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75 ball bingo is a very popular bingo variety that has turned up on thousands of gambling sites across the world, getting a lot of attention from various different players of all different types and experience levels. As with all different various of bingo that alter the amount of balls in play,, there are slightly different rules and winning pattern options, but the basic gameplay behind it is still the classic bingo you’ll know and love.

Which Sites Offer 75 Ball Bingo?

    How to Play 75-Ball Bingo

    The main draw of 75 ball bingo is the amount of balls in play: 75, as the name suggests. This changes the shape and size of the bingo card you’ll be playing on, creating a five by five square that has five columns and five rows. The central square is often “free”, meaning that there’s no number there and limiting the amount of numbers to 24 per card. The numbers are shuffled in each column: while it varies depending on the exact bingo game you’re playing, many of them work in groups. For example, in many game types, the first column will have numbers from the 1 to 15 range, and the second will take numbers from 16 to 30. This continues in this pattern until every space is filled, not counting the free space in the middle.
    There are two specific types of 75-ball bingo games on offer, and different bingo sites will host them at different times. The first are regular games, which require you to complete a certain winning pattern to win the game, while the others are “coverall” bingo games that give the win to the first player to mark all 24 numbers from the card. Regular bingo games are much more common, so you’re more likely to see them on online gambling sites. Most games will give you more than one card, and you’ll be filling them out all at the same time. This increases the chance that one of your cards will win, but this applies to all players.

    How to Win

    There’s various different ways to win across different types of bingo games, but not all sites will use all of them. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that you’re aware of which ones each bingo site uses, and the various pattern layouts that actually count as a win.
    The most common, and smallest, prize is simply a straight line or column getting completed. This is the basis for all other win types: completing two, three or four lines or columns will boost your winnings even higher. Completing all five counts as a full house, giving you whatever jackpot has been set by the operator. This means that jackpots require every space on the card to be completed: since the numbers come out randomly, this is incredibly rare, but the money you earn can be a significantly higher amount.
    Because different players can achieve different winning types, they’re often set up in a ranked system that determines who should be considered the main winner out of all the players in the game. Full house wins are the 1st prize, whereas competing a pattern (or multiple patterns) is second place. Third place is completing a single line or column, and generally offers the lowest possible prize.
    Remember that there will be multiple cards in play at once, and each of them are counted separately. This means that players can win multiple cards in the same round. The more bingo cards that are in play, the more likely you are to win with at least one card in each round.

    Choosing a Bingo Site

    When it comes to choosing which site to play bingo on, you want to make sure you’ve considered everything that might impact your ability to play games there. Things like the ticket price of their games and whether or not the winnings are limited make a difference, especially if you’re hoping to get some good winnings for the price you’re paying. You had to pay for the bingo lard even if you lost, so price matters, and having limited winnings means that you might not earn as much as you were hoping. Some sites may also change prices based on the number of players in a game.
    Alongside the price, there’s also fairness. Not all bingo sites are completely fair and honest, but there’s some easy ways to find the ones that are: look for companies they’re associated with that end in things like “services limited” or something similar, and then look to see if “services limited” is licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. The government of Gibraltar have a lot of power over gambling and work hard to ensure that all gaming sites get a licence proving that they’re fair to their players. This also means that they’re more likely to keep the bingo cards and tickets priced to a decent level.

    Should I Play 75-Ball Bingo Games?

    75 ball bingo is a great choice for any bingo fan, especially since the bingo card is still a square: this makes it easier to tell what’s going on compared the longer cards used in some other formats, and had the added benefit of making each pattern much easier to spot. A decent bingo game will offer you a range of cards and pattern types, and each pattern on your cards can give you another chance to walk away from the game with winnings, rather than gambling all your money away. Bingo in general is a great game to try if you want to relax, since the online version handles every pattern and each of the cards in the game for you – you don’t have to manually claim the cards so that you can win something from the game.
    If you’re interested in trying a 75 ball game, go ahead! It’s easy to find dozens of sites that offer that kind of game, sometimes with their own quirks, and many will offer fairly cheap cards so that you can try out the game without losing too much money if you don’t like it. Other than that, it’s just a good, solid kind of bingo game – if you’ve played any bingo game before, you know what to expect, in a good way!

    All Online Bingo Games

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