Wink Bingo Review

Wink Bingo is a well-known online bingo game provider that have been advertised all across the internet as well as on major television shows, giving them an incredibly wide presence and a reputation to match.

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo

1st depositors only. Min £10 deposit, get 200% bingo bonus [BB] + 200% games bonus [GB] (max £100 per bonus). Must be claimed within 7 days. GB wins capped at £100, exc. PJP win. Wagering req. apply: 2x (deposit + BB funds) and 30x GB funds(vary by game).

Full T&C's Apply

But are they actually worth the time and money that you’d have to put into them to play, or are they something you should avoid?

This Wink Bingo review should hopefully tell you everything you need to know about what they offer in December 2022, how they operate and what kinds of bonus features you can claim.

Welcome Offer & Sign Up Bonus

The first thing you’ll encounter when you join Wink Bingo is the welcome bonus, aimed at new players who have just made an account. When new players sign up to the site, they’re automatically given the opportunity to use at least one bonus (sometimes more, if they have a certain promo code) and get an extra bonus or set of bonuses.

The first and most obvious bonus is the standard welcome offer: new players that deposit at least £10 will earn 200% of that amount as both a bingo bonus and general games bonus, giving them a total of 400% of their original deposit spread across two game types. Keep in mind that each of these can only go as high as £100, giving you a £200 bonus funds limit overall.

These promotions can change in the future, so check back and see what else they offer: it’s possible that the site might have a new welcome bonus within a year or two. On top of that, you also get access to the Newbies room, which will be explained later.

Wink Bingo Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements on these bonuses are different depending on the game type. Bingo games require a 2x wager of the bonus combined with the amount of bonus funds you earned (so a £10 deposit that gives you £20 wound need you to wager £30 twice, or £60).

Other games require a 50x wagering amount of only the bonus funds, not the original deposit. Requesting a withdrawal without having meeting the requirements will wipe the bonus and your winnings.

Ongoing Promotions & Offers

Wink Bingo has a variety of other promotions that aren’t exclusive to new players, many of which are either activated with a promo code or turned on automatically through certain time limits and events.

The first is Mystery Jackpot, which can randomly award players with £500 in cash (more than regular jackpot games). Another is Wink’s Happy Hour: when you make a deposit between 4-7pm with the promo code CHEERS, you get one attempt at the game, in which cards are shuffled randomly and you’re asked to pick two.

These two cards make up your prize, and can be anything from a small amount of real money to one million bingo reward tickets!

VIP Promotion & Player Rewards

The VIP system hosted on the Wink site is called ‘Rewarding Wins’, and gives you extra prizes as you complete achievements posted every day and week. Every player gets an ‘Achievements chest’ that they can use to view their achievement progress, and completing a chest gives you guaranteed Wink Rewards as well as your standard wins.

These Wink Rewards can vary from real money to a separate games bonus, but they’re all worth having if you can get them.

Wink Bingo Site Overview

Wink Bingo has a colourful but straightforward site, using a white and grey background and keeping most of the colour in places where it really matters, like the images of the games they offer.

Unlike a lot of bingo site designs, there isn’t any recurring character, but a lot of their custom art takes inspiration from old comic book styles and “dot art” to give everything a very unique look.

Navigating between pages is easy and doesn’t feel like a hassle, which makes it much easier for new players to explore and for seasoned players to easily find the exact games they want.

Bingo Games

Wink Bingo has an extensive list of games, many of which are already well-known from other sites. Others are exclusive to the site or have gained popularity because of Wink, but all of them are as high-quality as possible and carefully managed so that the operators can give players the best possible gaming experience.

The game variety is very high, with plenty of bingo variants to keep players interested and stop them from feeling bored by having to play the same thing over and over again.

The two main versions of bingo on offer are 90-ball and 75-ball games, both of which come in multiple forms of their own rather than being limited to a single type. One of the biggest differences between them is the various room names: each room has its own jackpot and might have slightly different rules, ticket prices and gameplay styles. For example, within 90-ball bingo games, there’s Picture Perfect (£0.04 tickets) and High 5 (£0.05 tickets), just to name two examples.

Some of the game types are also time-limited. For example, Open All Hours works in a very different way to Have a Ball, and they might not always be available at the same time.

Bingo Rooms

The various bingo rooms used for Wink Bingo games are all equipped with live chat and the ability to buy as many tickets as you need. Not only can you chat to other players, but you’ve got the option of using the Help Room to talk to staff members if something goes wrong. The rooms themselves have a player limit, but you can also see how many players are currently chatting and what the total jackpot currently is for that game.

In every room, players also have the option of auto-selecting tickets and choosing exactly how many they want each round, or toggling an autobuy system to keep the game running on its own while they do other things (or just watch).

Free Bingo

The Newbies Room mentioned earlier is another one of the bingo bonus options that Wink offers, but it’s actually a no deposit bingo bonus that doesn’t require any deposit money to activate. This room gives you the option of winning a £2 bonus in real money from a free game, but it’s split between all players, so usually only one person will walk away with it.

There’s also a second free room just called Free For All that works in the same way expect that it’s open to all players: the odds of winning are lowered, but it’s always accessible.

The Newbies Room is 75-ball while the Free For All room is 90-ball, so you can choose the game type that you prefer instead of being forced into one.

Play on Mobile & Wink Bingo App

The Wink Bingo mobile app has been designed to make the site much easier to use on a mobile device, containing all of the same games, deposit bonus features, games bonus offers and other features that the regular site has.

It’s available on both iOS and Android devices, and can be installed in multiple ways (such as scanning a QR code) if you want to save time.

If you’re not interested in the app or don’t have enough storage space for it, you can play games on the mobile version of the site instead, accessible through the normal browser tools.

This version of the site is built specifically for mobile devices to save battery power and storage space, and it’s generally just as functional as the app, although it might be slightly slower depending on your phone speed.

Once again, all games and bingo bonus features should be available here, just like on the desktop version of the site.

Slots & Casino Games

Alongside all the bingo game types, Wink Bingo also offers various slots games, although there aren’t any casino games in the classic sense (counting things like roulette, blackjack and other table games).

There’s quite a large variety of slots to choose from, including both popular games (such as Starburst) and games that haven’t been that well known in the past (like Paradise Reels). Some of these are jackpot-based while others are regular slot games that don’t use any kind of jackpot system.

Free spins are occasionally given out as a bonus, either as a games bonus or from another promotion. Unlike many bingo sites, Wink Bingo actually puts quite a bit of effort into integrating the slots into everything else, so they’re easy to find and there’s quite a lot of bonus offers for them. Many of them are time-limited or restricted to a certain game, though.

The slot game software used by Wink is updated regularly by the developers to prevent security or performance issues, with both the mobile and desktop Wink Bingo sites being updated at the same time.

Scratch Cards

Wink Bingo offer scratch cards as part of a promotion, activating once you’ve spent at least £20 on bingo in the last seven days.

These are just regular scratch cards that can give you a range of bonus offers for free, including Free Spins (as well as free spins on jackpots), various game bonuses, bingo tickets or some special Wink rewards.

Payment Methods & Depositing

Wink Bingo works with various deposit and withdrawal methods, including all of the major options that you might be familiar with. You can register up to five to your account at once for quick transactions and can easily contact the support team if anything goes wrong.

These transaction methods include:

  • All major Credit cards
  • All major Debit cards
  • Neteller
  • Entropay
  • PayPal
  • Paysafecard
  • Various other methods, including direct transfer

All of these can be used freely, although some will only work for deposits – this is out of the site’s control and it up to the payment tool creators themselves.

The minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are £10, and withdrawals can take 48 hours to process, followed by a few days to actually appear in your bank. Unlike many sites, you can actually change your mind and cancel the withdrawal during the 48 hour processing period.

Remember that trying to withdraw bonus wins without meeting the wagering requirements can wipe them, so be careful to use your bingo bonus or free spins properly.

Wink Bingo Sister Sites

Wink Bingo runs on the joy of Bingo network, meaning that it has a lot of sister sites. These includes sites like:

  • Posh Bingo
  • Bingo Fabulous
  • Tasty Bingo
  • Bingo Street
  • Red Bus Bingo
  • Big Brother Bingo

All of these sites have their own unique features, bingo bonus offers and deposit rules, even though they’re on the same basic network. The game software is also different, so they aren’t carbon copies of each other.

Who Owns Wink Bingo?

Wink Bingo are owned by 888 Holdings.

This is the same group that runs sites like 888 Bingo and its partner websites. They have their own affiliate program that you can apply for to earn money for reviews, and are generally, which even has its own website specifically for affiliate use.

888 is one of the larger bingo operators in the world, and their reputation is incredibly widespread.


The Wink Bingo site is properly licensed by both the Gibraltar Gambling Commission and the UK Gambling Commission, meaning that it complies with all of their rules, restrictions and checks.

This licensing is updated constantly, meaning that they weren’t just rated once and then allowed to change the site into something else: they have to keep all the good changes to keep the licensing.

Wink Bingo Bingo Software

Wink Bingo is powered by Dragonfish Software.

The software used at Wink Bingo is carefully created for the best possible results, getting constant updates and being repeatedly checked for any security issues, problems or flaws. This applies to every individual game, and it’s something that many review articles mention.

This also works for the bonus features and deposit systems, since they’re all designed to work well and won’t break easily or start to suffer as more game types are added.

Wink Bingo Customer Support Details

Wink Bingo is said to have excellent customer service that’s easy to access, regardless of whether you’re on a desktop or have to use a Wink Bingo mobile app. Either way, the support team are responsive and will help or advise you with every issue, even something as simple as a “deposit £10, get £20” bonus not working.

In fact, they can even check these deposit £10 bonuses to get an idea of whether or not they should have activated. If you’re playing some of the bingo Wink offers, deposit £10 and find that you haven’t received your bingo bonus or free spins, you can head to and ask about it to get the issue resolved.

Wink Bingo Pros

  • Plenty of Wink Bingo promo code bonuses.
  • Lots of bingo bonus opportunities (and free spins for slots).
  • Good game variety.
  • Easy-to-use site.
  • Great website design.
  • Welcoming to new players.

Wink Bingo Cons

  • Bingo bonus offers can have scaling wagering requirements.
  • Free spins have even higher requirements.

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo

1st depositors only. Min £10 deposit, get 200% bingo bonus [BB] + 200% games bonus [GB] (max £100 per bonus). Must be claimed within 7 days. GB wins capped at £100, exc. PJP win. Wagering req. apply: 2x (deposit + BB funds) and 30x GB funds(vary by game).

Full T&C's Apply

Final Thoughts About Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo is definitely one of the best bingo sites out there, especially since it doesn’t try to hide anything negative that might come up in review posts. It’s a good site with great game variety and a lot of bonuses, and the only downsides are things that you find in a lot other casino sites anyway.

Aside from the occasional review that mentions withdrawal delays or one-of-a-kind issues with handling money, it’s a great site to play on and one that’s extremely welcoming to newer players.

Not only that, but there’s constant bonuses up for grabs, and a lot of them are incredibly good considering what other bingo websites might offer you for the same level of time, money and effort.

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