is linked to existing Sky accounts, it’s much easier for them to identify issues. If your account gets stolen, they’ll notice the odd behavior and lock it temporarily. You can contact them and prove your identity to get it released in a few days.
Other than this, there’s not really anything to worry about. The site will keep your data safe and ensure that your account isn’t stolen. You can expect all of the same security features as other Sky products

Top Features

  • A good mixture of standard bingo games.
  • A decent selection of slot games.
  • Reliable security.
  • Linked to other Sky services and features.
  • A good range of promotions.

The Downsides

  • Slightly slow withdrawal processing.
  • Not as varied as dedicated casinos.

How Trustworthy Is It?

As a Sky site, you can reasonably assume that Sky Bingo is very secure and takes care of its users. While it’s not as varied and large as a full-sized bingo site, it’s still not bad, either. Since its part of Sky’s network of sites and services, it can be a tempting choice for people who already have Sky. The decent mixture of high-quality games is also a nice incentive.
One of the other great points is the promotions: there is always a lot to choose from. Very few sites will cycle through them on a monthly basis, but Sky Bingo chooses to keep giving you new ones. This can make it a nice place to gamble with some extra money if you want to try and win big.
So is it worth your time? Yes, if you enjoy bingo. Just be ready to deal with the fact that there’s not a whole lot of variety on offer.

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