Slingo Boom Bingo

Slingo Boom is a multiplayer bingo experience created by Gaming Realms as one of their completely original games. It’s a popular variant of regular bingo that offers a unique way to play, acting as a hybrid of slots and bingo rolled into one! It can be an exciting way to try bingo from a fresh perspective, but how does it actually work, and what sort of bonuses or jackpots can you win?

How do I play Slingo Boom Bingo?

Slingo Boom starts out as a regular ball bingo game, giving you a 5-by-5 bingo card grid with special columns that spin. Instead of checking off the numbers you’re randomly given, you spin the columns like reels on slots, and the first player to match all of the numbers on the reel will win! Winning patterns include the usual horizontal and vertical lines as well as diagonal lines: get one, and you’ll earn one Slingo prize, whereas getting two will give you two Slingo prize wins and a Coverall prize that all players are able to win!

Other than that, it plays like your average bingo games: the game continues in rounds, and each win moves onto the next one with fresh cards and columns (or reels) to play with. Wagering is handled as usual (although different sites will have their own features), and you’ve got a chat system while playing to interact with other players. You can even see each player in the current room of the Slingo Boom round you play, so you can see how many people are taking part in that particular Slingo game.

Where can I play Slingo Boom Bingo?

The most popular place to play Slingo Boom (or other variants of Slingo, of which there’s multiple) is the Slingo website, which offers more than just Slingo Boom. Since they’re the house that developed Slingo, the Boom variants and all other versions, you can get the best possible experience there.

What about other sites?

Other sites also offer the games, though, each with their own systems in place. There can be small changes between sites, like the menu and the way that the chat experience works, but the menu design is only a minor part of the games: you’ll want to watch out for things like altered reel systems, different wagering requirements and other deposit bonuses that can apply to a new player. Many sites will have custom wagering requirements for any of the fun prizes and bonus features you earn, so you might have to contact support if something happens to your gambling winnings.

What about bonuses?

Deposit bonuses work the same way on almost all sites, and don’t change based on the game’s unique gameplay: you still get to deposit a certain amount of money and earn a casino bonus or free bingo tickets (or whatever else you can earn through their terms and conditions) from that deposit amount. Even though the gameplay is slightly different, and the grid acts more like a slot game than conventional bingo, you’ll still be able to use them in the same way since the basic structure of the game is almost identical to normal bingo.

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