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IGT Gaming (also known as International Game Technology PLC and IGT Malta Casino Limited) is a gaming technology provider that runs a platform used by various online casino sites.

Established in the 1950s and upgraded into a public company early in 1981, they’ve had plenty of experience in the international gambling industry, and even have a place in history as the first company to ever create a widely-used video poker machine.

Ever since, they’ve continued to develop online gambling games and the social features that go with them.


About International Game Technology PLC

IGT has always been based in the US where their headquarters are located but has slowly expanded into other areas of the world where possible (oddly excluding Canada). Its long life has given it quite a wide reputation, and it’s managed to pick up all kinds of branded licenses to turn into games, including various television shows. This variety means that they aren’t tied down into one style, something that’s helped the company gather a lot of players and find a consistent business with other gaming sites.

The first-ever public video poker machine was created by IGT before 1984 when they acquired another company and began looking into computerized gaming tracking systems that could turn regular gaming into something much more long-term. The company then opened an IGT office in Australia and began to work on this gaming technology further, eventually expanding into the online gaming casino market in 2005.

Currently, the business is owned by GTECH Holdings (a purchase that happened in 2014), who essentially merged into it and kept the same name. By now, they have a Las Vegas headquarters and Reno headquarters (both in Nevada), a third Headquarters in Providence (Rhode Island), and the previous GTECH headquarters in Rome.

According to the company site, IGT now has over twelve thousand employees across the world, only accepting the best possible talent they can get to ensure that they leave a positive impact on the industry around them.

About IGT’s Platform

The International Game Technology PLC gaming platform is designed to provide the best experience possible for multiple different game types, ranging from bingo to all kinds of obscure and strange casino or table games. This platform isn’t limited to a specific number of games, and their IGT are constantly expanding it with new entries or experiences for their players, trying to make each one an innovation.

One of the main benefits of using the IGT Malta Casino Limited platform is the ability for players to search for games, as well as take part in social gaming rather than simply being a single player who can’t play alongside other customers. Unlike most programs and platforms of this type, IGT seems committed to creating a unique platform that can work almost anywhere in the online casino industry.

IGT aren’t just a digital company – you can also get International Game Technology PLC branded cabinets that act like any other casino game cabinet, which they offer to any physical casino company that joins their group. These are where the real social aspect comes into play.

IGT’s Digital Services

International Game Technology PLC offer a huge range of digital games, from progressive slots and jackpot games to bingo. All of them are designed to run in as many situations as possible, letting IGT quickly and easily set them up in whatever physical or digital medium is necessary for the experience they want. Even if they aren’t contained on cabinet machines, IGT are still fully capable of operating their games digitally through websites, so they’re not limited to physical casinos at all.

On top of the games themselves, they also have management services for various games, including slots and table games. These are designed to help their B2B customers and partners manage large-scale casinos without as much effort. IGT also has analytics systems, cashless payment technology, mobile compatibility tools, accounting technology and various other supplemental international services. The digital gaming technology they offer is used dozens of other casinos, including many based in Las Vegas as well as across the world on an international scale.

These services are sold in a business to business manner to another company in the industry, who then adopts the systems and becomes part of the IGT Malta Casino Limited network.

IGT’s Games

IGT Malta Casino Limited has created a whole host of games, ranging from standard video slots to mega jackpot, expanded video poker and even some games that fall outside of any common niche, meaning that they’ve got a large part of the online gaming world covered. All of these games are available to their partners and B2B customers, and have consistent, recognizable names that these companies can use to increase the chance of appearing in search results from curious customers.

IGT VLT Games Programs

Unlike most gaming technology company types, International Game Technology PLC offer a range of Video Lottery Terminal / VLT games programs, which let players take part in a lottery game without relying on a physical card system. These VLT games programs come in cabinets and can be installed in a casino like any other game, still using the same IGT Malta Casino Limited technology behind the rest of their game types.

IGT Slot Games Technology

Aside from the VLT games programs, IGT also offer certain slot games to players, using their many years of experience to design classic cabinets that still run like a modern online game would. These cabinets even see use in various Las Vegas casino premises, and are designed to accommodate the social element of gambling in an environment full of other players.

Some of these cabinets use a seated design, but others go further and act as a bar top or a wall-mounted game station. IGT put a lot of effort and industry research into coming up with all of their new gaming technology, and the company continues to search for new ideas that they can use to create a better experience or innovative products.

IGT Services

While the games are their main focus, you can find the other services offered by IGT if you search on their site (or just search on the internet) for long enough. These include things like social teams to manage customers and customer support, field services to repair faulty or damaged IGT technology, and even training services that help you get employees ready to handle the other systems on their own. IGT even offer account services to help manage your money, usually if you’re partnered with their business. Almost all of these are available at an international level, whether you’re in a different country or just setting up nearby in Las Vegas.

IGT PlayDigital

PlayDigital, also called PlayAnywhere, is a multi-part system that contains all of their different game sectors, split into PlayCasino, PlayPoker, PlayBingo and PlayInstants. In each of these are the online digital game variants and types they offer to any business they work with: for example, a bingo site might want to use PlayBingo to get hold of dozens of Bingo variants they can host under their own company name. This makes IGT just as much of a game developer as a social media presence management company, and lets you integrate everything into your company site and premises without having to search for different tools that work together.

ITG PlaySports

PlaySports is another similar service, which acts as a pre-made sports betting system for any casino that wants that kind of experience in their games list. IGT gaming host it all themselves, meaning that it’s the same gaming experience for all casinos and it’s limited to whatever a single gaming site can manage to create on a limited budget. As usual, the PlaySports system can be used both digitally and in physical gaming cabinets, allowing for the social element.

IGT Legitimacy

Working with an illegitimate developer is always a big worry, but IGT are definitely fair and honest. Despite their work on the social and economic sides of the gambling industry, they still have a great reputation and are often said to be a favorite of many large casino companies. To prove it, IGT Malta Casino Limited (and International Game Technology PLC, depending on which name you use) are regulated and licensed by multiple international groups, and have won multiple awards.

In fact, IGT are so trusted that they offer to sell an International License Manager system, which can help another company deal with the gaming regulations that might have limited certain aspects of their business or gaming experience.

When it comes to their games, International Game Technology PLC as a company very rarely do anything even close to rigging or adding bias to a game, and even then, it’s usually the result of the bonus system or game experience rather than a coded-in limitation. This means that most IGT games leave the odds of a win truly random, so that all players can win regardless of their past win or lose streaks. This is true of both the digital games the physical social gaming cabinets, all of which have fair win conditions and patterns.

Should I Play IGT Games?

If you’re in the middle of a search for a new place to start gaming, IGT is a good choice. Not only do they have global influence and control over dozens of unique game titles, but they even offer massive jackpots that remain consistent across every site that hosts their game products. The fact that they’re also a major player in physical casinos means that you don’t even need to stick to websites if you don’t want to, and you can go and enjoy some physical gaming while keeping the same gameplay and benefits that you would get online.

Now that IGT Malta Casino Limited have expanded into so many segments of the market, they’ll probably continue to expand and get more noteworthy as they develop even better gaming technology. If you’re already playing on sites that host their games, there’s no need to stop, since new ones could come out at almost any time.

While IGT may not be incredibly flashy or have special bonus features like other game developers do, they’re very high-quality and are one of the few companies to still make excellent physical cabinets, which sets them apart from almost everything else on the market.

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