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90 ball bingo is one of the more popular types of online bingo you can play, probably due to its popularity in physical bingo halls. If you’ve never played them before, you might not fully understand why 90 balls can be such a significant difference, but it can completely change the odds of winning and the way that specific features might apply.

Which Sites Offer 90 Ball Bingo?

Here’s a list of bingo sites which offer 90 Ball Bingo:

    How 90 Ball Bingo Works

    A 90-ball bingo game generally uses a 27-square bingo card, giving you a total of three horizontal lines and nine vertical lines rather than the typical five by five bingo card. Each column contains nine numbers that increase vertically: the first column can contain 1 to 9, the second 10 to 19, and the pattern continues from there. Like many bingo games, you won’t get just one bingo card – the game normally involves multiple, with each one having a completely different pattern of numbers.

    How to Play 90 Ball Bingo

    There are three main ways to win most 90 ball bingo games. The first is through completing one line, where you cover all of the numbers on any single row: this is the most basic way to win in almost every type of bingo game. The second is from completing two rows out of three on any bingo ticket you have, which is less likely but leads to bigger rewards. Finally, there’s the Full House, which covers all of the numbers across all of the rows on a bingo ticket: incredibly rate, but incredibly lucrative.
    The winning combinations are displayed, and you get to see how they match up with your cards. Once they’re completed and all players have been given their relevant prizes, the round will end and the next one will be prepared with fresh cards and new winning patterns. Since there’s no bingo caller in online bingo, a winning pattern doesn’t need to be called – almost every game will do it for you automatically, and it might not even be called to the other players.


    Different 90 ball bingo games will have their own prizes, depending on the version of the game they’re using, any special jackpot they offer and any other kind of prize option that isn’t money. For example, you might get bingo bonus options for certain wins alongside regular cash. In many cases, online bingo sites will scale their prizes based on how many bingo players are currently taking part in the game: most of the time, these bingo sites will have a minimum prize limit that ensures winners will get a decent amount of win money, even if most of the players have left the game or haven’t taken part in this round.

    Major 90 Ball Bingo Sites

    There are some fairly well-known bingo sites that offer 90-ball bingo games to their users: here are the most common and popular options, as well as some explainable of what you can expect to win when using their bingo tickets.
    888 Bingo is a really popular place for bingo games, and it’s also one of the best licensed and regulated. In fact, it’s fully licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar gambling commissioner to ensure that it’s fair to its players and doesn’t have any kind of house bias or rigging on the tickets. Their 90-ball bingo games run using multiple cards on the same screen, letting you check all of them simultaneously to make sure you don’t miss a win or forgot to look over some of your columns.
    All of their bingo-related transactions are carried out by Virtual Global Digital Services Limited. Virtual Global Digital Services Limited are also licensed in Gibraltar and Britain, making them one of the more trustworthy gaming operators you could choose to play at.
    Ladbrokes are a more general online games site, but they still offer quite a few online bingo rooms for people to play, all with their own differently-priced tickets, win types and specific bingo game types to offer. 90-ball games are available here alongside many of the others, although not all of the rooms are open 24/7.
    William Hill
    William Hill have various types of bingo on offer, each with different tickets and specific rooms. This includes things like Speed Bingo (high prizes, but play quickly), Zoom Room bingo (low prizes, but easy to get started) and Community Room bingo (more focused on the experience rather than trying to play for maximum wins). All of them are ready to play regardless of whether you’re a new customer or a returning player, and each one prices their tickets differently. This gives you a nice variety of bingo game options to play.
    Tombola Bingo
    Tombola have a lot of love for 90-ball bingo, and offer cheaper tickets than most sites. The odds of getting a full house are the same as anywhere else, and there’s no bias against you, so you can play each bingo game round without feeling like you’re being cheated. Jackpots are available if a player clears at least one of their tickets in under 40 called numbers, and said jackpot is given to every player independently, not split between them or only given to the player that completed the ticket.
    Wink Bingo
    Wink bingo offer multiple bingo games for your playing pleasure, and even have a system in place to make sure you can keep your bingo win saved if you disconnect from the game. Not only that, but if you lose connection to the game for a short while, you’ll still receive any winnings that you would have earned otherwise, so you’re not losing out on anything.
    Moon Bingo
    Moon Bingo have four different bingo game rooms, each with their own ticket costs and active gaming hours. This lets you choose the kind of prices and prizes you want to play with, rather than being stuck with one that’s higher or lower than you’re happy playing with. They also have various other games to keep you entertained if you want to take a shirt break from online bingo.

    Should I Play a 90-Ball Bingo Game?

    90 ball bingo is one of the more popular options for many people, and there’s not really any downsides to choosing it over the others if it’s what you want. Just remember that the shape of the tickets and the winning patterns are different, since there are more balls: this can technically make a win less likely, but also usually results in higher prizes, so it’s up to you which one you prefer. You can always try out some of the other bingo game types if you aren’t sure, since 90-ball bingo isn’t going away any time soon – it’s popularity has kept it around for a long time, and it’s the backbone of many bingo sites that need a good core list of games.
    If you’re ready to have fun with some bingo, go ahead and start looking for a site to make your first deposit on, Just remember to read the rules, watch out for promotions and make sure you know the price of each ticket.

    All Online Bingo Games

    Here are all the online bingo games available to play: