Real Bingo Network

The Real Bingo Network is (as the name suggests) a real bingo network run by Dragonfish, offering a range of useful bonuses and benefits to players that can each make the experience much better for new users, even if they don’t make a real-money deposit. But what do they offer that sets them apart from others, and why are they worth vising as a new player?

Real Bingo Network Sites

There are various different bingo sites that offer games or connections to the Real Bingo Network, all of which have slightly different deposit bonuses, free spins systems and bonus tickets that you can earn. Some are shared across the whole bingo network, and others are limited to a single bingo site, meaning that there’s a lot of variety on offer when it comes to choosing which bingo deposit bonus you want to use first. All of them are different, so choosing the right bingo deposit bonus can completely change your new player experience.

Lovehearts Bingo

Lovehearts Bingo give all new players a deposit bonus of £60 of free bingo tickets when you deposit at least £10 of bingo money into the site, along with 40 free spins on various slot games. It’s activated with the code “FLUFF”, and can only be used by new players. The site’s bingo VIP scheme gives you multiple different benefits, ranging from daily free spins (such as free spins on Fluffy Favourites) and more tickets, as well as cashback credited to your real money balance.

There are no wagering requirements, so you can start withdrawal at any time regardless of your total deposit balance: however, time general withdrawal restrictions still apply, and the bonus will change after a certain point in 2020.

Bounce Bingo

Bounce Bingo offer new players a no wagering requirements bonus of up to £75 in free bingo tickets (and 5 free spins) when you deposit £5 in bingo money, with the added benefit that all winnings will be credited in cash. The free tickets are split into £45 on Street Party bingo and £30 on Big Bang bingo, with the free spins going to a random game of the site’s choice (each free spin in worth £0.50). The spins expire after 7 days, and you activate the bonus using the code NY5, available for withdrawal at any time.

Bingo Idol

New players at Bingo Idol get £50 in free bingo tickets when they deposit at least £5 bingo money into the site, as well 5 free spins for specific games (at the moment, Asteroid Slots) with bingo winnings capped at £0.50 per spin. Winnings will be credited to your real cash balance and there’s no wagering requirement, with the total bonus being split up as £30 on Street Party bingo and £20 on Big Bang Bingo. You can activate this bonus with the code BINGO05.

Bingo Storm

Bingo Storm players can get £80 free bingo tickets when they make a min deposit £10. Max bonus amounts are split up as £50 (five tickets) on Big Bang bingo, £20 (40 tickets) on Kaching bingo and £10 (ten tickets) on Guest List bingo. This bonus also gives you 10 free spins on the Irish Luck game, which expire after 7 days. All winnings will be credited as cash to your account, although the free spins have a wins cap of £2 each.

On top of that, you get one spin on the Storm Wheel, which can give you a range of sub-bonuses up to 20 extra spins on top of the 10 free spins you already earned.

Sailor Bingo

Sailor Bingo give new players a no wagering requirement deposit bonus of £40 in free bingo tickets and 50 free spins for a min deposit £10. Max offer winnings cap limits for the free spins £1 per spin, and the tickets are limited to the Big Bang bingo game. Both bonuses expire after 7 days if not used, but you can start withdrawal at any time.

Loadsa Bingo

Loadsa Bingo players can earn up to £60 free bingo tickets as well as 40 fee spins on Fluffy Favourites using the code WOW, as long as they made a min deposit £10. Max bonus amounts don’t change and there’s no bingo wagering requirements, so you can start withdrawal at any time. The spin on Fluffy Favourites will eventually expire if not used.

Sundae Bingo

Sundae Bingo offer players a £10 deposit max offer £70 tickets bonus (as well as 10 free spins) when you use the code SUNDAE during your deposit. There’s a min deposit £10 max offer £70 rule, so you have to deposit at least £10 to claim the bonus. The bingo tickets are split between Street Party (£30 of tickets) and Big Band (£40 of tickets), and all winnings will be credited to your real money deposit balance.

This is a new depositors only min deposit £10 max offer £70 bonus, so only new players can earn it. The free spins are capped at a winnings limit of £1.

Blighty Bingo

Blighty Bingo players earn £120 in bingo tickets and 20 free spins from this new depositors only, min deposit £10 (max offer £120) bonus. There are no wagering requirements or (not counting time) general withdrawal restrictions, and you can start winnings withdrawal at any time, credited to your real money deposit balance. The tickets are split between Street Party bingo (£60) and Kaching bingo (also £60), and you get 20 free spins on Fluffy Favourites with a winnings cap of £2.

The spins expire after 7 days, and you need to activate them using the code EXCLUSIVE, but you can withdraw them at any time. General withdrawal restrictions still apply, as usual.

About The Real Bingo Network

The Real Bingo Network launched in 2017 under Dragonfish’s umbrella and takes a slightly different stance on rewards and bonuses compared to other network types. Rather than the usual bingo bonus offers being given out by most bingo network systems, the Real Bingo network offers players free bingo tickets to certain games, paying out winnings in cash and offering a full loyalty scheme to keep you earning tickets and/or spins on various different games across the entire bingo network. It’s built up a decent reputation as a place to play bingo and earn free bonuses without having to make a deposit, but players who do make at least one deposit will get even more bonus offer features to make their experience even better!

Should I play on the Real Bingo Network?

The Real Bingo Network offers a huge range of different bonuses and reward schemes, but is it actually a network you should play on? It can be important to know ahead of time so that you aren’t jumping into a site you aren’t prepared for.


Real Bingo Network hosts many sites that offer slot games, so you’ll be quite likely to get free spins on Fluffy Favourites or other popular games. These aren’t earned in place of your bingo deposit bonuses, and come as an extra bonus. If you prefer to play bingo online, getting 25 free spins on Fluffy Favourites with winnings capped can be a good way to try out a slot game without having to spend your own money on it. A lot of sites will list it as “a game of our choice”, meaning that the offer can change regularly depending on what’s popular.

Different rules apply to these free spins. FS wins are granted with winnings limits per spin, whereas bingo games offers from promotions have overall limit conditions.


When you reach a max offer, bingo tickets worth a certain amount can end up being your reward. The Real Bingo Network focuses heavily on these max offer bingo tickets, often as first time depositors only, min deposit bonuses. Getting bingo tickets worth £50 can mean different things to different bingo games: some online bingo games see bingo tickets worth £50 as five games, others might see it as twenty five, fifty, or even more.

Real Bingo network let your winnings go back into your real money bankroll or deposit balance, and let you start withdrawal at any time. General withdrawal restrictions still apply, so you won’t be able to do things like use a first time depositors only min deposit bonus if you’ve already used it, etc. Each site will offer its own bonus, so you can get multiple bonuses across the network without conflicts.

Max offer bingo tickets worth a certain amount of money are a great bonus for first time depositors. Only min deposit amounts need to be paid, and the max offer bingo tickets worth the bonus value are essentially free games. Since the money can be added to your deposit balance, a lucky win can give you a higher real money bankroll to use while playing bingo normally.


The Real Bingo Network hosts multiple sites with VIP systems. These can give you various real bonuses, ranging from free bingo games or bingo deposit balance boosts to more free spins. Expect them to offer bingo tickets worth a certain amount of bingo games (or bingo money) as a bonus – this is common across the whole Real Bingo Network.

Each site within the network will have its own bingo VIP system (although not every bingo site has one), so you can sign up to multiple sites within the Real Bingo Network and get different bingo bonuses from each bingo site on the network separately. Dedicated bingo players can earn a huge amount of bingo rewards across the network if they keep playing, and each bingo VIP system has its own special rewards that might onto apply to other sites on the network.

Watch out for network-wide promotions, too. They’re rare, but the entire Real Bingo Network might offer a certain bingo bonus, such as cashback on bingo losses or a temporary network-wide bingo VIP system that gives you extra bingo benefits for playing on any of their bingo sites. You never know when a new bingo bonus might appear.

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