50 Ball Bingo Games Sites

Bingo is considered to be one of the most traditional games across the United Kingdom and the United States, haunting bingo halls across the decades whilst being predominately popular with women. However, the original variation of bingo was created in Italy almost 500 years ago as a popular lottery game, before being brought to France and then to the United Kingdom before being exported to the United States. Each journey along the way contributed to the current form of bingo which has become widely renowned. Enjoying a boom after the war across the West, the rise of the internet revolution in the 1990s further invigorated the game of bingo, creating numerous different bingo sites and allow players across the globe to access simple online bingo. Players were suddenly able to win cash prizes from the comfort of their own home, being able to play a different variation of bingo game across multiple sites.

Where To Play 50 Ball Bingo?

Here’s a list of online bingo sites which offer 50 ball bingo:

    How Many Bingo Balls in a Game?

    Traditionally, a bingo game within the United Kingdom will feature 90 balls, whilst a game within the United States will feature 75 balls. With the advent of online bingo, platform creators have changed and adapted the format so that players can obtain a fresher and newer version of the popular game. With this, 50 ball bingo was created, using solely the numbers 1 to 50 across the whole of the game.

    How to Play 50 Ball Bingo

    You will first search the internet for the best 50 Ball Bingo site available at the time, considering the biggest prize money and how likely it is that you will win the house prize along with considering any progressive jackpots available. You will then register your details onto your chosen site and deposit the required minimum deposit money. Look out for platforms that promise that new players can register with zero deposit or a very low minimum deposit.
    You will then purchase a bingo ticket to match the 50 ball bingo variety, allowing only the option of numbers 1 to 50 to be chosen. Of course, a player may purchase numerous bingo tickets for a higher chance of winning the jackpot prize. You may be able to purchase tickets for multiple games at any one time. However, there may be limited and restrictions across the platform in relation to the number of tickets you can purchase at once, so be sure to read the full terms and conditions first.
    Numbers will be called at regular intervals and you must see whether your ticket contains any of the relevant numbers. Luckily, throughout playing online the software will be able to automatically track which numbers are successful across your ticket, whereas human error may miss a vital number when playing the game traditionally. The player who’s ticket achieves a full line of numbers will be able to win a certain cash amount, whereas a player who’s ticket successfully marks-off every number will be able to win the house jackpot.

    All Online Bingo Games

    Here are all the online bingo games available to play: