Cozy Bingo Software

Cozy Bingo is a network of online bingo sites opened in 2005 by Cozy Games. This company is based in the Isle of Man, and every title launched on the Cozy Bingo games network is fully regulated and tested by a range of different major authorities, including the highly trustworthy UK Gambling Commission.

Cozy Bingo offers two types of game software: standalone games and networked games sites, ensuring that there’s something out there for every player, no matter what their tastes may be. This company is a market leader, with almost 15 years of experience in the industry, and some high end software available.

Their games are built on state of the art platforms with a high level of security, and offer a great experience for players.

Cozy Bingo Sites

There are a huge number of different sites running on the Cozy Bingo platform. This covers a wide range of popular websites, such as Jungle Fever Bingo, Vampire Bingo, Lucky Ladies Bingo, MoreThanBingo, Bubblegum Bingo, and many other popular sites.


Cozy Bingo offers a wide range of different bingo game variants for players, ensuring that there’s something out there for every player, no matter what their tastes may be. This covers 30, 75, 80, and 90 ball bingo, as well as the more unusual 50 ball bingo variant.

There are many different sites that run on Cozy Games software, meaning that there are a huge number of players running each game at a time. That means the prizes are better, and there’s a good chance of each bingo hall being full when you play.

Cozy Games has been awarded licenses from a wide range of important licensing authorities, including the UK Gambling Commission, making them a trustworthy choice.


If you’re looking for flashy graphics, then Cozy Bingo games aren’t likely to appeal much. These games tend to use basic, simplistic graphic design, and often don’t look as good as competing sites.

All sites powered by Cozy Games offer the exact same selection of games, which can start to feel limited and tedious after a while.


Cozy Games, the company behind Cozy Bingo software, has been awarded several different licenses and certificates from various licensing authorities. This includes the UK Gambling Commission, ensuring that their games are legal for UK players to access.

This board only hands out certificates to rigorously tested and trustworthy companies, meaning that you can play at Cozy Bingo sites with full confidence.

Final Judgement

Cozy Bingo is one of the biggest brands out there, offering high-quality games on an enormous number of different sites. It’s the second-largest bingo site out there, after the market leader, Dragonfish. Cozy Bingo is unquestionably here to stay, and have high-quality games and a large, loyal fanbase of enthusiastic players.

Thanks to Cozy Bingo’s certification and licensing from the UK Gambling Commission, we can confidently state that this is a reliable and trustworthy bingo company that we would recommend. There are so many Cosy Bingo games and sites out there that you’re sure to be able to find something to appeal to you, no matter what your tastes may be!