Relax Gaming Software

Relax Gaming uses is a B2B gaming software company with a large portfolio of varied gambling games, able to offer everything from poker to online casino games to any sites that join their network.


About Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming was founded in 2010, and quickly started working in the Finnish market in 2011. My 2014, they launched their first ever Poker product, followed by a full-scale casino platform the following year. A few months later, the Bingo system was developed, and by 2018 they had a license to operate in Malta through their office there. By mid-2019, it was the provider for fifteen different partners, and it continues to grow its line of products on offer to this very day.

Relax Gaming’s Software

Relax Gaming makes a range of different casino games, from video poker to sports betting style bingo games. As you’d expect, they also offer slots powered by their main games platform, since they’re one of the most popular game types in the industry. All of their games are made with their own software and by their own employees, ensuring that they create the best experience possible for their players while also acting as a high-quality provider to their partners.

The custom game platform they use allows for the speedy delivery of game updates, as well as entirely brand-new games, to any online casino site they work with. This is mainly done through their Silver Bullet partner program, which they use to roll out their content portfolio and offer custom solutions to any partner that wants an innovative, one-of-a-kind game that they can use to bolster their brands.

Game Types

Like all good developers, Relax Gaming has a varied set of products that their partners can access at any time, including slots games, bingo, poker, other casino table games and even some special game types that are exclusive to iGaming market (iGaming being the name for the online gambling industry). Partners are allowed to choose whichever gaming products they want, letting them decide on a strategy and offer the content to players at their own pace.

Because of the different kinds of casino online, Relax Gaming are also fine with offering specific game types only to certain sites. For example, bingo sites might only want the bingo game list, and the company is happy to offer those products without any of the others.

Relax Gaming License

Relax Gaming operates in regulated markets and jurisdictions, and like all regulated markets, they have to follow certain rules, including restrictions on growth, advertising in the news and the way each casino partner operates. Because of this, they’ve been licensed in most major areas, including Europe, the UK, and Malta.

This also applies to each game they offer. As a slot provider, Relax Gaming have to make sure that their slot products are fair and provide a proper gaming experience. This means that any bingo or casino site they work with as part of their growth has to follow the rules of the Silver Bullet partnership, which is designed to protect both ends of the agreement.

Should I Play at Relax Gaming Sites?

Relax Gaming is a legitimate developer and seller who works with quite a long list of other large companies, meaning that they have a reputation they won’t just throw away overnight. This also means that relax gaming generally only work with sites they can trust, so you won’t see any Relax branded software on sites that are clearly trying to lie or steal from players. If you’re new to online gambling, their products are a great entry point, but experienced players will also be able to enjoy them without feeling like they’re being given a sub-par type of entertainment.

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