Bingo Software

What makes a good bingo software?

Why do online bingo players love to play on certain bingo software providers games?

It’s hard for a new bingo player to be able to gauge what software is secure. But players can read reviews and ratings with regards to speed, designs, reliability, ease of use and trustworthiness of the software.


Best Bingo Software Providers

There are different factors that affect which software you should opt for. But here are all the bingo software providers:

Online Bingo

Bingo is a traditional game that involves a number of players purchasing bingo tickets and laying them in front of them on their table whilst a bingo caller picks a ball randomly from a tumbler or even a bucket.

Each ball has a different number written onto it and the bingo caller announces which ball has been picked, traditionally with a rhyme which is aimed at increasing the fun and light-hearted atmosphere.

The players then look for the number which has been announced across all of the rows on their bingo tickets, marking-off the number if it is there during each of the games played. This process continues until a player has marked-off either a full line of numbers on one of their bingo tickets or a full house which requires all of the numbers to be marked off on one of their tickets.

Over the last twenty years, online bingo including bingo software such as the bingo app has become prevalent choices for players worldwide. This has developed into big business, allowing a player to gain access to a bingo game from the comfort of their own home, purchasing numerous tickets for many games at once. Technology advancements, including the creation of the bingo app, has made acquiring virtual bingo tickets for a wide choice of games a fun and simple experience.

However, whilst online bingo and the bingo app can allow you to play comfortably from home and can result in numerous games being played at once for different amounts of money, the traditional bingo hall experience of laying-out your tickets in front of you and stamping your number with your favorite color marker pen to review your chances of winning is second to none.

Therefore, being able to maintain this tradition and yet infuse tradition with the modern technological advancements experienced through the bingo app provides a beautiful combination. Bingo Caller software allows players to purchase real tickets and sit in a bingo hall environment, whilst utilizing the modern method of calling bingo numbers across your bingo games and easily review the previous numbers announced.

Bingo Caller

Bingo caller is a specialist software that has been developed to replace the expensive and bulky bingo caller machines which used to grace the center of the stage in pubs and clubs.

This low-cost software package is perfect for all party venues but is also practical and user-friendly to be used at home play bingo with your friends and family, replacing the traditional bingo tumbler.

Bingo Caller Features

This software offers a unique capability for you to adopt a bingo calling system without the need for large costings or bulky machines. Games are easy to play, with the screen featuring the bingo numbers called in a large font so that everyone in the room can join in with the experience.

The font can additionally be customized so that you can adapt the color of your numbers to match the color scheme of your pub or club or your party decorations. Furthermore, you can choose to include traditional rhyming calls through the use of the bingo software, injecting a sense of fun into your bingo experience!

Alternatively, you could opt not to use the rhyming calls if you are aiming to create a more mature and subdued bingo experience. There is also a choice to use different styles in speech synthesis to fully personalize your bingo game.

Using this product, you are able to choose either a 75 number bingo game or a 90 number bingo game, depending on what you are aiming to achieve. In addition, the numbers which have previously been called in the game will remain displayed across your screen as well as a count down for the total number of bingo numbers called so far.

The options to customize this software is extensive when installing Bingo Caller for your business. The background across the screen may be customized to incorporate the logo or designs of your business, whilst you are able to utilize multi-monitor support so that you can position the bingo numbers already called on one screen whilst the current bingo number being called is shown on a second screen.

These great features are perfect for commercial games set inside a large venue such as a pub or a club. Acquiring the Bingo Caller software enables you, as the user, to possess the rights to capitalize on your revenue.

You can use the Bingo Caller app offline, once you have used an internet connection to fully install the software. You will have to follow the user instructions when installing the app product in order to achieve this, however. You will then be able to play bingo games without the need for the internet, providing stress-free bingo play with zero freezing or crashing.

Bingo Caller Online Requirements

Bingo Caller software is available on version 1.38, requiring Windows 98 or above and will need at least 10MB hard disk space. It is also a recommendation, but not a requirement, that 1024 x 768 screen resolution is utilized.

Furthermore, unless your computer is running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you will be required to install SAPI5 to ensure that speech for the Bingo Caller software is fully supported. It is possible to attain either a home license or a commercial license when downloading Bingo Caller, depending upon your preferences and your requirements.

Installing Bingo Caller Software

You can download the Bingo Caller free software, either to test the application and assess whether you wish to purchase the full download, or if you wish to play a shorter version of the game which only features fifteen numbers called. However, to purchase the Bingo Caller app for your own personal use, you will be required to pay an amount of £12.50, which equates to around $20 USD, payable either through a debit card or credit card or through a valid Paypal account.

This is a one-off payment which certainly provides value for money. If you wish to purchase the bingo caller software for commercial use for your business, however, you will have to pay an amount of £25, or around $40 USD, providing you with the license to use this bingo number caller freely across your pub or club and for the benefit of your own customer-based and revenue targets.

Once again, you will have to pay for the download purchase through either a debit card or credit card, or through a valid Paypal account, although you will soon discover that you have more than covered the cost of this amount with the sales revenue which the Bingo Caller software will attract and provide.

Bingo Caller License

Once you have purchased your Bingo Caller license, you will receive a code for either your home license or your commercial license, featuring a series of numbers in a specific format.

A home license code provides you with the sufficient rights to use Bingo Caller at your home for your own personal use. Alternatively, a commercial license code provides you with the necessary rights to use the Bingo Caller software across your pub or club venue.

You will then be required to insert this license number, when asked to do so, during your download procedure. You should receive your download license code quite quickly once you have purchased your software. You will be required to hold around 5MB of hard disk space on your system, however, for the Bingo Caller software to work efficiently.

Using Bingo Caller Software

So, you have sold numerous bingo tickets across your commercial premises and have promised your players an enjoyable set of bingo games without a ball in sight. But how do you use the software professionally and easily, and review the numbers which have been announced?

To provide your players with the ultimate bingo experience why not set the numbers to be called at regular set intervals? If you, or someone else, is compering the bingo event, consider how much time in between the calling of each ball is required for telling jokes, or communicating with the players whilst the players are marking-off their tickets.

You can use this time in between each announcement to review the numbers listed previously. If you discover that each ball is being called too fast, you can simply press the P key so that you can pause the number calling and allow your players to mark-off and review their tickets gracefully. Press the P key once again so that the next ball is announced and the game can commence.

If one of your players call a house or a line from one of their tickets, press the ESC key and the screen will transform to show each ball previously announced, allowing you the ability to assess and review whether the house or line is a winner.

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