Entropay Bingo Sites

Entropay is an international online payment tool that’s focused on money transfers and offering virtual cards to its users, acting like a regular pre-paid card but working under slightly different conditions. It’s a great way to make a deposit on bingo sites you enjoy without all of the normal downsides of a regular payment straight from your VISA card, but you’ll want to make sure that you understand it before you jump right in and start creating an Entropay account. How does it work, what does it offer, and what makes it so useful for paying online bingo sites compared to your normal payment method?

What Sites Accept Entropay?

Here is a list of sites that accept entropay:

    What Is Entropay?

    Entropay are an online ‘virtual VISA Cards’ company that give their users a private alternative to their own bank details, acting as an online middleman and making it much harder for third parties to get any meaningful details from you when you’re making a payment or transaction. They’re anonymous, easy to top up and give you a way to control how much money is actually being used on your bingo and casino games, meaning that even one Entropay card can have a range of different uses depending on what you’re playing and the type of player you personally are.

    Entropay’s History

    Entropay is currently owned by Ixaris Systems Ltd, a London-based finance c company that’s fully regulated by the FCA. It began working on the digital VISA cards system in 2000 and completed the first version in 2003, creating the Entropay Virtual Prepaid Card, which could be accepted at any locations where Mastercard or VISA cards could be used. Entropay was the first ever virtual VISA cards service available in Europe, expanding outside of the UK in 2003. To date, it’s created well over six million of these virtual credit cards and continued to gain new customers every month, offering even more features and expanding into more and more markets with every passing year.

    Entropay’s Services

    Entropay’s main service is the virtual card, which you can use in place of a regular credit or debit card to make payments on bingo sites, play bingo games or deposit money into other gaming and gambling sites. This can be done quite easily through your Entropay account, but it takes multiple steps to create and fund the card before you can actually start to use it.
    First of all, you’ll want to sign into your personal Entropay account if you aren’t already, or create one if you didn’t already. Creating one will take certain details, such as your email address, but the majority of it will be hidden from any bingo sites you play on using the service in the future. Make sure you set up a funding source, too: you’ll need a way for cash to actually get onto the card, and the best way to do that is to connect your credit or debit card (or even just your bank account directly). Once it’s in place, you get to choose which currencies you’ll use, so you can decide which currency type is appropriate for the bingo sites you’re playing on. For example, bingo sites that only accept GBP can have a virtual card that only uses GBP, and so on.
    From there, you can create new cards with a handful of clicks, and can have almost unlimited cards to cover different bingo sites, currencies, purposes or situations. When you’re creating your card, there are certain minimum and maximum top-up limits you’ll need to be aware of. Each card can be topped up by a minimum of £10 every time you add more money to it, and there’s a maximum of £10,000 you can send each month. Making top-ups (including the initial one to actually put cash on the card for the first time) can be done through multiple methods, but the most obvious are either directly from your bank account or from a credit or debit card.
    Since Entropay cards are fully pre-payed and don’t act like a normal credit card, different terms and conditions apply. For one, there’s no interest charges and you can’t go into any debt or overdraft, and you aren’t paying any reoccurring fees for each card you have. They’re also tied to your Entropay account rather than your bank account, so you don’t have to use the same bank details for each one, and can top them up from a different source each time.

    Using an Entropay Card

    Once your card is ready and stocked up with money, you’ll be able to use it to deposit money at bingo sites, letting you play bingo without having to take money from your bank account directly. Unlike conventional E-wallets, it’s still technically classed as a credit or debit card, so bingo sites that accept Entropay are extremely common: in fact, most bingo sites are Entropay bingo sites purely because they accept the VISA card type. If you want to use your Entropay virtual VISA card to play online bingo, it’s very easy to track down sites that will let you do it.
    To make a deposit or payment, go to the deposit page of whichever bingo site you’ve chosen, then choose VISA as the online payment method. Instead of using normal card details, input the Entropay card details instead: the card number, the expiry date and the security code, etc. You don’t have the use the same card every time, and you can check your Entropay transaction history to see each deposit payment you’ve made in the past, along with which card you used and how much the payment was worth.
    Remember that none of your personal details or card details are included in the transaction, only the details from your Entropay card. This makes it perfectly safe to use the Entropay card details instead of your VISA card details, since they can’t gain access to either your bank account or Entropay account that way.

    Why Should I Use Entropay?

    An Entropay card has numerous advantages over your standard bank account cards, as well as some similarities that make it an improvement or slight upgrade in specific ways. However, some stand out far more than others to most bingo players, and can come in really useful if you’re using the virtual card to play bingo games online.
    First of all, the multiple currency options make it easy to deposit money internationally, so you aren’t just limited to bingo sites in your local area or countries that use the same currency as you. The dynamic currency conversion system updates every eight hours to ensure that it’s as accurate to real-world currencies as possible, so you’re not stuck using old rates for very long, and you’re almost always guaranteed to get the amount of money you expect to get.
    Another great benefits is the fact that you can create a new virtual card at any time. If you want to keep all your money separate, you can make one for each of the bingo sites you play on, either for security reasons or just to keep all each bingo deposit payment organised properly. This also means that you can quickly cancel a card if you notice that somebody has stolen the card details, then create a fresh one to resume making your normal bingo deposit payments.
    The most useful feature that these virtual card tools offer online bingo players is the ability to set a credit limit – this can stop you from over-spending and help you avoid making an impulse deposit if you’re still ‘riding the high’ of getting a win or earning a bingo bonus. If you only want to play with £50 on Big Bang bingo, you can top the card up to £50 and then not add any more: when it runs out, it’s not as easy for you to quickly and easily top up the card with more bingo deposit money.
    Of course, like almost any online payment method used for online bingo sites, security and safety are a huge bonus. Entropay lets you keep your personal details safe and stay anonymous, as well as letting you cancel any cards you’ve made the moment you notice suspicious activity. Even if somebody gets access to the card details, they’re not your real credit card, so the worst they can do is spend whatever money is on the virtual card and nothing else. If you cancel it or never top it up again, there’ll never get any more of your money.

    Are There Any Fees?

    Entropay have to make money somehow, so they impose certain small fees on transactions and other actions you take using their service. A lot of the very basic things are free, but these small fees are purely to keep the service running – and considering how many cards you can have for free with no long-term fees, it’s a fairly good deal for all online bingo players.
    There’s a 2% fee on foreign currency exchanges, which is done automatically when making a bingo deposit on bingo sites in other countries. Remember that you can create a card in a different currency to avoid this. There’s also a small £0.10 charge on transferring money from card to card, but this is marginal, especially with large amounts. Getting money from third parties can impose a 1.95% fee, too.
    Loading in funds from your credit or debit card will have a 4.95% fee, whereas getting funds from your bank account will have one set as 3.95%.

    Entropay Bingo Sites

    Since there are thousands of sites that accept Entropay as a valid payment method, that means that there’s plenty of Entropay bingo sites that you can play on without having to use your bank account. Whether you just want to try them out, or want to become one of the long-term players and experience all the games they have on offer, here are some of the places that your virtual Entropay card can be used. Not only that, but they all have their own bonus offers for new players, which will be listed as well.

    Using Entropay Well

    Entropay is a great tool, but only if you understand how to actually use Entropay effectively. Most Entropay bingo sites are just bingo site that accept credit card and indirect bank account transactions as a payment method, but finding a good one can take time.

    Finding a Site

    First of all, make sure you find bingo sites that accept Entropay. Some might have rules against it, especially bingo sites that accept only the things on a very specific payment method list in their terms and conditions. There might also be other reasons that Entropay isn’t an accepted option, either due to technical limitations or issues with completing payment transactions from an Entropay account. Whatever the reason, you’ll only be able to use Entropay in bingo sites that accept Entropay virtual credit card payments, as you would expect.
    Not all Entropay being sites will be identical, either, so different terms apply on each one. For example, some Entropay bingo sites might only be available in the UK, whereas others might ban UK players for legal reasons. Others still might only be able to offer certain games or bonus offers there, or might only take certain payment options online. All of this information can be incredibly useful, since you’ll want to know exactly what you’re getting into whenever you try to use any online Entropay bingo site.
    Security is important, too. While you can’t have money stolen from your bank or credit card by using Entropay, bingo sites won’t always be as legitimate as they seem, and losing Entropay money can still be annoying if it was more than a small amount. This is especially bad if a bonus requires you to pay a certain amount of money, such as £50, to activate: you might never see that deposit or bonus payment again, and there isn’t always a way you can claim it back from scam sites if they’re able to run away with the money.

