Thunderkick Gaming Software

Thunderkick Games software is an online casino game developer and supplier that’s had years of experience developing all kinds of interesting, unique and innovative gaming experiences.


About the Company

Thunderkick were fist established in 2012 as a game developer, and have slowly expanded on that idea, getting a license to operate in both the UK and Malta that applies to dozens of different countries. Their list of games continues to expand as they get more and more casinos to work with them and expand their influence.

Thunderkick’s Software

Thudnerkick mainly make games, ranging from casino games to slot reels. All of these games are created for online sites, but can also run through apps that players download to their mobile phone, and many of them have reviewed great reviews that praise their quality and graphical themes. But what actually are all these games?

Thunderkick’s products are mainly based on slots – in fact, it’s the main part of their company and the thing that they create most often. This means that they generally stick to the slots industry and don’t try to expand out unless they’re sure that a game will be popular.

All of their games are made with high-quality graphics and sound, and include a mixture of 2D and 3D symbols that make each one feel fresh and unique. Each one has its own theme with a completely different look, ranging from skulls (Esqueleto Explosivo), cartoon birds (Birds on a Wire), firefighters and burning buildings (Flame Busters) or even neon-colored wildlife (Pink Elephants). There’s plenty of variety on offer for every kind of player to enjoy. All Thunderkick slots are available at a variety of online gaming casinos, all of which are partnered with the company directly.

Hosting the Games

All of these games are hosted on a remote gaming server, which Thunderkick use to keep every one of their slots and casino game types consistent and updated properly. Because of this, they make sure that every site has access to the same complete version of the game, as well as ensuring that they’ll get future updates automatically.

Not all sites are required to take every game, though. Many Thunderkick casinos choose a personal selection from their portfolio, which gives them all of the games they want without forcing them to use the entire product library. This means that some titles (especially video slots) might only be available to play on certain sites. The company offers all of their games up to anybody who wants to partner with them, so all of their table products and slots can turn up on nearly any legitimate site.


All of the online casinos that work with the business rely on the bonus features included in their products. This ranges from win multipliers and Wild symbols to a special free spin feature or an extra minigame for lucky players. The Wilds are a major bonus, due to the high amount of slot-related products they offer, as well as free spins.

The bonuses aren’t just in their network, though. Any site that works with them has the option of adding their own, which can result in doubled-up bonuses, since you can earn rewards from both the site and the individual games you play. The site-based bonuses will be different, but the game-based ones are consistent across each title you play, meaning that they’ll almost always be the same. In some cases, they might even be shared across sites, depending on how the system is set up.

Thunderkick’s Quality

Quality is a big part of gaming in general, and the business makes sure that it can get the best rating and review for everything it creates. Not only is their gambling platform top-notch, but they focus on quality over quantity, meaning that they avoid releasing half-finished live games and always focus on creating the best game experiences possible. This is part of the reason that every casino they work with finds them so useful, since each game can draw players back in time and time again.

As with many developers that work with online casinos, you can contact them directly if there’s an issue with a game that isn’t on the casino’s end. The easiest way to do this is by email – alerting them to a problem with a game they offer not only leads to it getting fixed faster, but also means that the patch or update gets pushed out earlier, resulting in better overall quality and higher security.


Speaking of security, Thunderkick really work hard to ensure that all of their games are safe to play, and can’t be hijacked to pay into a different account or steal money from a player. Since security updates go out on a global scale as soon as they’re published and the updated version is placed on the server, most problems will be solved in a matter of days, or even hours, after they’re discovered. This also makes them compliant with the Malta gambling commission and regulations, since they demand maximum security and a proper player-focused design, both of which are easily shown in the site’s products. Even better, if Malta updates or changes their rules, Thunderkick can simply update their games to be more compliant with the changes.

Should I Play Thunderkick Games?

Thunderkick are mostly focused on slots and don’t really create many other game types, but that doesn’t mean that they’re bad. The focus on quality above quantity means that there’s less to play, but all of it is much better than your average casino games, and you’ll have a far better experience than you would on other sites. This, combined with the varying graphical styles, interesting bonuses, nice gimmicks and security-friendly remote gaming server system makes it a great place to look for new games that’ll keep you engaged for a long time, rather than just scratching a little itch.

This also makes their games great for new players, since they’re much less likely to leave a bad impression in the long term. If you want to be sure you’ll enjoy what you play, then Thunderkick are an amazing place to find a new game, no matter your past experience with gambling.

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