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Jumpman Gaming only established itself recently, but it’s already picking up a great reputation for it’s excellent software, great platform for online casino games and excellent bingo functionality. The company has started to offer its services to a huge range of different gaming sites, but does it actually live up to its own marketing and branding?


About Jumpman Gaming

Founded in 2011 by a single person – Dylan Schlosberg – on one of the islands in the English Channel, Jumpman was a response to the sudden increase in demand for services that offers online bingo experiences, both among players and third-party sites that wanted to be part of one of the largest networks. Over time, it grew and grew into a brand new network of its own, called 15 Network, then expanded once again to create a second one called the Jumpman Slots network. While 15 Network is focused on bingo sites, Jumpman Slots handles all of the regular casino games, and both are gaining more of a following as time goes on.

Despite still being fairly new in the grand scheme of the online gambling market, Jumpman is already one of the most well-respected providers in the UK and beyond, and will likely keep expanding as a B2B software team in the foreseeable future. For now, it’s slowly expanding its reputation online, especially among bingo players.

Jumpman’s Software

The software platform that Jumpman Gaming offers has quite a variety of useful benefits, things that help both the players and the sites they play on. For example, the sign-up bonuses are included in the software and network itself, and are mostly consistent across all Jumpman Gaming sites. On top of that, the bingo network offers free bingo halls that new players can use to learn the game and get used to the experience without playing for real money, a nice touch that really adds something extra to each bingo site the company works with.

One of the biggest points of both praise and criticism is the visual design of their software – all Jumpman gaming sites look good, but they also look similar, which not every player enjoys. Still, it’s consistent, and it makes it easy to track down your favourite games and bonus offers without needing to learn an entirely new site layout.

All of Jumpman Gaming’s games are built to work on HTLM5, which means that it’s far easier to access on a range of different devices. The games are just as popular with desktop users as they are for mobile players, and you’ll notice barely any differences between versions of you choose to play on different devices each time.

Jumpman Gaming Bingo Sites

The 15 Network is entirely focused on bingo, ignoring all other casino games to give you a very pure and straightforward experience. Because of this, you can expect any site running under 15N to have a great list of bingo games, all with their own little quirks, win requirements and bonus features. Many of the sites hosting the network even have a built-in loyalty system as a bonus, which allows players to earn more rewards and bonus multipliers as they continue to play. All of the graphics are unique and colourful, and there are no instances of a game being re-branded under a different name to try and boost it’s popularity or pad out the games list.

The number of online bingo sites running Jumpman Gaming’s software always growing, and the majority of them are based almost entirely around bingo themselves. By having two networks and dedicating one of them as the online bingo network, Jumpman have made it far easier for them to focus on creating the best play experience possible, letting them offer something much better than ‘jack of all trades’ software would handle.

Major sites that host their bingo games include Showreel Bingo, Bite Size Bingo, Bingzino, Spice Bingo and more, with that list growing every day.

Jumpman Gaming Casino Sites

Unlike the 15N, the Jumpman Slots network is perfect for casinos that want to host a variety of game types online, and they’ve already managed to get quite a few sites working as part of their software platform. All of them have a great range of bonus features and offers for their players, which includes everything from free reel spin bonuses to ‘mystery box’ style rewards that can give you something new every time. A few even have a built-in wheel bonus that gives you a chance of earning something big every time it’s triggered.

Another major bonus is the Mega Reel. Certain casino slot games have a Mega Reel system that’s applied to very specific games, giving you a huge chance of winning some massive bonuses or walking away with a huge cash win. Even if the Mega Reel just gives you bonus spins, it’s a lot of bonus spins, so you never know exactly when and where the Mega reel bonus will pay off. Remember to gamble responsibly, though – you don’t want to do anything rash.

In terms of the games themselves, there’s quite a lot of variety, and more are developed every month. They all use the same software platform (not the bingo software platform, of course) and share similar update patterns, meaning that one small fix will apply to every game the company offers.

Major online casino sites run by (or partnered with) Jumpman Gaming include Rocket Slots, Avenger Slots, Play Leon, 123 Spins, Irish Wins, Dove Slots and dozens of others, all with different game types on offer and a different sort of experience for their players.