    Using Bonuses

    One of the biggest draws for most Entropay bingo sites will be the types of bonus feature they offer, as well as how the bonus terms apply to your experience. Even once you activate them, they won’t always be ready to use straight away.
    First of all, make sure you understand any wagering requirements being used. If you don’t know, wagering requirements are a certain limit that you have to wager (either through deposit payments or spending money on games, depending on the terms behind the bonus offers) before you can withdraw your winnings. A low wagering requirement is easier to get, since it might only be 2x or 4x your original bonus – however, sometimes it’ll be as high as 20x, 40x, 60x or even 85x depending on the site. There’s no way around them, either: you either have to deposit enough to claim the bonus funds, or leave them to expire.
    Remember that you can only claim bonuses if you match the requirements they have, too. This can range from the obvious (most sites apply 18+ rules, since it’s a legal requirement for them to apply 18+ restrictions in most countries), to rules that you might never have even expected to see (such as players only being able to activate a bonus if they’re using certain software like a mobile app, or the bonus only working on a certain 75 ball bingo room). All Entropay bingo sites will use wildly different terms, apply new rules and accept or deny different things, so you’ll want to fully understand the site ahead of time.
    Not all Entropay bingo sites will let you withdraw money back to Entropay, either. While you can technically withdraw money to it, since it acts like a virtual credit card, that’s up to the Entropay bingo sites themselves to decide. Some will only allow it as a payment method, and you’ll generally have to pay a small fee to get the payment sent there instead of your bank, so it’s up to you whether or not it’s worth it for security’s sake.

    Staying Secure

    The biggest and most well-known feature of Entropay is the high security it offers. Thanks to this, you can make an online deposit payment to Entropay bingo sites with much less danger towards things like your credit card details, but you still need to be smart and focus on the practical side of things, too.
    Entropay bingo sites won’t be any use if you don’t use Entropay to its fullest. For example, if you’re going to use Entropay as a stand-in for your credit card when making a deposit, be sure that you don’t put your regular card details in anywhere or make a deposit using that credit card, since that defeats the point and puts them into your system. Entropay may charge small fees to work as a middleman, but if you want your details to be safe, you should commit to using Entropay instead of your regular credit card.
    Remember that Entropay offers more features than just that, too. For example, if you really want to be sure that nobody can steal your deposit payment money, switch the Entropay card you’re using often. It’s all online, so nobody can take your money without the registration information that you have no need to give to other people. If you keep rotating your Entropay accounts and settings, it makes it nearly impossible for somebody to sneak away with your deposit online: it’s like having a lock that accepts a new key every time.
    Regular online safety tips and helpful terms apply, as always – things like not making a payment to an online site you don’t trust, keeping your deposit details private and only sharing them with the sites you play on, and so forth. If you want to be even more secure, you can check the Entropay logs to see if any unauthorised deposit or payment activity has happened.
    Entropay is a great tool for testing out new sites, since it means that none of your personal details are saved, only the details of the payment you make. Because of this, even if security isn’t a huge priority for you, it can be a good idea to always use it for your first deposit just in case: even if they keep a record of your virtual Entropay card, you can just change it to something else and there’s no way they can access any of your online money.

    Should I Use Entropay?

    Entropay is an excellent tool for people who want to make an online payment and start playing straight away, with or without bingo offers. Of course, you should always read the online terms and conditions to see what Entropay terms apply in each situation, and it’s a good idea to seek out legitimate Entropay bingo sites rather than just trying your luck at whichever random ones you find.
    The only real downside to Entropay is the slight fees they charge, as well as the fact that not all sites will accept it as both a withdrawal and payment method. However, Entropay on its own is incredibly useful, and it can be a great way to stay secure while still being able to make each deposit through your Entropay account. In fact, Entropay is far more secure than other e-wallet style services, since it isn’t a conventional e-wallet: Entropay is a virtual credit card system, meaning that it has plenty of extra security features that you’d normally find on a bank account. Because of this, Entropay may be the ideal option for anybody who’s concerned about online security and protecting their card details.
    If security isn’t much of a concern to you, you won’t have as many reasons to use Entropay, but it’s nowhere near useless. The ability to limit the amount of money on your Entropay cards, as well as the option of having multiple Entropay accounts for different currencies, opens up plenty of versatility in such a simple system. Unlike many e-wallets, Entropay can receive money properly too, so you’re not just limited to using the service as a simple payment method.
    Overall, Entropay is a great tool for dozens of different types of player. While the fees might seem higher if you’re not using all the security features, an Entropay card can keep you safe, regulated and ready to play without having to download any software. You also aren’t forced into accepting nay unfair terms and conditions, and you have a whole dashboard menu to manage your money as you see fit.

    Other Payment Methods

    Check out the list below for all other bingo payment methods: