Gamesys Gaming Software

Gamesys is a gaming company that’s been active for almost two decades now, expanding from its small UK team into a global group that offers great online gaming software to dozens of different casino and bingo sites. They’ve worked with some major brands, including JackpotJoy and Virgin Games, and aren’t showing signs of slowing down their growth any time soon.


What is Gamesys?

Gamesys were established all the way back in 2001, and, and began working with JackpotJoy almost immediately – a company that’s quickly started to expand into one of the UK’s biggest online gaming brands. This pushed them into the spotlight and gave them money to apply towards expanding themselves, eventually leading to Gamesys becoming the first company running real money based games on Facebook. It’s earned a range of different awards, mainly for innovation in various types of games or areas of the market, and have also helped their partner brands win awards of their own.

Now known as the Gamesys Group, working under the JPJ Group, the company offers the same services to dozens of different gambling websites.

Gamesys Casino and Bingo Sites

As a software company, Gamesys work with a range of different gaming websites, some of which are more well-known than others. Some of their most popular partners are the various bingo sites they provide games too, which you may have heard of in the past. For example, there’s Heart Bingo, which is one of the most well-reviewed bingo sites in the United Kingdom. Their connection to JackpotJoy is still holding strong since it was part of what launched their brand and network in the first place, and they’ve even been able to work with Virgin Games, so their list of partners is very impressive.

Gamesys don’t just offer bingo games, though. They’re also quite well-versed in regular Casino games and have worked with sites that offer both bingo and casino games in equal amounts. This includes Monopoly Casino, Botemania, Starspins and a range of other different companies, acting as the main operator behind a large portion of their game list. It’s quite possible that you’ve had a chance to play their games without even realising it, especially since it’s not always clear which company developed a game when you choose to play it online.

As a nice change of pace, the company keeps itself intentionally limited, and only offers Gamesys software to partners that they actually want to work with. This means that you won’t find Gamesys sites dotted all over the place, competing with one another – instead, it’s narrowed down to sites like JackpotJoy, where players can be sure they’re getting a good online bingo or casino experience.

Gamesys Games and Software

Gamesys sites get to use the company’s specially designed platform, which has some useful benefits and bonus features that other sites will lack. This includes things like unique, exclusive games, variants of existing bingo games, networked bonuses and prizes (including free spins and bonus spins for slot games), regular promotions (most often seen on slots with free spins), prize draws and even email contests. Not only that but there’s even some special welcome bonus offers that don’t have a wagering requirement or any awkward terms you need to follow.

Originally, their platform didn’t function as expected on mobile devices, but now you can play online bingo on the go with very few problems! Like most gaming software companies, Gamesys try to make sure that all of their games are constantly updates and secured, stopping hackers or scammers from gaining access to your personal cash while you’re trying to play.

Performance-wise, the software platform is also very good. It works on desktop, mobile and tablet devices consistently and reliably, and has been integrated into all Gamesys sites well (especially JackpotJoy, due to their close relationship to the developer). The only thing that might change across different device types will be the layout and size of the menu, but that’s mainly because of the different screen sizes and resolutions.

Security and Fairness

Like most developers, the companies’ products have been checked for reliability, fairness and security by multiple groups, and data from their performance has been taken by groups such as EGR to make sure that they aren’t hiding anything form their customers. Everything you might encounter during play, from the individual normal spins to the special bonus spins or bingo rounds, is fair and will apply to each player in the same way, with no bias or rigged odds behind them.

When it comes to security, Gamesys use the best technology available to keep your money secure. As long as you use legitimate means when making a deposit or withdrawing money, you should be able to avoid and kind of trouble. They’re also good at sorting out issues within the system itself, so you won’t lose bingo tickets, free spins or bonus wager money if something happens to your connection. This is really useful on sites like JackpotJoy, where you can end up with multiple bonus spins and features active that you’ll want to take advantage of as soon as possible.

Should I Play at Gamesys?

Gamesys are a very legitimate company, and their close connection to JackpotJoy means that they’re unlikely to suddenly change for the worse. As a developer, they’ve become great at creating bingo and casino games, and have some of the most high-quality online bingo experiences on the market. Since they only let certain bingo sites apply to be their partner, you won’t have to sort through dozens of different sites to find one that’s worth playing.

On the other hand, this means that it’s a little bit harder to apply to be a bingo software partner if you own your own site. The company wants to make sure that their reputation stays intact, so you can’t just apply with a basic, averagely-popular site and expect great results.

As a player, Gamesys definitely seem worth it. Even if you just want to get a few bingo tickets and try your luck with some spare money you have lying around, the software can apply to every site really well and doesn’t ever feel broken or awkward. The variety of different bingo games also means that you can find something to enjoy even if you’re sick of generic bingo experiences that use the game ‘colourful numbered balls’ designs and graphics.

So, should you play bingo at Gamesys? Well, yes, probably! The only real downsides are the busy nature of their bingo rooms (which are full quite often) and the now-fixed mobile device issues, so there’s not really any reason to ignore them completely. Great promotions, good software and high-quality game types make them a great software provider for people who want to enjoy some simple bingo!

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