40 Ball Bingo Games Sites

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to online bingo games. There are various different ball games, including 75 and 90 ball bingo.
Most bingo players will be aware of these 90 ball bingo and similar types of ball games, you may not be aware of the amazing 40 ball bingo games that are available. This type of game allows players to enjoy a new way to experience the thrills of bingo, as well as being in with a chance of winning some amazing progressive jackpots and potentially a bonus prize.
40 ball bingo games are becoming increasingly popular and you will see this game as a feature on some of the biggest brands in the business.

Where To Play 40 Ball Bingo?

Lots of different online casinos are now offering 40 ball bingo, along with other bingo types, casino games and even slot game titles.
Some of the bingo sites that have 40 ball features on offer include:

    About 40 Ball Bingo

    40 ball bingo games were first introduced to the online bingo market in 2015. It was originally released by the gaming developer, Virtue Fusion.
    The first version of 40 ball bingo was called Rainbow Riches bingo and it quickly become popular amount players of all abilities. It is now available on various different bingo sites and customers all across the world are enjoying the enhanced playing experience that 40 ball bingo can bring.
    This original themed 40 ball bingo game is played with 40 balls and two special gold icons that can deliver a huge jackpot to a lucky player.
    There are lots of prizes to be won when playing 40 ball bingo games, including a progressive jackpot. As 40 ball bingo uses less balls than traditional bingo games, there are more opportunities for player winnings and the bingo tickets have a slightly different pattern.

    How To Play 40 Ball Bingo

    40 ball games are based around the same rules that apply to any other kind of bingo, so it is quite easy to get a head start on this game if you have any kind of experience in this field.
    This version of the bingo game is easy to play and offers a faster bingo game than you may be used to.
    There are just 40 balls in play, which means a faster pace to the game and a short period of time required for every round.
    You will need to find a good bingo website that has 40 ball games on offer in order to play. There are lots available online as this is becoming an increasingly popular version of bingo for modern players.
    The bingo ticket has a slightly different appearance, using less rows making it easier to balance and for players to keep track of where their coins are going.
    Like all other bingo ball games, the aim of the game is to check either a full strip or line on the bingo ticket or mark every number on the card. The larger jackpot will go to the players who have a card full of numbers that has been crossed off with the calls. This is called house and is the biggest winner in bingo.
    If you are playing Rainbow Riches, you will have 40 balls in play as well as two special Clover icons. These Clovers can trigger bonus prizes and rounds to help increase your jackpot and make the game more exciting. As there are only 40 balls in play, you will find that you are landing on these two special symbols much more frequently than you might imagine when it comes to games of this manner.
    Even though this version of bingo is quicker and uses different bingo tickets, it is still a random game to play which means anyone can be in with a chance of winning the max money limit.

    Additional information

    These are just some of the bingo websites that have this type of game available to play, but you can expect many more appearing in the near future as 40 ball bingo becomes more and more popular.
    Each bingo site comes with their own range of other bingo titles, as well as slots and casino games, They each have their own jackpots and bingo bonus funds available for players, which could be free spins or a limited number of bingo tickets given with a min deposit.
    All bingo online brands will have wagering restrictions and terms you will want to consider. These will determine the withdrawal process for your jackpots as well as those required for bonuses.
    There will always be an age restriction in place, as customers must be 18 or over in order to play bingo online and be in with a chance of a win.

    Things To Consider

    A easy way to find bingo websites that offer 40 ball bingo is checking which ones support Virtue Fusion, as this is the founder of the very first game of its kind.
    Rainbow Riches is a bingo game that is still available to play today and it is perhaps the most popular pot luck 40 ball game.
    As well as considering the developer that is used, you should check whether there is a bingo bonus in place for 40 ball titles. Those who play this kind of bingo can be in with a chance of getting a great bingo bonus, whether that is additional bingo cards, a higher coin value or even free spins for a different games based on the website they choose.
    It is important to read the terms and conditions of any bingo bonus you may come across, as this will tell you the wagering requirements that are in place as well as the time limit as you will typically only be given a couple of days to use your deposit bonus.

    Other Games To Try

    40 ball bingo is a fast-paced and exciting game of bingo as it has less balls than the traditional type. The bingo tickets in this kind of game are smaller, with fewer rows and columns, making it easier to keep track of your numbers and easier for you to win a jackpot – whether that is for a line or full house.
    If you enjoy the speed and excitement of 40 ball bingo, then you may also want to check out 30 ball bingo which is an even faster and more action-packed game.
    As bingo has been around for a long time, it is very interesting to see what brands are doing to keep the game fresh and exciting.