Bingo Payments Methods

There are lots of different options when it comes to making a payment on bingo sites. Whether you are applying for a first deposit bonus, trying to buy bingo tickets or simply want to add funds to your online bingo account then you will be pleased to know that there are many options. This means that bingo players can find the best payment methods for their security and comfort.

In order to have a good time playing online bingo, you need to be aware of the payment methods that are available to you. This is the ultimate guide to bingo payment methods for all players, so you can find the best and safest option when you make a deposit.


How To Make A Payment At Online Bingo Sites

At online bingo sites, there are two main types of transaction that you will need to be aware of – deposit and withdrawal. There are many payment options for both of these, but you will find a wider variety for making a bingo deposit as this is the transaction you make to add funds to your bingo account.

Withdrawals are what you will do for any winnings or bonus that you may have collected over the time while playing bingo games. In some cases, bingo bonuses can be given as cash that can with withdrawn but it most cases these will be subject to a bonus wagering.

This means that in order to withdraw the welcome bonus amount, whether that has been given with your first deposit or simply because you got lucky, you will have to wager it a certain amount of times before it can be yours.

We will be talking about the various different payment methods that are available to you when playing bingo online, but be aware that most of these will be accepted for deposit transactions only. There may be a different process in place for making withdrawals, so always read the terms and conditions.

Credit Cards And Debit Card

Making a deposit using your credit card or debit card is perhaps the most commonly used payment method for bingo players in the United Kingdom. Most banks will allow this kind of transaction, but Visa and MasterCard are the two most popular options when it comes to these kinds of transactions.

It is important to note that there is a new law in place for credit cards, which will be effective from 14th April 2020. New changes in the law, from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, mean that credit cards are no longer going to be accepted to make deposits. This money instead must come direct from your bank and can be taken from debit cards only.

Payments that are made using your credit or debit cards can be processed almost instantly and they are easily done. It required you to enter your card details and some information about your bank account in order for a transfer to take place. This kind of process is similar to any other online purchase you may have made, so it is likely that you already know your card details pretty well.

This is a simple and easy payment method and one that shouldn’t come with any additional fees. Most credit and debit cards come with built-in security measures to protect your bank account information when making purchases online and online casinos should also have similar features in place – such as being SSL-encrypted to protect information.

There are bonus requirements in place when it comes to using a credit card for online deposits, including:

  • The credit card must be in the name of the player who is making the deposit
  • A UK issues credit card can sometimes be accepted as proof of age due to the fact people must be over the age of 18 to apply for a credit card
  • In most cases, credit card companies will class gambling transactions and online deposits as a form of cash advances, which means you will have to pay interest on your deposits as well as possible handling charges
  • Not all brands of credit card are accepted, so make sure to read the terms and conditions. Some credit cards cannot be used to claim the bonus that is on offer

Wire Transfer

As well as making a payment using your credit or debit card, it is also possible to transfer money directly from your bank as a deposit using wire transfer.

This is a somewhat old-fashioned way of making a payment or deposit to bingo sites and it can offer a limited service. Nonetheless, some players may find it easier to keep track of their spending when using a direct wire transfer which is why it is still offered on some websites, including Dragonfish sites as well as the industry-giant Ladbrokes.

Using a wire transfer does require you to share bank details with the online casino so it is not something that may people feel comfortable with. It is also a slow process that can sometimes take days to be accepted as there are various levels of verification that your deposit must go through first.


A lot of bingo sites also offer at least one form of e-wallet as a payment method. There are lots of options when it comes to e-wallets and many of the best brands can be used for both making a deposit as well as withdrawing winnings. These kinds of payment methods are very popular in the online casino world as they are fast and secure.

Using an e-wallet allows you to make a deposit to online bingo without having to directly link your bank account or enter any personal details. Instead, these will be stored on the e-wallet and protected by their security features.


Perhaps the most common form of e-wallet is PayPal. This is a very secure and easy to use payment method that is accessible to almost everyone. In fact, if you have ever made a purchase through eBay then it is likely that you already have a PayPal account and can start making instant transactions to bingo sites. There are a lot of advantages to using PayPal, including the fact that it can link directly to your bank account and make instant transfers from here without the bingo site ever having to see or access your bank details.


There are several other options when it comes to e-wallet payment methods for bingo, as PayPal may not be accepted or something you want to use. Neteller is another popular option and this payment method has a long association with the online gambling industry. There are some bingo sites that will offer an exclusive bonus to those making a deposit using Neteller, so it really is worth considering.

Neteller is very easy to use and you can make an account for free. Whereas PayPal can connect directly with your bank account, you can instead transfer funds into your Neteller account which can then be used for your online bingo deposit. This is a great way to keep track of your online spending and making sure that you are gambling responsibly.

Another popular e-wallet payment method is Skrill and this can be found at most bingo sites. This is one of the biggest deposit payment methods in the UK and beyond, so it is a brand you can trust. Making a deposit through Skrill is incredibly easy with their innovative 1-Click payment methods. This means that you can make a deposit simply at the click of a button, without logging in or typing out any personal details.

More E-Wallets

There are other options as well when it comes to making payments through your internet wallet, including EntroPay and MuchBetter which is a digital payment method that comes with an app. All of these payment methods are designed to be safe and offer the same kind of services, making them very easy to use.

As always, make sure to read the terms and conditions on bingo sites as some of them may be limited in the type of e-wallets they accept.

Pre-Paid Payment Methods

For those who do not want to put any of their banking details online, then there is the option of pre-paid cards. PaySafeCard is the most popular and widely used payment method here and it offers players a lot of security when they make a deposit.

This kind of payment methods allows the customer to make a deposit, buy bingo tickets or play using cash. PaySafeCards can be purchased in certain denominations ranging from 5 pounds to over 100. They can be purchased online using your free PaySafeCard account or your can go to a participating retailer and pay for one direct in cash from them.

These cards will come with a code that you can use to make a deposit to a bingo website or you can upload the voucher to your PaySafeCard account and make payments direct from them. This kind of payment method is accepted by various casino providers and you can still be accepted for a bingo bonus when using this payment method.

Pay By Phone

It is possible to make a payment to a bingo site using your mobile phone. This is a simple process that offers a lot of security to players as you do not have to enter any banking details or even connect your bank to the bingo site in order to make a payment.

You can make a deposit using your mobile phone no matter what type of plan you have. If you have a mobile phone contract, then the amount that you have added to your bingo account will be added onto your monthly bill and you will see it on the list of transactions you receive every month from the phone company. You can also make payments using your Pay As You Go phone, as the amount will be deducted from the credit already on your phone.

There are some limitations to this kind of method and not all bingo sites accept it, so make sure to read the terms. You also may not be accepted for a bonus when using this kind of method.

Virtual Currencies

Some bingo websites are now also accepting payments through currencies like BitCoin. This is a form of virtual currency that can only be used online. BitCoins can be purchased through an online marketplace and sorted in a form of e-wallet which you can access whenever you want to make a deposit or purchase.

This, like many other e-wallets, can be a simple deposit method on the bingo sites that accept it as you just have to click the ‘BitCoin’ option to connect to your account. There are lots of sites that offer this as a payment method, but not many bingo sites do at the moment. However, as this kind of transaction becomes more popular we can expect to see bigger brands get behind it.

Bingo Bonus

Most bingo sites will offer a welcome bonus of some kind to those who deposit funds for the first time. This bonus can be anything from additional bingo ticket or bonus spins for certain slots. Obtaining a bonus can help make your money stretch further and they are a great incentive for players to register with a bingo site and start spending.

However, it is important to note that you may not be able to obtain a bonus using some of the methods in this list. Bingo sites will always offer a bonus of some kind, but this may only apply to payments made through debit cards or via PayPal.

In order to get the bonus you deserve, make sure to read the bingo site terms and see what kind of payments will qualify for a bingo bonus so you don’t miss out.

Bingo Payments

No matter what kind of method you choose for your online bingo payments, there are some things that you will need to be aware of.

Before making payments to bingo sites, make sure you understand the min and max deposit allowed. The minimum deposit will typically be around 10 pounds and this is the lowest amount that you can add to your bingo gaming account. This kind of information will be listed on the banking page of the bingo site so it should be easy to access.

You will also need to understand what can be done with the cash you win at the bingo site. As we have mentioned, not all methods available at bingo sites can be used to make a withdrawal so you will have to find the best option for you. In most cases, using an e-wallet like PayPal and some debit cards can be used for withdrawals.

It is also vital that you discover what kind of support is on offer at the bingo site, as this will offer help when you need it whether you are making a deposit or trying to withdraw winnings. All of the payments mentioned in this list will come with their own version of customer support should you need it.

Other Payment Methods

Check out the list below for all other bingo payment methods:

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