The Software Platform

The platform itself is designed to be as accessible and reliable as possible, letting both players and partner sites enjoy it without having to work around any major flaws. Even if you don’t normally gamble responsibly, the platform helps make sure that you aren’t at risk of losing any money unless it’s your own fault. This means that sudden crashes, issues with promotions, the inability to put down a deposit or direct compatibility problems with certain players’ devices are all fixed as soon as possible. This is especially true for the online bingo software, since online bingo games all follow similar rule sets – this means that even a small update by Jumpman Gaming will quickly apply to all of them.

The bonus systems are also built into the platform directly, which should help prevent a bonus being given out incorrectly or players struggling to claim a bingo bonus that they’ve earned. Even better, the site and the software both offer different bonus features and prizes, meaning that you could potentially earn two bonuses (one from each) while doing the exact same thing. As long as you’re online and connected properly, you shouldn’t need to worry about your play being interrupted or a casino bonus/bingo bonus breaking before you can claim it properly.


As you’d expect, Jumpman Gaming puts a lot of effort into the security of it’s platform, as well as the online bingo games and casino games they offer. As long as you gamble responsibly and don’t do anything that could compromise your account or the accounts of other players, it’s rare that you’ll run into major problems. If something happens with your account, you should tell the actual casino first, since Jumpman Gaming mainly acts as suppliers of bingo and casino software – even if they own the casino or bingo site, they don’t always have direct influence over it.

Some of the casino groups they work with actually have a “gamble responsibly” section somewhere on their site. This simply tells you good ways to ensure that you gamble responsibly, as well as providing advice on what to do if a player stops trying to gamble responsibly and begins to show signs of online bingo or online addition.


The Jumpman Gaming platform is checked regularly for fairness and any signs of being rigged or manipulated. Regardless if you’re playing bingo or a casino game, you’ll always get consistent results on that game: the different partner sites don’t get the option of rigging games against their players, since the backend is still controlled by Jumpman Gaming. As a result, you can rest assured that every casino and bingo site under their umbrella is as fair as it should be, and the games won’t change between sites.

Each bonus offered by the platform is exactly what it should be, too. False advertising on the part of Jumpman Gaming itself is completely nonexistent, and if any partner site tries to deceive or lie to their players, Jumpman will usually put a stop to it or correct the mistake. This is probably due to the regulations and certifications they’re under: if Jumpman operates under a certain gambling omission, then its partners generally have to follow their rules too.

Casino/Bingo Site Bonuses

That doesn’t mean that they all offer the same bonus, though. Each casino site or bingo site will offer their own bonus list and varying different features that can affect play, so players can end up with slightly different bonus types and bonus reward systems depending on where they choose to play bingo or casino games. Again, gamble responsibly: trying to take advantage of every bonus is almost impossible, and it’s always a bad idea for players to spread themselves out across every bingo site or online casino they can find. Jumpman Gaming operates all these different casino and bingo websites, but that doesn’t mean you need to play on all of them.

Should I Play at Jumpman Gaming Websites?

Jumpman Gaming may be newer than a lot of other casino software developers, but it knows how to treat players well and isn’t afraid to toss out a bonus quite regularly. However, your experience will still change depending on which casino you’re choosing to actually play at. All of them have slightly different bonus features to give their players, which means that no two casinos or bingo websites will give you the exact same atmosphere, win streak, level of consistency or list of bonuses.

There’s nothing wrong with playing at a site that’s partnered with Jumpman, but you still need to choose the site itself carefully. They’re all safe and fair, but some are much more accessible to certain types of players than others. Remember that their platform is split into two networks, too: a site might have the 15N or JS network, but not both – others might have both, but not offer all of the games from each of them. It depends on what kind of game you’re wanting to play and how much variety you’re looking for. There’s no single “best” Jumpman Gaming partner site.

On the other hand, if you’re already playing at a site that hosts Jumpman games or software, then you’ve got nothing to worry about! Not only are you likely to end up with a new bonus from them soon, but there’s no issues with data privacy, fairness, legitimacy or other gambling-related problems to worry about. If you play there already, then great! If you’re interested in trying them, it might be worth it, especially since you can try free bingo games directly thanks to the platform.

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